Greene King

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 96/100 14495 ratings
Abbot House, Westgate Street, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England IP33 1QT
Places associated: Turf Tavern (Greene King), Olde Trip To Jerusalem (Greene King), Freshfield Hotel (Greene King), Museum (Greene King), Woolpack (Greene King), Olde Swan (Greene King), Rose and Crown (Greene King), Old Bookbinders (Greene King), Brewery Shades (Greene King), Dove (Greene King), Pall Tavern (Greene King), Punter (Greene King), Globe, Blue Lion (Greene King), Bird In Hand (Greene King), Eagle (Greene King), Free Press (Greene King), Port Mahon (Greene King), Royal Oak (Greene King), Bell Inn (Greene King), Fulflood Arms (Greene King), Rake Hall (Greene King), Porter Brook (Greene King), Commercial Inn (Greene King), Harvester (Greene King), George (Greene King), Hare and Billet (Greene King), Alexandra Arms (Greene King), Mount Pleasant (Greene King), Quins’ Head (Greene King), Crown & Anchor (Greene King), Dewdrop Inn (Greene King), Market Inn (Greene King), Hole In The Wall (Greene King), Star Inn (Greene King), Barley Mow (Greene King), Railway (Greene King), Ship (Greene King), Bumble Bee (Greene King), Sherlock Holmes (Greene King), James Street Tavern (Greene King), Queen’s Larder (Greene King), Old Suffolk Punch (Greene King), Old Wheatsheaf (Greene King), George & Dragon (Greene King), Clarendon Arms (Greene King), Queen’s Head (Greene King), Six Bells (Greene King), Osborne (Greene King), Three Tuns (Greene King), Inn on the Green (Greene King), Allsop Arms (Greene King), Junction Inn, Pig n Falcon (Greene King), Olde Talbot (Greene King), Beer House at Waterloo Station, Moorings (Greene King), Waters Edge (Greene King), John Gilbert (Greene King), Champion of the Thames (Greene King), Combermere Arms (Greene King), Lord Nelson (Greene King), White Lion (Greene King), Three Horseshoes (Greene King), Miners Arms (Greene King), Prince of Wales (Greene King), Cricketers (Greene King), Thorn Tree Inn (Greene King), Plough (Greene King), Bushel (Greene King), Stoke (Greene King), Alexandra Arms (Greene King), Williams Ale & Cider House (Greene King), Cock, Star (Greene King), Ship Inn (Greene King), Hatchet (Greene King), White Horse (Greene King), North London Tavern (Greene King), Bakers (Greene King), White Hart Hotel (Greene King), Prince Albert (Greene King), White Hart (Greene King), Red Lion & Sun (Greene King), Jude the Obscure (Greene King), Duke of Cambridge (Greene King), Bell Hotel (Greene King), Royal Oak (Greene King), Westgate (Greene King), Grain & Hop Store (Greene King), Pumphouse (Greene King), Duke Of Connaught , Kings Arms (Greene King), Brewmaster (Greene King), Compton Arms (Greene King), Thatched House (Greene King), Royal Oak (Greene King), Mason’s Arms (Greene King), Red Lion (Greene King), and 73 more...
Founded 1799. Brewery has taken over several smaller Breweries in recent years including Morland, Ruddles, Ridleys, Belhaven and Hardy’s & Hansons only leaving the Belhaven Brewery in situ.
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Brighton Bier / Greene King Fall Guy
Brewed by/for Brighton Bier
4.510/7/2014Rate 2.933
Craft Academy Big Bang 5.61/22/2017Rate 2.954
Craft Academy Bitter Sweet Black IPA 6.01/12/2017Rate 3.17129
Craft Academy Desert Ryeder 4.81/22/2017Rate 3.047
Craft Academy High & Dry 5.01/22/2017Rate 2.937812
Craft Academy Over Easy 3.81/22/2017Rate 2.991213
Greene King / Napa Smith Pale Ale 4.57/18/2015Rate 3.227
Greene King 1209 (Cask) 4.09/8/2009Rate 2.845
Greene King 1799 (Bottle) 6.26/23/2004Rate 3.123
Greene King 1799 (Cask) 4.51/9/2003Rate 3.163915
Greene King 1966 (Cask) 4.36/5/2006Rate 2.73
Greene King 4 4 2 Svens Formation (Cask) 4.06/12/2006Rate 2.864
Greene King 5X 128/8/2012Rate 3.183824
Greene King Abbot Ale (Cask) 5.01/13/2002Rate 3.0443318
Greene King Abbot Ale (Filtered) 5.011/19/2000Rate 3.07461086
Greene King Abbot Reserve (Bottle) 6.510/3/2008Rate 3.225693
Greene King Abbot Reserve (Cask) 6.511/3/2007Rate 3.195291
Greene King Abstinence Ale (Cask) 3.01/17/2009Rate 2.675
Greene King Ale Fresco (Cask) 4.35/14/2005Rate 2.842671
Greene King Ale’oha 4.17/26/2015Rate 2.964614
Greene King Alepril Fool (Cask) 4.34/4/2009Rate 2.84349
Greene King Amarillo Single Hop Session IPA 3.87/3/2017Rate 0
Greene King Back of the Net 4.36/5/2010Rate 2.883721
Greene King Back of the Net (Cask) (alias) 4.39/2/2010
Greene King Barmy Army 4.06/30/2017Rate 2.853
Greene King Benjamin’s Red Molasses Beer 5.012/16/2015Rate 3.186623
Greene King Bermuda Joe’s 4.17/20/2017Rate 3.021
Greene King Bexons Finest (Cask) 4.04/11/2010Rate 2.791
Greene King Black IPA 5.09/28/2015Rate 2.998
Greene King Bohemian 4.27/8/2013Rate 2.953
Greene King Bonkers Conkers (Cask) 4.18/7/2008Rate 2.883440
Greene King Boss Hogg (Cask) 4.110/28/2009Rate 2.71115
Greene King Brasilia 4.16/18/2014Rate 2.823341
Greene King Bretwalda (Bottle) 4.18/22/2009Rate 2.974822
Greene King Bretwalda (Cask) 4.110/28/2010Rate 2.863620
Greene King Bridge Ale (alias) 3.77/10/2016
Greene King Burton Ale (Bottle) 3.010/1/2006Rate 2.771
Greene King Caritas 4.04/14/2013Rate 2.741
Greene King Carnival 4.07/6/2014Rate 2.752412
Greene King Celebration Pale Ale 4.24/25/2011Rate 2.848
Greene King Chariot (Cask) 4.33/22/2008Rate 2.683
Greene King Churchill IPA 4.26/16/2015Rate 2.913
Greene King Dallaglios Heroes (Bottle) 4.26/10/2009Rate 2.591515
Greene King Dallaglios Heroes (Cask) 4.26/16/2009Rate 2.594
Greene King Doosra Pale Ale (Bottle) 4.210/16/2016Rate 2.792
Greene King Double Hop Monster (Bottle / Keg) 7.25/11/2014Rate 3.0513300
Greene King Double Hop Monster (Cask) 7.212/26/2013Rate 3.071678
Greene King Down The Dragon 4.84/10/2015Rate 2.996
Greene King Duke’s Cambridge Ale 4.21/9/2013Rate 0
Greene King East Coast IPA (Cask) 4.08/25/2015Rate 2.841018
Greene King East Coast IPA (Keg/Bottle) 4.010/26/2014Rate 2.7926140
Greene King Edinburgh Rock (alias) 3.98/22/2016
Greene King England Cricket Doosra 4.26/14/2016Rate 3.066311
Greene King Festival Ale 3.810/13/2013Rate 2.822
Greene King Festive Pudding 6.011/2/2016Rate 3.033742
Greene King Fireside (Bottle) 4.510/20/2005Rate 36950
Greene King Fireside (Cask) 4.512/7/2005Rate 2.893445
Greene King Flanker’s Tackle 4.31/9/2013Rate 0
Greene King Frankenstein 4.210/31/2016Rate 3.041
Greene King Gangly Ghoul (Cask) 4.210/9/2010Rate 3.092026
Greene King George and the Flagon 4.54/23/2014Rate 2.761619
Greene King Gold Beach 5.05/25/2014Rate 2.734
Greene King Golden Breeze 3.89/5/2016Rate 2.834
Greene King Gosnolds Glory (Cask) 4.54/17/2009Rate 2.873914
Greene King Grubber Golden Ale (Bottle) 4.21/30/2017Rate 2.863411
Greene King Grubber Golden Ale (Cask) 4.23/29/2017Rate 2.954
Greene King Hare Raiser (Cask) 4.13/18/2009Rate 2.877
Greene King Harvest 3.05/3/2005Rate 2.788
Greene King Hop (Filtered) 5.06/22/2003Rate 2.5993131
Greene King House Ale / Landlord’s Choice (Name varies) 3.912/3/2012Rate 2.923937
Greene King How Green Is Our Valley 4.06/9/2014Rate 2.872
Greene King Hurdy Gurdy 4.18/1/2013Rate 2.84469
Greene King Intrepid IPA 6.02/21/2015Rate 3.025
Greene King IPA (Cask) 3.68/14/2002Rate 2.463380
Greene King IPA (Filtered) 3.61/23/2002Rate 2.54465
Greene King IPA Export (Cask) 6.03/21/2011Rate 2.851522
Greene King IPA Export (Filtered) 5.05/14/2006Rate 2.8211279
Greene King IPA Gold (Cask) 4.14/14/2012Rate 2.984737
Greene King IPA Gold (Filtered) 4.16/14/2012Rate 2.6916126
Greene King IPA Reserve (Bottle) 5.45/4/2012Rate 2.9626127
Greene King IPA Reserve (Cask) 5.44/28/2012Rate 3.073854
Greene King IPA Smooth 3.66/11/2000Rate 2.27146
Greene King Jubilation Ale 4.37/9/2002Rate 3.31
Greene King Kew True Brew (alias) 3.98/9/2015
Greene King Lass Ale (alias) 3.95/7/2015
Greene King LBW 4.411/24/2006Rate 2.822822
Greene King Libertine 5.03/17/2012Rate 3.054821
Greene King Light Ale 3.07/3/2002Rate 2.54514
Greene King London Champion (alias) 4.012/14/2009
Greene King London Glory (alias) 4.011/16/2011
Greene King London Glory (Bottle) 4.05/6/2012Rate 2.792053
Greene King Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Ale 5.05/28/2015Rate 3.092
Greene King Marmalade On Toast 4.53/18/2016Rate 36
Greene King Mighty Moose IPA 5.66/22/2016Rate 3.192914
Greene King Molecule of Life 3.84/29/2016Rate 3.125
Greene King Morris Mayhem 4.15/30/2009Rate 2.894
Greene King New Horizons IPA 6.09/10/2015Rate 3.193222
Greene King Noble (Bottle) 5.04/21/2013Rate 2.7754119
Greene King Noble (Cask) 5.08/25/2015Rate 2.994
Greene King Oompah 4.210/20/2016Rate 3.053
Greene King Pale Ale 3.012/7/2005Rate 2.654
Greene King Patron Saints Ale 4.54/27/2017Rate 2.832
Greene King Pelham Light Ale 3.03/30/2007Rate 2.581
Greene King Purple Reign 4.24/20/2016Rate 3.066410
Greene King Radio X Amplified 4.06/10/2017Rate 2.966
Greene King Revolver 4.08/1/2013Rate 2.937
Greene King Robins Ransom 3.78/7/2008Rate 2.743
Greene King Royal London (Cask) 4.09/23/2009Rate 2.934172
Greene King Scrum Down 4.29/12/2015Rate 2.812211
Greene King St Edmunds (Cask) 4.26/21/2008Rate 2.843157
Greene King St Edmunds Anniversary Ale 6.05/5/2014Rate 2.814
Greene King St. Edmund’s Golden Beer (Bottle) 4.29/16/2007Rate 2.6916249
Greene King St. Edmunds Ale 5.59/19/2002Rate 2.963324
Greene King Station Hotel Platform 9 (alias) 3.911/29/2016
Greene King Strong Suffolk (Olde Suffolk) 6.012/3/2000Rate 3.62881251
Greene King Strong Suffolk Dark Ale (alias) 6.010/11/2014
Greene King Stroud Green Hobbler 4.52/2/2014Rate 2.811
Greene King Suffolk Porter 5.41/10/2014Rate 3.113126
Greene King Suffolk Springer (Bottle) 6.07/22/2009Rate 3.243881
Greene King Suffolk Springer (Cask) 5.54/5/2010Rate 3.021321
Greene King Suffolk Summer 4.37/24/2003Rate 2.914920
Greene King Suffolk Swift 3.03/14/2010Rate 2.72
Greene King Sun Dance (Bottle) 4.17/17/2008Rate 2.731825
Greene King Sun Dance (Cask) 4.17/17/2008Rate 2.883726
Greene King Swing Low 4.39/1/2007Rate 2.628
Greene King The Abbot’s Confession 8.59/9/2013Rate 3.266846
Greene King The Diamond (Svens Formation) 3.76/5/2006Rate 2.944
Greene King The Pursuit of Hoppiness 4.210/24/2009Rate 2.711
Greene King The Rumrunner 5.27/12/2015Rate 2.9389
Greene King The Sorcerer 4.53/13/2011Rate 2.827
Greene King Trial Brew Batch 01 Stout 5.412/9/2013Rate 2.92
Greene King Trial Brew Batch 02 4.22/17/2014Rate 2.761
Greene King Trial Brew Batch 03 5.26/7/2014Rate 2.92
Greene King Trial Brew Batch 04 3.67/12/2014Rate 2.71
Greene King Trial Brew Batch 05 4.410/13/2014Rate 2.973
Greene King Trial Brew Batch 08 5.59/8/2015Rate 2.921
Greene King Triumph (Cask) 4.311/6/2003Rate 2.873818
Greene King Triumph (Pasteurised) 4.36/23/2004Rate 2.57826
Greene King Twisted Wheel (Bottle) 4.07/6/2013Rate 2.631825
Greene King Twisted Wheel (Cask) 4.04/6/2013Rate 2.76278
Greene King Uncle Sam 5.011/18/2016Rate 2.771
Greene King Very Special India Pale Ale 7.57/13/2010Rate 2.942457
Greene King XX Mild 3.09/21/2002Rate 2.841454
Greene King Yardbird (Bottle / Keg) 4.01/25/2013Rate 2.9341211
Greene King Yardbird (Cask) 4.01/25/2013Rate 2.941730
Hardy & Hansons St George’s Ale 3.65/1/2014Rate 2.731
Hardys & Hansons Abstinence 3.61/16/2006Rate 2.713
Hardys & Hansons Captain Christmas 4.211/3/2013Rate 2.863430
Hardys & Hansons Cool 3.911/1/2013Rate 2.771
Hardys & Hansons Dark Smooth Mild 3.111/27/2009Rate 2.88
Hardys & Hansons Kimberley Best Mild 3.16/10/2002Rate 2.92428
Hardys & Hansons Kimberley Bitter 3.98/23/2002Rate 2.832537
Hardys & Hansons Olde Trip (Bottle) 4.39/30/2007Rate 2.782238
Hardys & Hansons Olde Trip (Cask) 4.35/12/2003Rate 3.0260106
Hardys & Hansons Rocked Out 4.21/25/2016Rate 2.941
Hardys & Hansons Rocking Rudolph (Bottle & Keg) 4.211/12/2010Rate 2.821134
Hardys & Hansons Rocking Rudolph (Cask) 4.212/10/2007Rate 2.984988
Ind Coope Double Diamond 3.911/30/2013Rate 2.744
Landlords Choice (alias) 3.911/28/2012
Morland Apple Crumble Ale 4.112/21/2016Rate 2.715
Morland Excalibur Premium 5.55/22/2003Rate 2.621
Morland Excalibur Scotch Ale 8.510/27/2002Rate 3.646
Morland Excalibur Strong 8.57/10/2003Rate 2.192220
Morland Hen’s Tooth 6.52/6/2001Rate 3.1142662
Morland Independent IPA (Cask) 3.47/12/2002Rate 2.961
Morland Old Crafty Hen (Bottle) 6.59/19/2008Rate 3.3281386
Morland Old Crafty Hen (Cask) 6.57/28/2011Rate 3.124437
Morland Old Golden Hen (Bottle) 4.18/4/2011Rate 3.0352293
Morland Old Golden Hen (Cask) 4.18/3/2011Rate 3.17189
Morland Old Hoppy Hen (Bottle) 4.24/18/2014Rate 2.944472
Morland Old Hoppy Hen (Cask) 4.210/1/2014Rate 3.087717
Morland Old Nutty Hen 4.59/14/2014Rate 2.995022
Morland Old Speckled Hen (3.5%) 3.52/7/2007Rate 2.7212143
Morland Old Speckled Hen (Cask - 5.2%) 5.26/5/2002Rate 3.177394
Morland Old Speckled Hen (Cask) 4.58/25/2006Rate 351191
Morland Old Speckled Hen (Filtered) 5.09/4/2000Rate 3.08481895
Morland Old Speckled Hen (Gluten Free) 5.05/26/2017Rate 3.053
Morland Old Spirited Hen 4.710/19/2015Rate 2.69314
Morland Original Bitter (Bottle) 4.07/3/2004Rate 2.59740
Morland Original Bitter (Cask) 4.09/2/2002Rate 2.832582
Morland Tanners Jack (Bottle) 4.49/20/2000Rate 2.8935252
Morland Tanners Jack (Cask) 4.412/19/2003Rate 2.954537
Ridleys Old Bob (Bottle) 5.17/21/2001Rate 3.1361164
Ridleys Old Bob (Cask) 4.78/21/2002Rate 3.489936
Ridleys Prospect (Bottle) 4.111/15/2002Rate 3.037215
Ridleys Prospect (Cask) 4.111/15/2002Rate 2.894810
Ridleys Rumpus (Bottle) 4.54/12/2000Rate 3.256118
Ridleys Rumpus (Cask) 4.54/5/2002Rate 3.188118
Ridleys Witchfinder (Cask) 4.34/12/2000Rate 3.13346
Ruddles Best (Bottle, Can & Keg) 3.77/5/2001Rate 2.741461
Ruddles Best (Cask) 3.76/15/2002Rate 2.7314116
Ruddles County (Cask) 4.31/18/2002Rate 3.0877122
Ruddles County (Filtered) 4.75/3/2000Rate 3.0343704
Ruddles Hedgerow (Cask) 4.28/14/2007Rate 2.527
Ruddles Orchard (Bottle) 4.29/4/2005Rate 2.18131
Ruddles Orchard (Cask) 4.29/11/2005Rate 2.59715
Ruddles Organic Ale 5.14/12/2002Rate 2.8812
Ruddles Pub Ale 4.16/30/2000Rate 2.741427
Ruddles Rhubarb 4.75/17/2007Rate 2.12032
Ruddles Wheat (Bottle) 5.31/18/2002Rate 2.758
Sherlock Holmes Ale (alias) 3.54/19/2006
The George Inn Ale (alias) 3.710/23/2002
The King’s English IPA 6.09/23/2014Rate 2.98977
Tolly Cobbold Personal Best 4.08/4/2012Rate 2.743
Tolly Cobbold Phoenix (Bottle) 4.28/21/2010Rate 2.944812
Tolly Cobbold Phoenix (Cask) 4.24/16/2010Rate 2.64813
Tolly Cobbold Tolly English Ale 2.82/3/2012Rate 2.691054
Tolly Original 3.83/19/2004Rate 3.076412
Turf Tavern Winters Ale (alias) 4.07/26/2011
Westgate Ale Fresco (alias) 4.34/29/2012
Westgate Ballot Box Beer 4.55/11/2010Rate 2.784
Westgate Blackwall Stout 4.05/8/2017Rate 3.193
Westgate English Pale Ale 4.04/23/2017Rate 2.961
Westgate Fire Side (alias) 4.511/16/2011
Westgate Gangly Ghoul (alias) 4.210/31/2015
Westgate Gaudy Ghoul 4.011/4/2011Rate 2.743
Westgate Sundance (alias) 4.19/3/2011
Wexford Irish Cream Ale 5.04/23/2000Rate 2.9135729
Wexford Original St Patricks 4.43/17/2008Rate 2.698
Taylor Walker 1730 4.03/27/2016Rate 2.862912
Metropolitan Brewing Co. Big Bad Wolf IPA
Brewed by/for Tesco
6.011/6/2014Rate 2.83446
Metropolitan Brewing Co. Brew T Amber Ale
Brewed by/for Tesco
4.511/5/2014Rate 2.771728
Metropolitan Brewing Co. Optical Infusion Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Tesco
5.511/6/2014Rate 2.651338
Metropolitan Brewing Co. Under Currant Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Tesco
5.011/8/2014Rate 2.76714

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