Brewer rating: 84/100 441 ratings
Unit 3, Ireland Industrial Estate, Adelphi Way, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England S43 3LJ
Places associated: White Swan (Raw), All Inn , Brown Cow
Commenced brewing in Spring 2010.
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Raw / Arbor Blueberry Brown Beer 6.18/29/2013Rate 2.871
Raw / Brampton Fusion Pacific 4.73/23/2012Rate 2.811
Raw / Hibu trHIBU CHe BaLLa 5.68/24/2014Rate 0
Raw / Hopjacker Hop Fuss#1 6.02/6/2017Rate 3.061
Raw / Offbeat Hop Chick (alias) 6.12/9/2012
Raw / Rat Red 5.08/14/2013Rate 2.841
Raw / Steel City / Trulla / Shakespeare Four Horsemen of the Hopocalypse 6.79/10/2013Rate 2.971
Raw / Steel City Abandon All Hop, Ye Who Enter Here 4.51/8/2016Rate 35
Raw / Steel City IPA 3 6.25/23/2017Rate 31
Raw / Steel City Raw Steel Corrosion of Conformity 5.81/21/2013Rate 3.165
Raw / Steel City Raw Steel IPA 6.27/20/2011Rate 2.91
Raw / Steel City Raw Steel Irresponsibly 7.612/21/2012Rate 2.941
Raw / Steel City Raw Steel Responsibly 7.311/29/2012Rate 2.91
Raw / The Real Ale Corner Rack and Ruin 5.23/28/2012Rate 2.791
Raw / Waen / Hopcraft / Pigeon Fishers Nid Welsh 4.55/22/2016Rate 3.124
Raw 277 5.05/27/2012Rate 2.841
Raw All Along the Herb Garden 3.97/14/2016Rate 3.162
Raw All Along the Hop Flower 5.09/4/2011Rate 3.14
Raw Amarillo 3.98/15/2014Rate 3.134
Raw Amber Nectar Ale 4.810/28/2011Rate 2.92
Raw Anubis Porter 5.26/6/2011Rate 3.448030
Raw Apollo Summer Bitter 3.89/23/2011Rate 2.93
Raw Apollyon IPA 6.610/19/2010Rate 3.074
Raw Aussie Gold 4.58/5/2014Rate 2.932
Raw Baby Ghost IPA 3.94/21/2015Rate 3.223724
Raw Baby Pacific Ghost IPA 3.910/23/2016Rate 2.891
Raw Black Forest Stout 4.412/16/2014Rate 3.061
Raw Black Ghost IPA 5.912/21/2013Rate 2.912
Raw Blizzard Bitter 5.012/15/2011Rate 3.016
Raw Blonde Pale Ale 3.97/14/2010Rate 3.035814
Raw Bramling Cross 3.69/23/2015Rate 2.961
Raw Brown Cow Bitter 3.84/10/2014Rate 2.975
Raw Bullet Pale Ale 4.210/19/2010Rate 0
Raw Butchers Strong Ale 7.33/18/2014Rate 2.881
Raw Calypso Golden 4.21/21/2017Rate 2.921
Raw Cascade Black 4.42/21/2017Rate 3.021
Raw Cascadilla 4.68/1/2013Rate 2.912
Raw Celeia Pale Ale 4.612/1/2013Rate 2.761
Raw Centennial Ale 4.65/30/2011Rate 2.862
Raw Chadrock (Unights) Stout 5.010/19/2010Rate 3.385
Raw Chinook IPA 6.211/2/2012Rate 3.163
Raw Citra Black Ale 4.49/16/2012Rate 3.267
Raw Citra Pale Ale 4.43/11/2011Rate 3.269317
Raw Dark Peak Stout 4.56/16/2010Rate 3.315043
Raw Dark Peak Stout Reserve 6.01/13/2012Rate 2.952
Raw Delta US Pale 4.412/3/2016Rate 2.981
Raw Ecky Thump 4.112/3/2011Rate 2.831
Raw Ecky Thump Extreme #2 4.511/21/2014Rate 0
Raw Edge Pale Ale 4.56/17/2011Rate 3.228917
Raw Educatables 3.83/8/2014Rate 0
Raw El Dorado Pale 4.34/9/2016Rate 2.982
Raw Empire Ghost IPA 5.98/23/2013Rate 3.235
Raw Endeavour 4.34/26/2013Rate 2.841
Raw Euro IPA 5.64/24/2014Rate 3.084
Raw Fat Controller 3.76/19/2011Rate 2.952
Raw Flaccid Phallus 5.61/26/2016Rate 3.041
Raw Fletcher! Oat Stout 5.51/6/2012Rate 3.33599
Raw Gin and Tonic 3.87/11/2016Rate 3.041
Raw Grey Ghost IPA 5.910/19/2010Rate 3.23140
Raw H.O.F.F. 5.02/17/2012Rate 2.861
Raw Haka Black IPA 5.05/1/2017Rate 2.912
Raw Honey Bee 4.57/21/2016Rate 2.941
Raw Hop Bliss 4.19/16/2011Rate 2.811
Raw Hop Burst! 4.95/23/2012Rate 2.91
Raw Hop Chocolate 4.810/4/2012Rate 3.135
Raw Hop Pole 4.73/26/2012Rate 3.084
Raw Hop Ruck 4.210/7/2011Rate 2.952
Raw Hop Rush Pale Ale 4.810/19/2010Rate 2.911
Raw Identity Crisis 4.32/22/2014Rate 2.831
Raw Independence 4.110/7/2016Rate 3.063
Raw Jester IPA 5.03/9/2014Rate 0
Raw JR Best Bitter 4.210/19/2010Rate 2.995119
Raw Majic Mild Ale 3.23/10/2011Rate 3.227411
Raw Maximus Debate 5.012/21/2011Rate 2.841
Raw Mount Adams 3.64/12/2017Rate 3.262
Raw Mucky Duck 3.711/2/2012Rate 3.164
Raw New Dawn Amber Ale 4.910/19/2010Rate 2.862
Raw NYPA 3.89/21/2012Rate 3.033
Raw NZ Pale Ale 3.72/6/2017Rate 2.981
Raw Pacific Gem 3.911/26/2016Rate 2.882
Raw Pacific Ghost IPA 5.911/18/2011Rate 3.126
Raw Pacific Pale Ale 5.24/25/2011Rate 2.952
Raw Pale Ale 3.911/11/2012Rate 2.91
Raw Pompelmo 5.56/10/2017Rate 0
Raw Porter Giest IPA 5.910/26/2012Rate 3.033
Raw Pumpkin Ale 4.110/21/2015Rate 0
Raw Raspberry Blast Extreme #3 4.611/26/2014Rate 2.963
Raw Red Ghost IPA 5.94/29/2011Rate 3.37
Raw Robinow 4.111/5/2014Rate 2.841
Raw Ruberlaris 4.210/23/2011Rate 2.861
Raw Shadrock 5.03/13/2017Rate 3.061
Raw Silver Pale Ale 4.74/21/2014Rate 2.691
Raw Simcoe 3.810/11/2016Rate 2.972
Raw Solidernosc 6.07/29/2016Rate 3.283
Raw Solstice Summer Ale 3.88/1/2010Rate 3.239110
Raw Sterling Pale Ale 4.311/5/2014Rate 2.861
Raw Summit Pale Ale 4.17/27/2012Rate 2.943
Raw Tomlinsons Tipple 3.811/19/2013Rate 2.831
Raw Transpacific IPA 6.05/14/2017Rate 3.021
Raw Try Ale 4.22/22/2014Rate 3.135
Raw US IPA #1 5.45/14/2016Rate 0
Raw US IPA#2 5.410/7/2016Rate 3.183
Raw Weiss Geist IPA 6.12/9/2012Rate 2.972
Raw White Ghost Wheat IPA 5.910/21/2015Rate 0
Raw Winter Solstice 3.81/11/2013Rate 2.974
Raw Xtreme #4 6.34/14/2015Rate 2.943
Raw Xtreme #5 NZ Red 4.27/22/2015Rate 3.023
Raw Yule Porter 4.512/15/2011Rate 2.962
Raw Zenith 3.710/14/2012Rate 3.176
Raw / Steel City Ceremony of Opposites
Brewed by/for Steel City
6.52/23/2015Rate 3.272715

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