Branded Drinks Sweet F.A. 4.09/16/2002Rate 2.832238
Bristol Brewers United Bristol Collaboration 2012 Smoked Porter 6.04/13/2012Rate 3.569227
RCH 21st Anniversary Ale 4.55/12/2005Rate 2.85
RCH Ale Mary 6.012/28/2001Rate 3.2561216
RCH Blackberry Slug Porter 4.57/12/2015Rate 3.2389
RCH Boadicea 5.33/5/2015Rate 3.135913
RCH Chocolate Slug Porter 5.02/27/2014Rate 3.132930
RCH Coleby's Courage 4.59/18/2015Rate 3.021
RCH Double Header 5.36/22/2003Rate 3.1670119
RCH East Street Cream 5.02/13/2002Rate 3.1874122
RCH Firebox 6.011/19/2000Rate 3.1948114
RCH Firey Liz 5.09/30/2011Rate 2.973215
RCH Ginger Pitchfork 4.310/11/2016Rate 31
RCH Goldbine 3.812/12/2016Rate 2.972
RCH Guest Brewer (Oakademy of Excellence) 4.11/22/2013Rate 2.752
RCH Hewish Mild 3.63/25/2011Rate 3.196224
RCH Hewish Sunrise 4.212/12/2016Rate 3.094
RCH IPA (prev Hewish IPA) 3.66/22/2003Rate 2.964745
RCH Old Slug Porter 4.511/17/2000Rate 3.3965462
RCH On The Tiles (alias) 3.92/27/2004
RCH PG Steam 3.96/22/2002Rate 3.046599
RCH Pier Ale 5.011/3/2009Rate 3.085514
RCH Pitchfork 4.35/1/2001Rate 3.1487290
RCH Puxton Cross Extra 5.04/3/2012Rate 2.947
RCH Red Heron 4.85/23/2008Rate 2.841
RCH Return From The Ashes 5.010/12/2016Rate 3.045715
RCH Royal Clarence Bitter 4.010/13/2005Rate 2.961
RCH Rumpy Pumpy 4.08/29/2017Rate 2.891
RCH Santa Fe 7.32/26/2004Rate 3.171626
RCH Single Header Golden Ale 4.42/20/2017Rate 2.921
RCH Squibbers Ale 4.03/1/2007Rate 2.921
RCH Steam Carnival 4.711/14/2004Rate 2.983820
RCH Steam Dragon 3.83/1/2008Rate 2.712
RCH Steam Fair 4.510/19/2003Rate 3.18214
RCH Steam Festival 4.59/23/2003Rate 2.863713
RCH Steam Haggis 4.51/29/2007Rate 2.961
RCH Steam Harvest 4.811/11/2004Rate 2.862911
RCH Steam Lovers 4.72/19/2006Rate 3.016
RCH Steam Pole 4.95/17/2004Rate 2.92511
RCH Steam Sale 4.51/29/2006Rate 2.988
RCH Steam Shamrock 4.55/16/2013Rate 2.822
RCH Steam Showers 4.85/6/2004Rate 3.024514
RCH Steam Silver 4.56/23/2009Rate 3.035
RCH Steam Sleigh 3.812/9/2007Rate 3.015425
RCH Steam Special 5.07/24/2006Rate 3.128
RCH Steam Spring 4.64/12/2005Rate 3.076514
RCH Steamed Flames 4.56/23/2004Rate 2.985814
RCH Steaming Santa 4.512/6/2003Rate 35319
RCH Strawberry Fields 4.03/20/2010Rate 2.761
RCH Strawberry Line 5.010/23/2010Rate 3.015518
RCH Sweet F. A. 4.010/28/2016Rate 2.961
RCH Tame Bridge Ale 4.75/7/2010Rate 2.871
RCH TC 21st 4.52/9/2016Rate 31
RCH Tender Loving Care (TLC) 4.09/18/2005Rate 3.017
RCH Thirty Point Eight 4.312/29/2015Rate 3.162
RCH Thirty Point Nine (30.9) 4.54/6/2016Rate 2.941
RCH Thirty Point One 4.57/27/2014Rate 2.792
RCH Thirty Point Three 4.51/8/2015Rate 2.993
RCH Thirty Point Two 4.511/11/2014Rate 2.831
RCH Western Apprentice 5.08/2/2013Rate 2.771
RCH Western Campaigner 5.09/10/2012Rate 2.831
RCH Wheat Beer 4.42/27/2013Rate 2.946014

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