Real Ale Brewing Company

231 San Saba Court, Blanco, Texas, USA 78606
Tasting room open every Friday from 2-5
tour every Friday @ 3 & 4 pm

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Real Ale / Eureka Heights Full Tilt Boogie 107/27/2019Rate 3.131
Real Ale / Stella Public House Public Ha 6.57/30/2019Rate 3.061
Real Ale 14th Anniversary (XIV) 8.56/24/2010Rate 3.587219
Real Ale 15th Anniversary (XV) (alias) 9.87/16/2011
Real Ale 16th Anniversary (XVI) 7.47/20/2012Rate 3.367719
Real Ale 17th Anniversary (XVII) 13.64/14/2013Rate 3.13299
Real Ale 18th Anniversary (XVIII) Gose 4.45/10/2014Rate 3.356890
Real Ale 18th Anniversary (XVIII) Gose with Ginger and Lime 4.410/15/2014Rate 2.982
Real Ale 19th Anniversary (XIX) Baltic Porter 7.74/16/2015Rate 3.414432
Real Ale 20th Anniversary (Imperial Rye IPA - Rye Whiskey Barrel) 9.512/24/2016Rate 3.422
Real Ale 20th Anniversary (Imperial Rye IPA) 9.55/18/2016Rate 3.598719
Real Ale 21st Anniversary (Lager) 4.65/11/2017Rate 2.981
Real Ale 22nd Anniversary (Berliner Weisse) 3.54/30/2018Rate 3.135
Real Ale 4-Squared 7.28/5/2012Rate 3.5299116
Real Ale Anniversary Ale (13th Anniversary) 7.08/16/2009Rate 3.254630
Real Ale Axis IPA 7.09/16/2016Rate 3.699756
Real Ale Axis w/ Blood Orange 7.010/24/2017Rate 3.091
Real Ale Barrel Aged Coffee Porter 5.63/29/2010Rate 3.377712
Real Ale Benedictum 5.411/9/2013Rate 3.799122
Real Ale Bitchin' Camaro 6.05/21/2017Rate 3.38910
Real Ale Black Quad 10.59/23/2015Rate 3.434118
Real Ale Blackberry Gose -5/4/2019Rate 2.831
Real Ale Blakkr 9.03/22/2014Rate 3.739688
Real Ale brewers Cut Blackberry Saison 6.511/23/2015Rate 3.162410
Real Ale Brewers' Cut 28 Elderhop Saison -5/26/2017Rate 2.981
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Altbier 6.64/21/2013Rate 3.228225
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Belgian-Style Pale Ale 5.45/25/2015Rate 3.298
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Black Quad 10.810/13/2012Rate 3.718871
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Blonde Barley Wine 9.33/15/2013Rate 3.293334
Real Ale Brewers' Cut California Common 5.92/5/2014Rate 3.187628
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Double IPA (alias) 7.52/5/2014
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Dry-Hopped Porter 6.41/15/2013Rate 3.417228
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Embittered Brown 5.72/23/2017Rate 3.074
Real Ale Brewers' Cut ESB 5.23/25/2016Rate 3.136
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Grand Cru 8.57/16/2014Rate 3.325120
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Helles 4.53/18/2015Rate 3.289817
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Imperial Red Ale 8.812/29/2012Rate 3.444536
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Kolsch 5.27/24/2013Rate 3.269720
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Kriek 8.04/14/2015Rate 3.274724
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Maibock 7.610/3/2013Rate 3.054924
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Oyster Stout -12/14/2014Rate 3.446
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Schwarzbier 5.89/14/2015Rate 3.478
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Signature Hop Pale Ale - Herkules 5.110/27/2012Rate 3.48136
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Signature Hop Pale Ale - Ultra 5.97/16/2014Rate 3.128
Real Ale Brewers' Cut Witbier -10/18/2013Rate 3.127113
Real Ale Brewhouse Brown Ale 5.45/19/2000Rate 3.2975351
Real Ale Cafe De Olla Porter 5.04/24/2015Rate 3.57
Real Ale Codex Triplex -2/24/2014Rate 3.637115
Real Ale Coffee Porter 5.62/7/2003Rate 3.5492260
Real Ale Coffissar 8.74/11/2016Rate 3.64516
Real Ale Commissar 123/21/2015Rate 3.7264155
Real Ale Cranberry Gose -4/22/2019Rate 2.921
Real Ale Devils Backbone 8.13/27/2005Rate 3.5996285
Real Ale Double Dry Hopped Axis IPA 7.13/30/2019Rate 3.262
Real Ale Dunkelroggen 5.211/18/2008Rate 3.126212
Real Ale El Guapo -11/16/2017Rate 3.191
Real Ale Empire 6.65/7/2010Rate 3.375127
Real Ale ESB 5.51/18/2010Rate 3.319227
Real Ale Exciter -9/14/2012Rate 3.144
Real Ale Firemans #4 5.111/14/2002Rate 2.8733330
Real Ale Firemans Light 4.07/29/2019Rate 2.972
Real Ale Four Horsemen 10.55/29/2016Rate 3.474
Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye Ale 5.65/22/2000Rate 3.3977426
Real Ale Full Moon Rye IPA 6.24/24/2015Rate 3.3429
Real Ale Full Moon Rye w/ Citra 6.21/22/2016Rate 3.091
Real Ale Ghost Eye -12/28/2015Rate 3.356015
Real Ale Ghost Face Melter 6.02/29/2012Rate 3.328
Real Ale Grapefruit Gose 4.43/10/2018Rate 3.218
Real Ale Hans' Pils 5.38/3/2010Rate 3.4298134
Real Ale Hefeweizen 5.23/6/2014Rate 3.379725
Real Ale Helles 4.85/12/2016Rate 3.129117
Real Ale Hyeball -10/30/2010Rate 2.861
Real Ale Imperium 6.69/7/2012Rate 3.728421
Real Ale Iron Swan 5.57/29/2013Rate 3.349739
Real Ale Lime Gose -6/15/2019Rate 31
Real Ale Limestone Wit 6.85/11/2007Rate 3.399320
Real Ale Lost Gold IPA 6.612/20/2004Rate 3.5587220
Real Ale Lux Aeterna 5.55/29/2016Rate 3.576
Real Ale Moonwalk 6.21/7/2019Rate 3.37
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Cease & Desisyphus 11.311/19/2018Rate 2.981
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Magnum Trux 10.38/26/2017Rate 3.423
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Morgul Ale -8/22/2011Rate 3.589527
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Rex Indomitus 9.74/15/2017Rate 3.091
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Tenabrae Aerterna 7.93/21/2015Rate 3.718812
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Volume XIV 8.52/2/2011Rate 3.437515
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Volume XV 9.86/9/2012Rate 3.747716
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Volume XVII 13.611/7/2014Rate 3.52859
Real Ale Mysterium Verum Volume XX 9.511/3/2016Rate 3.182
Real Ale Nøkken 9.25/10/2014Rate 3.458
Real Ale Nomad 7.011/4/2017Rate 3.46
Real Ale Oktoberfest 5.79/27/2009Rate 3.349686
Real Ale Oktoberfest with Chai 5.710/24/2012Rate 2.972
Real Ale Oktoberfest with Pie Spice 5.710/27/2012Rate 3.243
Real Ale Passionfruit Wheat 4.66/18/2018Rate 3.054
Real Ale Phoenixx Winter Ale 7.212/22/2005Rate 3.5396189
Real Ale Pinsetter 5.43/16/2017Rate 3.197314
Real Ale Prickly Wit (alias) 6.55/11/2007
Real Ale Real Heavy Ale 9.33/20/2008Rate 3.629270
Real Ale Real Heavy Ale with Heather 9.04/1/2014Rate 2.892
Real Ale Real Heavy w/ English Tea, Dried Apricot, and Candied Figs 9.06/21/2016Rate 2.921
Real Ale Red King 8.63/21/2015Rate 3.434726
Real Ale Red Wine Barrel Aged Real Heavy Ale (alias) 1010/5/2009
Real Ale Rio Blanco Pale Ale 5.27/5/2001Rate 3.0251355
Real Ale Roggenbier 4.910/8/2007Rate 3.388929
Real Ale Scots Gone Wild 9.72/24/2012Rate 3.739058
Real Ale Session IPA 4.54/29/2016Rate 3.346
Real Ale Shipwrecked 9.79/10/2012Rate 3.497812
Real Ale Sisyphus 11.56/21/2002Rate 3.5867458
Real Ale Skullberry Strawberry Milkshake IPA 6.27/25/2019Rate 2.851
Real Ale Swifty 5.05/2/2018Rate 3.237
Real Ale The Devil's Share 8.15/1/2010Rate 3.295334
Real Ale The Highlander 9.710/5/2009Rate 3.819942
Real Ale The Kraken 115/7/2010Rate 3.829543
Real Ale Three Lions 8.09/5/2015Rate 3.596454
Real Ale Torino 6.56/21/2019Rate 2.981
Real Ale Vol. 13 7.05/1/2010Rate 3.274811
Real Ale Wallball 6.210/27/2018Rate 3.267
Real Ale Whiskey Richard's Porter -10/14/2012Rate 2.861
Real Ale White 4.66/12/2014Rate 3.549942
Real Ale White w/ Blood Orange 4.610/24/2017Rate 3.021
Real Ale White w/ Grapefruit 4.66/21/2016Rate 3.021
Real Ale White w/ Watermelon and Rosemary 4.68/28/2016Rate 2.981
Real Ale Wild Kilt (alias) -2/24/2012
Real Ale Winter IPA (alias) 6.612/20/2004
Real Ale WT3F?! -10/16/2011Rate 3.484824
Real Ale Yoga Pants Wit 6.55/16/2018Rate 3.061
Real Ale, Blanco Seoul Crusher 6.54/29/2017Rate 3.092
Remember Alamo Golden Ale (alias) 5.33/13/2005

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