Red Eye Brewing Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
612 Washington Street, Wausau, Wisconsin, USA 54403
Mon thru Thurs: 11 am to 11 pm
Fri & Sat 11 am to 12 am

Associated place: Red Eye Brewing Company

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Red Eye 2 X 4 10.91/25/2015Rate 2.982
Red Eye 8 6.77/28/2016Rate 3.182
Red Eye 9 7.05/25/2017Rate 3.111
Red Eye A Cart Ride to Mexico 6.84/20/2010Rate 3.176
Red Eye American Amber XXXtra 6.18/7/2013Rate 0
Red Eye Barrel Aged TempT 7.05/9/2010Rate 3.034
Red Eye Bella Blonde Ale 5.35/9/2008Rate 2.926
Red Eye Big Betty Dunkelweiss 5.28/7/2011Rate 3.033
Red Eye Black Eye 1 - Tough & Tender 6.58/9/2008Rate 3.043
Red Eye Black Eye 2 - Imperium 8.121/6/2009Rate 3.51388
Red Eye Black Eye 3 - Thorn In My Side 8.32/26/2009Rate 3.48249
Red Eye Black Eye 4 - El Tormento 8.98/11/2010Rate 2.962
Red Eye Black Eye 5 - Imperial Bourbon Barrel Stoutness 8.96/8/2012Rate 3.062
Red Eye Black Eye 6 - Charlatan XX 8.312/26/2012Rate 2.931
Red Eye Black Eye 7 - Tragically Hopped Double IPA 9.01/25/2013Rate 2.922
Red Eye Black Eye 8 - Unkle 8.511/23/2013Rate 0
Red Eye Black Eye 9 - Dopplesticke Altbier 8.55/18/2014Rate 2.932
Red Eye Black IPA 6.810/22/2010Rate 3.35
Red Eye Bloom Wit 5.45/9/2008Rate 3.429622
Red Eye Blueberry Lemongrass Rye 4.48/7/2013Rate 0
Red Eye Bombshell Blondie 4.72/5/2009Rate 2.921
Red Eye Boom Boom ESB 6.08/6/2014Rate 2.861
Red Eye Bully Goat Bock 7.211/10/2012Rate 0
Red Eye Cara-Amber Wheat 5.66/16/2009Rate 2.931
Red Eye Charlatan Imperial Stout 7.69/29/2010Rate 3.418
Red Eye Charlatan Imperial Stout with Vanilla Beans and French Oak -7/26/2013Rate 2.91
Red Eye Coffee Veruca Stout (alias) 6.012/31/2013
Red Eye Conquest 4.512/30/2009Rate 3.064
Red Eye Cranberry Imperial Cream Stout 7.811/17/2011Rate 2.841
Red Eye Dark Flower 6.21/25/2014Rate 0
Red Eye Dark Secret 8.01/28/2017Rate 3.072
Red Eye Double Black Saison 7.5511/10/2012Rate 2.861
Red Eye Dreamcatcher 5.71/28/2017Rate 3.112
Red Eye Dyna-Mighty Wheat -7/26/2013Rate 2.912
Red Eye East Town Nut Brown 4.511/6/2010Rate 2.883
Red Eye Eden 5.08/8/2017Rate 0
Red Eye Fast Eddy's Ale 5.59/1/2011Rate 2.994
Red Eye Februaryfest -3/29/2012Rate 0
Red Eye Festbier 6.48/28/2009Rate 33
Red Eye Firewater 7.611/28/2014Rate 2.871
Red Eye Five (alias) 7.27/26/2013
Red Eye Fourth Anniversary Sour 7.25/4/2012Rate 3.46
Red Eye Gilded Ale 6.02/17/2014Rate 2.861
Red Eye Goji Berry Pils -1/25/2015Rate 2.791
Red Eye Good Advice ESB 5.612/26/2012Rate 0
Red Eye Good Morning Veruca 6.012/31/2013Rate 0
Red Eye Green Sky Wisconsin Wheat Ale -6/24/2010Rate 0
Red Eye Hodge-Podge Belgian Rye 5.211/10/2012Rate 0
Red Eye Holiday Ale 7.61/7/2012Rate 0
Red Eye Hoot 6.07/20/2009Rate 2.91
Red Eye Hop Stinger 69 5.08/4/2015Rate 2.961
Red Eye Hoppy Holidays -12/31/2013Rate 0
Red Eye Hoprocket Coffee Porter 5.09/11/2014Rate 0
Red Eye Hot Mess Malt Liquor 7.08/9/2016Rate 0
Red Eye Humble 5.27/10/2012Rate 2.861
Red Eye Imperial Green Sky Wheat Ale 7.44/4/2011Rate 0
Red Eye Java Mint Stout 7.81/25/2015Rate 2.931
Red Eye Jet Black IPA (alias) 6.912/31/2013
Red Eye Jill -10/11/2011Rate 2.871
Red Eye Jim Dandy 4.92/3/2010Rate 2.972
Red Eye Juicy Cobra 7.01/3/2015Rate 2.841
Red Eye Jupiter Belgian ESB 5.13/29/2013Rate 2.922
Red Eye Keller Pils 5.25/21/2012Rate 2.911
Red Eye Le Pumpkin Royale 6.110/3/2008Rate 3.082
Red Eye Lemongrass Blueberry Rye -12/31/2013Rate 0
Red Eye Lemongrass Rye -8/10/2012Rate 2.994
Red Eye Lucky's Golden Promise 5.15/4/2012Rate 2.91
Red Eye Ludwig's Fist 7.61/25/2015Rate 2.861
Red Eye Man Pants 5.31/3/2015Rate 3.183
Red Eye Man Pants - Cucumber & Lavender 4.58/8/2017Rate 3.021
Red Eye Meezy's Jam Malt Liquor 6.87/24/2014Rate 2.954
Red Eye Mind's Eye Rye Porter -5/27/2013Rate 3.313
Red Eye Nitro Jet Black IPA (alias) 6.911/17/2011
Red Eye Nitrogen Rye Porter 5.18/12/2010Rate 3.012
Red Eye Nut Brown Ale 5.15/27/2009Rate 2.994
Red Eye Oktoberfest (alias) 6.912/31/2013
Red Eye Oldscure Belgian Golden Sour 7.03/29/2013Rate 0
Red Eye Peach Wheat 5.18/15/2011Rate 2.974
Red Eye RedEy3 7.05/23/2011Rate 3.162
Red Eye Revolution Pils 5.26/8/2012Rate 2.872
Red Eye Righteous ESB 5.29/11/2014Rate 0
Red Eye Riona Red 4.33/29/2013Rate 0
Red Eye S.H.R. American Amber - Horizon 5.05/22/2015Rate 3.021
Red Eye Saison 6.512/26/2012Rate 2.792
Red Eye Saison Des Fleurs 6.75/4/2012Rate 3.082
Red Eye Scarlet 7 Dubbel 7.45/9/2008Rate 3.368226
Red Eye Schwarzbier 5.110/5/2012Rate 3.022
Red Eye Second Anniversary Ale (alias) 7.34/20/2010
Red Eye Serendipity 7.754/15/2009Rate 3.285
Red Eye Seven 7.56/22/2015Rate 3.131
Red Eye Seventh Anniversary 7.56/25/2015Rate 3.021
Red Eye Single Hop Redhead #1 - Willamette 5.24/16/2012Rate 0
Red Eye Single Hop Redhead #2 - Warrior 5.24/13/2012Rate 2.982
Red Eye Sir John's Dishonest ESB -12/28/2010Rate 0
Red Eye Six 7.29/11/2014Rate 2.955
Red Eye Smolder 5.63/29/2012Rate 3.083
Red Eye Snooki Black Rye IPA 6.13/26/2014Rate 0
Red Eye Snow Bunny Milk Stout -3/26/2014Rate 0
Red Eye Spartacus 9.61/25/2015Rate 2.81
Red Eye Sq. 4.34/20/2010Rate 2.812
Red Eye Summer Hot Mess Malt Liquor 7.08/9/2016Rate 0
Red Eye Sunbeam 4.95/27/2009Rate 3.053
Red Eye Tartan Toddy Scotch Ale 8.011/21/2008Rate 3.132810
Red Eye TempT 7.311/9/2009Rate 2.951
Red Eye Thai Hot Mess Malt Liquor 7.08/9/2016Rate 0
Red Eye The Joker and the Thief 7.96/21/2011Rate 3.022
Red Eye The Ruse 6.17/12/2008Rate 3.296
Red Eye Thrust IPA 7.05/9/2008Rate 3.477534
Red Eye Tragically Hopped -11/28/2014Rate 2.951
Red Eye Trail Candy 5.61/28/2017Rate 3.162
Red Eye Up Nort Brew-ski Bock -12/9/2010Rate 0
Red Eye Veruca Stout 6.05/9/2008Rate 3.366318
Red Eye Vienna 4.81/28/2017Rate 2.982
Red Eye Wet Hop Thrust (alias) 5.810/28/2012
Red Eye Winter Grand Cru 7.61/28/2017Rate 2.812
Red Eye Wiskansan Tornado Brown IPA 7.18/6/2014Rate 3.234
Red Eye Witching Hour Ale 6.710/1/2009Rate 2.952
Red Eye Xanadu Hefeweizen -9/11/2014Rate 0

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