Deeds Brewing Co.

4 Paran Place, Glen Iris, Australia 3146
DEEDS BREWING CO, an Australian Craft brewery based in Glen Iris, Melbourne. Proudly Independent and founded by Pat and Dave. We aim to quietly and passionately brew quality beers that are worth sharing.
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Deeds Dark Deeds The First Horseman 9.57/24/2019Rate 3.131
Deeds Double Time DDH Pale 4.68/3/2019Rate 2.941
Deeds Fortune And Glory 8.28/2/2019Rate 3.091
Deeds Interstellar 4.68/11/2019Rate 3.041
Deeds Naked Brunch 8.54/23/20193.433
Quiet Deeds Hummingbird 9.08/23/2019Rate 3.373
Quiet Deeds Blur Vines 8.56/25/2018Rate 3.262
Quiet Deeds Double Time DDH Pale 4.64/15/2019Rate 3.246
Quiet Deeds Juice Train 6.57/11/2017Rate 3.324617
Quiet Deeds Lamington Ale 6.05/20/2015Rate 3.134615
Quiet Deeds Nuke Point 6.03/18/2019Rate 3.338
Quiet Deeds Sawtooth Kettle Sour 4.44/21/2019Rate 3.052
Quiet Deeds Session Ale 4.45/19/2015Rate 2.55911
Quiet Deeds Smoked Hefeweizen 5.26/16/2015Rate 2.972
Quiet Deeds Survivor Type 10.510/2/2019Rate 3.212
Quiet Deeds The Traveller 8.08/4/2019Rate 3.131
Quiet Deeds Vanilla Porter 6.26/11/2014Rate 3.274422
Quiet Deeds White IPA 6.011/12/2014Rate 3.041410
Quiet Deeds IPA
Brewed at Brewpack
5.59/30/2013Rate 3.091621
Quiet Deeds Kölsch
Brewed at Brewpack
4.412/24/2013Rate 2.53710
Quiet Deeds Pale Ale
Brewed at Brewpack
4.63/18/2013Rate 2.83924

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