Red Rock #biggestsmallbeerever 4.05/17/2016Rate 3.111
Red Rock / Pelican CoHOPeration India Rye Lager 6.91/9/2012Rate 3.489527
Red Rock 13th Anniversary Alt Bier 4.04/14/2007Rate 2.961
Red Rock 20th Anniversary Imperial Red Ale 9.53/27/2014Rate 3.557028
Red Rock Abbey Ale 4.01/12/2004Rate 3.174
Red Rock Amber Ale (American Session Ale) 4.09/23/2002Rate 3.176938
Red Rock Autumn Fest 4.010/9/2009Rate 2.822
Red Rock Bamberg Rauch Bier 4.06/10/2008Rate 3.284718
Red Rock Bavarian Weiss 4.06/6/2005Rate 2.82319
Red Rock Beertron 3,000 4.012/16/2013Rate 3.083
Red Rock Belgian Dark 4.01/11/2011Rate 3.013
Red Rock Belgian Wit 4.06/14/2007Rate 3.27713
Red Rock Bitter 4.06/29/2003Rate 3.056
Red Rock Black Bier 4.010/3/2005Rate 3.277815
Red Rock Blonde Ale 4.012/31/2008Rate 2.837
Red Rock Bobcat Nut Brown Ale 6.110/1/2012Rate 3.226631
Red Rock Brauhaus Festbier 5.59/3/2016Rate 3.265
Red Rock Brewer's Select (Fresh Hop Ale) 4.010/16/2009Rate 2.881
Red Rock Canadian Lager 4.07/28/2011Rate 2.723
Red Rock Chocolate Chili Porter 4.02/24/2013Rate 3.435
Red Rock Chocolate Saison 4.08/1/2012Rate 3.084
Red Rock Citra Pilsner 4.05/17/2016Rate 3.191
Red Rock Cream Stout 4.01/2/2006Rate 3.324210
Red Rock Czech Pilsner 4.06/29/2003Rate 2.737
Red Rock Dortmunder 5.411/6/2015Rate 3.243
Red Rock Drioma 10.13/13/2013Rate 3.614448
Red Rock Dunkel Weizen 4.07/23/2010Rate 2.865
Red Rock Düsseldorf Alt Bier 4.05/13/2009Rate 3.33
Red Rock Earth Day Ale 4.04/23/2015Rate 31
Red Rock Elephino Double IPA 8.08/4/2010Rate 3.6678131
Red Rock English Mild 4.04/22/2003Rate 3.137
Red Rock English Summer Ale 4.07/9/2009Rate 3.188510
Red Rock Farm House Saison 4.02/2/2018Rate 3.061
Red Rock Forbidden Peach 4.012/7/2012Rate 2.933
Red Rock Forbidden Peach Belgian Style Fruit Ale 8.48/9/2016Rate 3.487
Red Rock Franconian Rauchbier 5.79/29/2016Rate 3.646
Red Rock Fröhlich Pils 5.58/24/2014Rate 3.6410014
Red Rock Furlong 10.212/9/2015Rate 3.577
Red Rock German Pilsner 4.04/27/2009Rate 3.158819
Red Rock Gineva 5.58/6/2016Rate 3.213
Red Rock Golden Halo Blonde Ale 5.82/5/2011Rate 2.863321
Red Rock Grand Bavaria Weissbier 5.05/14/2015Rate 3.5999
Red Rock Griswald's Big Holiday 8.511/9/2010Rate 3.262317
Red Rock Griswald's Holiday Ale 4.02/15/2008Rate 3.27212
Red Rock Gypsy Scratch 4.06/23/2015Rate 3.455
Red Rock Haile's Helles 4.010/6/2010Rate 3.022
Red Rock HandleBar Irish Red (alias) 4.06/22/2018
Red Rock Harvest Ale 4.09/29/2016Rate 3.458710
Red Rock HB51 4.05/4/2009Rate 2.761
Red Rock Hefeweizen 4.04/22/2003Rate 2.812524
Red Rock Hibernian 4.03/18/2009Rate 3.155
Red Rock Holiday Ale (alias) 4.011/16/2015
Red Rock Honey Wheat 4.06/1/2004Rate 3.044816
Red Rock Honig Helles 4.04/10/2013Rate 3.063
Red Rock HoppyWeizen 4.012/12/2016Rate 3.041
Red Rock India Dark 4.04/21/2009Rate 3.215
Red Rock India Red Lager 4.02/17/2017Rate 3.061
Red Rock IPA (American Session Ale) (alias) 4.06/1/2004
Red Rock IPA Junior 4.012/3/2016Rate 3.324919
Red Rock Irish Ale 4.010/1/2002Rate 2.974
Red Rock Kölsch 4.07/18/2014Rate 2.841
Red Rock Kristall Weiss 4.04/21/2009Rate 2.791
Red Rock Lady Ga Gose 4.06/10/2017Rate 32
Red Rock Le Quatre Saison 6.28/9/2011Rate 3.487592
Red Rock Marvella 1110/13/2016Rate 2.914
Red Rock McRocks Scottish Ale 4.04/13/2003Rate 3.186711
Red Rock Mike Johnson's Pro-Am Black Lager 4.08/6/2009Rate 2.91
Red Rock Mole Porter 4.06/25/2012Rate 2.994
Red Rock Munich Dunkel 4.03/3/2008Rate 3.136
Red Rock Nora's Belgian Pilsner 4.011/3/2013Rate 3.043
Red Rock Nut Brown 4.06/6/2005Rate 3.185022
Red Rock Oak Aged Amber Ale 4.07/6/2013Rate 2.881
Red Rock Oatmeal Stout 4.04/22/2003Rate 3.162825
Red Rock Opie Red Ale 4.08/1/2012Rate 3.335
Red Rock Organic Pale Ale 4.06/29/2003Rate 3.015
Red Rock Origin 4.03/19/2012Rate 3.366
Red Rock Paardebloem 8.812/22/2009Rate 3.719619
Red Rock Pale Ale 4.07/9/2009Rate 3.197
Red Rock Pale Ale with Juniper and Orange Peel 4.07/6/2013Rate 2.861
Red Rock Pineapple Sage Saison 4.06/21/2016Rate 2.882
Red Rock Positively Porter 4.011/29/2008Rate 3.37
Red Rock Raspberry Wheat 4.07/23/2010Rate 2.614
Red Rock Regemental Red 4.06/25/2018Rate 1
Red Rock Roggen Rock 4.09/23/2006Rate 3.174916
Red Rock Rope Swing 4.09/7/2012Rate 3.134
Red Rock Rye Pale Ale 4.09/7/2012Rate 3.144
Red Rock Saint Pacome Blonde 4.06/4/2010Rate 2.822
Red Rock Saison 4.07/29/2010Rate 3.023
Red Rock Saison Bretta 4.012/5/2016Rate 3.052
Red Rock Secale 8.511/22/2011Rate 3.549429
Red Rock Smoked Porter 4.09/23/2006Rate 2.973
Red Rock Special Bitter 4.012/31/2008Rate 3.259610
Red Rock Spring Ale 4.04/25/2016Rate 3.232
Red Rock Steamer 4.06/22/2008Rate 3.128
Red Rock Summer Ale 4.07/5/2016Rate 3.042
Red Rock Sunshine for Dark Times 4.02/17/2017Rate 3.162
Red Rock Tangerine Grapefruit Pale Ale 4.01/4/2017Rate 3.091
Red Rock Traditional Latzenbier 4.010/7/2010Rate 2.861
Red Rock Triple Reve 11.666/6/2004Rate 3.316234
Red Rock Vienna Lager 4.012/8/2013Rate 3.063
Red Rock West Coast Pale Ale 4.06/26/2017Rate 3.091
Red Rock White IPA 4.01/25/2014Rate 3.324
Red Rock White Rainbow 6.26/3/2016Rate 3.171
Red Rock Zwickelbier 4.06/14/2007Rate 3.279227

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