Red Rose

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub/Brewery
Royal Hotel, Station Road., Great Harwood, Lancashire, England BB6 7BA
Commenced brewing in 2002 at The Royal hotel, Gt Harwood. Moved to New Plough Yard early 2008. The Brewery moved back to The Royal Hotel in 2010 but brewing stopped in that year.
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Red Rose 34th Street 4.52/8/2009Rate 2.825
Red Rose Accrington Stanley Promotion Ale 3.69/29/2007Rate 2.921
Red Rose Care Taker of History 6.06/6/2004Rate 3.094010
Red Rose Challenger 3.87/25/2007Rate 2.921
Red Rose Cold Turkey 3.86/8/2006Rate 2.82
Red Rose Felix 4.23/10/2006Rate 2.642
Red Rose Festival Ale 3.82/8/2009Rate 2.715
Red Rose Fuggles 3.83/15/2007Rate 2.731
Red Rose Hell & Heaven 3.911/17/2007Rate 2.771
Red Rose Junipers Ale 4.15/14/2007Rate 2.581
Red Rose Knockerupperale 3.95/15/2005Rate 2.811
Red Rose Lancashire and Yorkshire Aleway 4.58/3/2005Rate 3.13
Red Rose Milltown Malt Brown Ale 3.95/14/2003Rate 2.541
Red Rose Old Ben 4.33/10/2006Rate 2.824011
Red Rose Old Demdyke 4.63/11/2006Rate 2.782
Red Rose Older Empire IPA 5.55/11/2005Rate 2.862
Red Rose Paddy OHackers Genuine Irish Stout 4.62/5/2007Rate 2.916
Red Rose Pissed Over Pendle 4.44/18/2006Rate 3.071
Red Rose Quaffing Ale 3.83/10/2006Rate 2.612
Red Rose Richmond 3.810/26/2006Rate 2.841
Red Rose Target 3.83/22/2007Rate 2.714
Red Rose Treacle Miners Tipple 3.911/3/2004Rate 2.967

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