Red Star Agave Grille

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
101 Ehalt Street, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA 15601
Out of business

Operated 1998 to 2009
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Red Star 4GA 5.21/18/2004Rate 2.963
Red Star Altbier 6.08/20/2004Rate 2.955
Red Star Amber Ale 5.14/29/2002Rate 3.112
Red Star Amber Waves Lager 4.86/10/2003Rate 2.888
Red Star American Bock 6.411/13/2009Rate 2.83
Red Star American Wheat Quench 4.45/12/2003Rate 2.065
Red Star Apricot Ale 5.43/16/2005Rate 2.964
Red Star Autumn Harvest Berry Ale 4.710/21/2008Rate 2.881
Red Star Baja Red Mexican Dark Lager 4.58/27/2008Rate 2.814
Red Star Barrel Aged 60 Shilling Scottish Ale 3.412/13/2009Rate 2.711
Red Star Bees Knees Honey Strawberry 4.27/27/2008Rate 2.961
Red Star Belgian Dubbel -9/1/2002Rate 3.412
Red Star Belgian Tripple 9.06/3/2001Rate 3.042
Red Star Bells Ale 4.511/16/2004Rate 2.862
Red Star Black Gold Oatmeal Stout 4.56/22/2004Rate 3.032
Red Star Blueberry Wheat -8/19/2009Rate 2.912
Red Star Canvasback Pale Ale 5.26/3/2001Rate 3.165213
Red Star Chocolate Abbey Ale 6.27/6/2006Rate 2.612
Red Star Christmas Dark Wheat Ale 7.912/9/2007Rate 3.072
Red Star Coffee Porter 5.810/10/2003Rate 3.158
Red Star Cranberry Wheat 4.81/31/2006Rate 3.151
Red Star Crazy Pils Autumn Pilsner 4.711/17/2006Rate 3.151
Red Star DaRo Light Czech Pilsner 5.55/19/2004Rate 2.841
Red Star Derailed Imperial Stout 8.86/20/2007Rate 2.934
Red Star Dry Irish Stout -6/3/2001Rate 3.32
Red Star Dunkel Weizen 4.57/4/2004Rate 2.792
Red Star Extra Special Bitter 4.92/23/2006Rate 2.832
Red Star Festbier: Oktoberfest Lager 4.510/16/2006Rate 3.181
Red Star Final Offering Black IPA 7.63/18/2010Rate 3.073
Red Star Five Dog Ale 5.38/18/2003Rate 3.332
Red Star Formula 48.1 American IPA 7.86/27/2005Rate 2.95
Red Star Framboise: Raspberry Lambic 4.68/7/2007Rate 2.892
Red Star Frambozenbier 5.58/23/2006Rate 3.63
Red Star Frog Lips Juniper Wit 5.34/15/2005Rate 3.222
Red Star Golden Goddess Hefe Weizen 5.05/28/2004Rate 2.853
Red Star Golden Light 4.25/19/2004Rate 2.598
Red Star Golden Strawberry 4.711/5/2006Rate 2.541
Red Star Greensburg Lager 5.111/26/2008Rate 2.921
Red Star Harbortown Ale: English Pale Ale 4.49/3/2007Rate 2.811
Red Star Harvest Moon 4.212/13/2009Rate 2.761
Red Star Heavy Weather Double Altbier 7.411/18/2005Rate 2.862
Red Star Imperial Amber 9.94/14/2008Rate 3.181
Red Star Imperial Apricot 9.94/14/2008Rate 3.181
Red Star Iron Horse Stout 3.99/1/2002Rate 3.155710
Red Star Kriekbier 5.35/10/2005Rate 3.031
Red Star Lennys Irish Red 4.912/29/2004Rate 2.752
Red Star Little Guy Lager 4.97/22/2005Rate 2.743
Red Star Little Nik Belgian Style Pilsner 6.15/23/2006Rate 2.474
Red Star Locomotive Breath 6.06/1/2002Rate 2.763
Red Star Longshanks English Pale Ale 5.46/8/2004Rate 2.91
Red Star Love Potion -2/16/2008Rate 3.221
Red Star Lynns Lovely Vienna Lager 4.512/29/2004Rate 3.176
Red Star M’Irish Red 5.33/18/2010Rate 2.822
Red Star MAI-Effin’ Maibock 6.86/10/2003Rate 2.886
Red Star Märzen Fest-Bier 5.84/15/2005Rate 3.242
Red Star Milk Stout 5.811/16/2004Rate 3.32
Red Star Negra Caballo Black Pilsner 4.13/28/2009Rate 2.825
Red Star Oak Aged Abbey Brown Ale -9/29/2002Rate 2.691
Red Star Old Lunatic 6.66/6/2004Rate 2.921
Red Star Peach Wheat 4.310/2/2008Rate 2.731
Red Star Pumpkin Porter 6.512/11/2002Rate 2.913
Red Star Quench (alias) 4.48/20/2003
Red Star Quinners Irish Red 5.14/5/2007Rate 2.72
Red Star Richard Coulter’s Oatmeal Stout 5.01/19/2010Rate 2.922
Red Star Righteous Sects Amber Malt Liquor 8.812/9/2007Rate 31
Red Star Robert Hanna’s Black Horse Lager 4.11/22/2009Rate 31
Red Star Santas Little Helper 10.11/18/2004Rate 3.0569
Red Star Scotch Ale 5.612/29/2004Rate 3.254
Red Star Scottish Ale 5.03/25/2005Rate 2.452
Red Star Sick Mick: Irish Cream Ale 4.32/7/2008Rate 2.471
Red Star St Range English Double 5.612/13/2008Rate 2.541
Red Star Stewart’s 60 Shiilling Scottish Ale 3.48/7/2009Rate 2.621
Red Star Sully Bock 6.53/8/2005Rate 3.063
Red Star Summer Lager: Colossus in Disguise 7.67/26/2007Rate 2.443
Red Star Swag & Tails English Brown Ale 4.610/26/2004Rate 2.994
Red Star Tempest 7.03/6/2010Rate 2.912
Red Star The Kat Sass 6.01/24/2005Rate 2.972
Red Star Three Sheets -11/13/2004Rate 3.513
Red Star Triple Chocolate Stout 5.81/18/2004Rate 3.062
Red Star Uncle Toms Oatmeal Porter 6.010/26/2004Rate 31
Red Star Voodoos Child -9/29/2002Rate 3.075
Red Star We Like Schwarz Schwarz Schwarzbier 5.16/27/2005Rate 31
Red Star Weizenbock -9/1/2002Rate 2.782
Red Star Wheat Pale -2/22/2008Rate 3.33

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