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Redchurch Brewery, 275-276 Railway Arches, Poyser Street, , Bethnal Green, Greater London, England E2 9RF
Taproom: Thu & Fri 18:00-00:30
Sat 12:00-00:30
Sun 12:00-20:00

Associated place: Redchurch Brewery Tap Room
Commenced brewing in Summer 2011.
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Redchurch / Alvinne Gooseberry Sour 6.03/6/2017Rate 3.153
Redchurch / BrewDog Shoreditch Tarte Aux Pomme 4.59/27/2015Rate 3.221637
Redchurch / De Molen Black & Brett 103/30/2016Rate 3.828239
Redchurch / Draft House Sin Bin 3.510/10/2015Rate 3.232
Redchurch / Harbour Belgian IPA 7.54/28/2014Rate 3.315
Redchurch / Harbour Wild Maple Brown 7.87/24/2015Rate 3.282310
Redchurch / IMBC Super Duper Export Porter 9.010/11/2014Rate 3.147
Redchurch Baltic Street Porter 7.412/10/2012Rate 3.54717
Redchurch Barrel Aged Old Ford 8.010/18/2014Rate 3.779726
Redchurch Bed of Thorns 5.64/2/2016Rate 3.133
Redchurch Bethnal Pale Ale 5.510/8/2011Rate 3.4990185
Redchurch Borefts Saison 5.19/26/2015Rate 3.314331
Redchurch Brett Bethnal Pale Ale 5.512/3/2015Rate 3.33
Redchurch Brett Eastern 7.85/21/2015Rate 3.487631
Redchurch Brett Porter 7.41/30/2015Rate 3.535515
Redchurch Brett Rye Saison 5.610/17/2015Rate 3.297
Redchurch Brick Lane Lager 5.01/31/2013Rate 3.45439
Redchurch Broadway Black Pale 2.97/27/2013Rate 3.567557
Redchurch Coffee IPA 7.56/14/2013Rate 3.044
Redchurch Double Farmhouse IPA 9.710/24/2015Rate 3.235
Redchurch Double IPA Centennial Amarillo Chinook Simcoe 9.57/11/2013Rate 3.185
Redchurch Double IPA Chinook 9.19/28/2012Rate 3.587426
Redchurch Double IPA Mosaic 9.312/13/2014Rate 3.535410
Redchurch Double IPA Waimea 8.25/2/2016Rate 3.353011
Redchurch Dry Hop Sour Cascade 5.411/10/2016Rate 3.223
Redchurch Dry Hop Sour Citra 5.43/30/2017Rate 3.465
Redchurch Dry Hop Sour Huell Melon 5.47/21/2016Rate 3.25
Redchurch Dry Hop Sour Motueka 5.41/5/2017Rate 3.445
Redchurch Dry Hopped Sour Cascade and Saaz 5.55/14/2016Rate 3.366
Redchurch Dry Hopped Sour Wai-Iti 5.84/28/2016Rate 3.454110
Redchurch East End 7.45/26/2014Rate 3.467514
Redchurch Great Eastern India Pale Ale 7.43/15/2012Rate 3.691229
Redchurch Hackney Gold 5.511/3/2011Rate 3.419677
Redchurch Hoxton Stout 6.010/31/2011Rate 3.695157
Redchurch Into Earth 5.25/7/2015Rate 3.077
Redchurch Lemon Sage Saison 4.79/18/2016Rate 3.253624
Redchurch Lemon Verbena 6.42/2/2017Rate 3.26379
Redchurch Life of Plants 4.71/21/2017Rate 3.342823
Redchurch Little Earth 5.04/10/2015Rate 3.228
Redchurch Little One 3.811/10/2016Rate 3.273813
Redchurch Norwegian Raw Sour (alias) 5.06/18/2016
Redchurch Old Ford Export Stout 7.57/25/2012Rate 3.8499275
Redchurch On Stems Rhubarb 7.25/28/2017Rate 3.182
Redchurch Paradise Pale Ale 3.78/10/2014Rate 3.4987112
Redchurch Paradise Pale Ale (Brett) 3.73/15/2015Rate 2.911
Redchurch Petit Morte II 5.58/13/2015Rate 3.324514
Redchurch Petite Mort 5.04/23/2015Rate 3.364921
Redchurch Pillar of Salt 5.02/26/2016Rate 3.192932
Redchurch Pinot Noir aged Petite Mort 4.59/26/2015Rate 3.375232
Redchurch Red Rye IPA 6.03/29/2014Rate 3.217013
Redchurch Refresher 2.01/20/2017Rate 3.328
Redchurch Rye Hop Sour Motueka 5.96/9/2017Rate 3.182
Redchurch Saison 6.05/14/2013Rate 3.467514
Redchurch Sauvage Blanc 9.23/7/2015Rate 3.446716
Redchurch Sauvage Blanc (2015-) 9.212/5/2015Rate 3.223112
Redchurch Shoreditch Blonde 4.512/20/2011Rate 3.3197113
Redchurch Tart Pale 4.56/23/2017Rate 3.162
Redchurch Tartalotte 6.04/2/2016Rate 3.213
Redchurch Tartelette 4.54/10/2015Rate 3.334479
Redchurch Tartelette (Lime/Lemongrass) 4.810/17/2015Rate 3.171
Redchurch Tartelette Blossom 4.56/16/2017Rate 3.253
Redchurch Tartelette Rooibos 4.55/21/2015Rate 3.425316
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse 3.87/9/2015Rate 3.373140
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Cold Brew 6.012/9/2016Rate 3.366
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Dark Light 6.53/24/2017Rate 3.033
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Dry Hop Sour 5.43/3/2017Rate 3.315
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Dry Hop Sour Citra Simcoe 5.46/9/2017Rate 3.314
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Four Fields 5.43/24/2017Rate 3.325
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse House Brett 5.53/4/2017Rate 3.354813
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse in Barrels: Plums 6.56/18/2017Rate 0
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Kveik 5.55/26/2017Rate 3.142
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Nord 6.45/28/2017Rate 3.061
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse On Skins: Plums 6.73/6/2017Rate 3.31259
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Pasture 4.76/18/2017Rate 0
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Resins 5.83/3/2017Rate 3.255
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Risk 5.63/3/2017Rate 3.057
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Spring Shoots 4.45/12/2017Rate 3.041
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse Sylvan 5.66/18/2017Rate 0
Redchurch Urban Farmhouse U.F.I.P.A 6.73/3/2017Rate 3.324
Redchurch Viccy Park Porter 6.83/13/2014Rate 3.36110
Redchurch Wheat IPA 7.48/11/2014Rate 3.335024
Redchurch Wild Isolation 5.33/4/2015Rate 3.383445
Redchurch Wild Wood 7.38/30/2015Rate 3.494733
Sebright Arms Black Milk
Brewed by/for Sebright Arms
4.31/17/2014Rate 3.15

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