River Horse Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 96/100 3067 ratings
2 Graphics Drive, Ewing, New Jersey, USA 08628
Associated place: River Horse Brewing Company

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Bucks County PennBrook Traditional Amber Lager 4.52/8/2003Rate 2.488526
Hudson Valley Amber 4.812/16/2001Rate 3.352
Hudson Valley Deep Sleep Milk Stout -3/1/2003Rate 3.164
Hudson Valley Old Man Ale 6.712/16/2001Rate 3.195
Hudson Valley Rips Hop Awakening Pale 5.29/16/2002Rate 3.586
Hudson Valley Snoozefest -10/30/2002Rate 3.083
Jersey Harvest Ale -10/5/2002Rate 3.136020
Jersey Shore Gold -7/8/2002Rate 2.33827
Landmark India Red Ale -7/10/2004Rate 3.317853
Porterhouse Blond -8/8/2004Rate 2.612
Porterhouse Summer Ale -8/8/2004Rate 2.431
River Horse Baltic Porter Aged in Peruvian Rum Barrels 115/26/2015Rate 3.618412
River Horse Barley Wine - Whiskey Barrel 111/18/2016Rate 3.33328
River Horse Barrel Aged Special Ale 5.510/20/2015Rate 3.171
River Horse Belgian Freeze Winter Ale 8.012/29/2002Rate 3.0924260
River Horse Berliner Weisse (Chardonnay) 4.08/27/2014Rate 3.338
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Baltic Porter 7.02/11/2015Rate 3.484
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Berliner Weisse 4.05/18/2014Rate 3.092414
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Chocolate Porter -4/10/2012Rate 3.58836
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Coffee Oatmeal Stout 6.53/9/2014Rate 3.19449
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Dunkel Lager 5.22/15/2014Rate 2.881
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve IPL 7.58/11/2015Rate 3.025
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Pilsner 5.03/22/2014Rate 2.81
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Saison -5/1/2011Rate 3.091612
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Scotch Ale -2/3/2013Rate 3.23613
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve Triple IPA 9.011/5/2015Rate 3.353011
River Horse Brewer’s Reserve White -4/26/2015Rate 3.278
River Horse Burnt Sugar Ale -10/4/2008Rate 2.957
River Horse Cherry Berliner Weisse 4.27/24/2015Rate 2.86520
River Horse Cranberry Sour 4.68/16/2015Rate 3.221611
River Horse Cream Ale 4.26/10/2000Rate 2.763
River Horse Dark Harvest Ale -4/14/2000Rate 3.014616
River Horse Doppelbock 6.39/4/2005Rate 3.031
River Horse Double Wit 7.03/21/2008Rate 3.2589148
River Horse Dunkelweizen 6.01/9/2012Rate 2.833
River Horse Ebeneezers Ale -12/31/2005Rate 2.841
River Horse Farmhouse Saison 6.05/8/2015Rate 3.328
River Horse Green Tea Ale -10/4/2008Rate 2.942
River Horse Hefe-ryzen -10/8/2009Rate 3.04839
River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale 8.17/17/2010Rate 3.4695145
River Horse Hippo’s Hand 9.01/19/2017Rate 3.358
River Horse Hippotizing IPA 7.57/5/2016Rate 3.314421
River Horse Honey Bunches of Ants -10/4/2008Rate 2.921
River Horse Honey Weizen Bock 8.03/30/2009Rate 3.156
River Horse Hop Hazard Pale Ale 6.58/8/2000Rate 3.2147454
River Horse Hopalotamus 8.512/5/2008Rate 3.5556203
River Horse Hoppy Rye 9.03/17/2010Rate 3.094
River Horse Imperial Cherry Amber 7.07/26/2008Rate 3.04768
River Horse Imperial Chocolate Porter 9.01/24/2016Rate 3.48399
River Horse Indian Red 6.15/16/2005Rate 2.921
River Horse IPA 5.79/16/2014Rate 3.243525
River Horse Irish Lager (alias) 4.58/16/2004
River Horse Lager 4.58/30/2000Rate 2.6394167
River Horse McHenrys Irish Stout -12/29/2002Rate 3.386
River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout 6.712/6/2008Rate 3.5587178
River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout - Bourbon Barrel 9.08/27/2014Rate 3.64959
River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout - Whiskey Barrel 9.02/27/2015Rate 3.548
River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout Redux (alias) 6.711/11/2009
River Horse Oktoberfest -10/17/2004Rate 2.581
River Horse One Score 10.57/9/2016Rate 3.546
River Horse Raspberry Oatmeal Milk Stout 6.74/30/2015Rate 3.061
River Horse Raspberry Tripel Horse 104/3/2017Rate 3.13
River Horse Raspberry Wheat -8/8/2004Rate 33
River Horse Roebling Bock -4/26/2000Rate 3.075517
River Horse Roly Poly Pils 5.34/10/2016Rate 3.158421
River Horse Sour Homer 4.27/5/2016Rate 3.021
River Horse Sour Lizzie 6.09/9/2016Rate 3.021
River Horse Special Ale 5.56/29/2001Rate 2.9437299
River Horse Special Ale Oak Aged With Vanilla -5/18/2011Rate 3.153
River Horse Stouty Stout 122/16/2017Rate 3.111
River Horse Summer Blonde 4.06/18/2003Rate 2.7624156
River Horse Tripel Horse 101/31/2003Rate 3.3875441
River Horse Tripel Horse (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 109/7/2011Rate 31816
River Horse Vanilla Pumpkin 5.012/1/2011Rate 2.753
River Horse Winter Ale (alias) -12/29/2002

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