Commercial Brewery
Unicorn Brewery, Lower Hillgate, Stockport, Greater Manchester, England SK1 1JJ
Places associated: Castle Hotel (Robinson’s), Leigh Arms Hotel (Robinson’s), Queens Head Hotel (Robinson’s), Walmer Bridge Inn (Robinson’s), Spinner & Bergamot (Robinson’s), Robinsons Brewery, White Horse (Robinson’s), Friendship Inn (Robinson’s), Red Bull (Robinson’s), Armoury (Robinson’s), Florist (Robinson’s), Waterloo Hotel (Robinson’s), Queens (Robinson’s), Arden Arms (Robinson’s), Fox Inn (Robinsons), Church Inn (Robinsons), Royal Oak (Robinsons), Snipe (Robinsons), White Lion (Robinsons), New Hall Inn (aka Hole in’t Wall) (Robinsons), George & Dragon (Robinson’s), Royal Oak (Robinsons), Healey Hotel (Robinson’s), Egerton Arms (Robinsons), Burlton Inn (Robinsons), Black Horse (Robinsons), Cock & Magpie (Robinsons), Fox & Pheasant (Robinsons), Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn (Robinsons), Glyn Y Weddw Arms (Robinsons), Victoria Inn (Robinsons), Red Dragon (Robinsons), Baker’s Vaults (Robinson’s), Golden Rule
Founded on 1838. Took over Hartleys brewery in 1982, closing down the Ulverston plant in 1994 and transferring the Hartley brands to the Unicorn brewery. Robinsons bought the rights to the Ward brands in 2006 but subsequently sold some of those brands to Maxim Beer Co.
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Lion Heart Golden Ale with Sweet Gale 4.510/13/2017Rate 2.912
Lionheart (Prev Kestrel Lion Heart) 4.51/28/2018Rate 2.937
Co-op Golden Ale 4.03/25/2017Rate 2.893524
Co-op IPA 4.54/5/2017Rate 2.934024
Co-op Triple Hop 5.54/3/2017Rate 3.117242
Gulating Bragda 4.73/21/2016Rate 2.681512
Gulating Inland IPA 4.79/8/2014Rate 2.43143
Gulating Myrkr Brown Ale 4.711/18/2014Rate 2.54431
Gulating Vikingr Pale Ale 4.711/18/2014Rate 2.37532
Federation Buchanans Best Bitter / Original
Brewed by/for Dunston (Heineken UK)
4.41/15/2003Rate 2.644
Federation Buchanans Best Scotch
Brewed by/for Dunston (Heineken UK)
3.64/1/2003Rate 2.351
Everards Tiger (Cask)
Brewed by/for Everards
4.25/28/2002Rate 2.9746150
Marks & Spencer Cheshire Brown Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.710/3/2010Rate 3.114621
Marks & Spencer Cheshire Chocolate Porter
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
6.011/14/2009Rate 2.754117
Marks & Spencer Ginger Ale (alias)
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
Merrimans Old Fart
Brewed by/for Merrimans
5.010/18/2001Rate 2.912365
Hartleys Cumbria Way 4.18/19/2002Rate 2.93552
Hartleys Three Shires Mild (Keg) 2.911/24/2005Rate 2.621
Hartleys XB 4.07/12/2003Rate 2.924035
Hartleys XB Gold 4.04/20/2012Rate 0
Iron Maiden Trooper (alias) 4.710/16/2013
OB Oldham Bitter (Cask) 3.82/12/2007Rate 2.842813
OB Oldham Bitter Smooth (Keg) 3.84/20/2012Rate 2.862
Robinsons 1892 3.38/18/2002Rate 2.841538
Robinsons 4-4-2 3.76/7/2010Rate 2.954
Robinsons 9 Hop IPA 6.09/2/2015Rate 3.031281
Robinsons 9 Hop IPA (3.5%) 3.510/17/2015Rate 2.63317
Robinsons A Beer To Go With Chicken (alias) 4.04/14/2013
Robinsons A Beer To Go With Curry (alias) 5.04/14/2013
Robinsons A Beer To Go With Steak (alias) 4.44/14/2013
Robinsons Battering Ram 4.011/1/2010Rate 2.822
Robinsons Beardo 6.01/23/2017Rate 2.893689
Robinsons Beer Baracus 4.43/2/2018Rate 2.873
Robinsons Beerdo 4.04/23/2016Rate 2.73
Robinsons Bizzy Bee 3.58/11/2010Rate 2.86
Robinsons Black Beauty 4.311/12/2011Rate 2.952
Robinsons Blonde Tom 6.06/6/2017Rate 3.013818
Robinsons Bonjeuros 4.27/3/2016Rate 3.014
Robinsons Brazilian 4.26/9/2014Rate 2.883
Robinsons Brown Ale 3.010/17/2004Rate 2.961
Robinsons build a rocket boys! (Bottle) 4.011/23/2011Rate 2.772043
Robinsons build a rocket boys! (Cask) 4.01/2/2012Rate 2.944424
Robinsons Champion 4.03/18/2005Rate 2.644
Robinsons Cheshire Black 4.18/15/2012Rate 3.142944
Robinsons Citra Pale Ale 3.89/19/2014Rate 3.153
Robinsons Coopers Bell 4.06/29/2005Rate 3.165
Robinsons Crusoe 3.96/5/2011Rate 2.966212
Robinsons Cwrw'r ddraig aur (alias) 4.18/5/2012
Robinsons Dark Horse 4.32/24/2007Rate 3.385410
Robinsons Dark Smooth 3.74/20/2012Rate 2.913
Robinsons Dark Vader 4.09/7/2017Rate 3.074512
Robinsons Dizzy Blonde (Bottle) 4.46/15/2007Rate 2.923969
Robinsons Dizzy Blonde (Cask) 3.86/15/2007Rate 2.93676
Robinsons Dizzy's Christmas Kiss 4.412/3/2016Rate 2.995
Robinsons Dizzy's Dark Side 3.810/3/2013Rate 3.138829
Robinsons Dizzy's Resolution 4.41/25/2017Rate 2.842
Robinsons Dizzy's Twisted Sister 4.07/16/2015Rate 3.067
Robinsons Double Hop (Bottle) 5.011/14/2002Rate 3.115952
Robinsons Double Hop (Cask) 4.87/2/2004Rate 3.034160
Robinsons Dragon's Fire 3.94/20/2010Rate 2.784
Robinsons Elbow (alias) 4.01/12/2012
Robinsons Englands Champion 3.97/9/2006Rate 2.873
Robinsons Enigma 4.32/14/2005Rate 2.843125
Robinsons Flash Harry 4.19/11/2007Rate 2.763
Robinsons Flashing Santa 4.412/13/2014Rate 0
Robinsons Freddy Brewger 4.310/4/2018Rate 3.047313
Robinsons Frederic Robinson Bitter 3.84/5/2004Rate 2.541
Robinsons Frederic's 175 4.31/17/2013Rate 2.845
Robinsons Frederic's 175 (6.5%) 6.510/27/2013Rate 2.922
Robinsons Frederics 5.08/18/2002Rate 3.018
Robinsons Frosty Frolics 4.311/29/2015Rate 2.862
Robinsons GB (Frederic's Great British Golden Beer) 3.69/9/2012Rate 2.732
Robinsons GB Frederic's Great British Alcoholic Ginger Beer 3.89/12/2011Rate 2.813021
Robinsons George & Dragon Ale (alias) 4.012/25/2014
Robinsons Ginger Tom (Cask) 4.33/22/2011Rate 2.833215
Robinsons Globe Hopping 4.47/22/2012Rate 3.085
Robinsons Green Bullet 4.410/7/2012Rate 2.863
Robinsons Hannibal's Nectar 3.92/7/2011Rate 2.94112
Robinsons Hatters 3.33/8/2004Rate 2.892117
Robinsons Hatters Dark Mild (alias) 3.33/8/2004
Robinsons Hop & Under 4.29/12/2015Rate 2.882
Robinsons Hoppy Wan Kenobi 4.06/12/2018Rate 2.985
Robinsons Hoptimus Prime 4.12/27/2013Rate 2.893634
Robinsons Indulgence 4.412/8/2014Rate 2.791
Robinsons Kick Off 4.210/17/2004Rate 2.723
Robinsons Lighthouse 4.010/29/2005Rate 2.727
Robinsons Long Kiss Goodnight 4.31/4/2012Rate 2.693
Robinsons Magnum IPA 4.12/6/2017Rate 2.88329
Robinsons Mojo (Bottle) 5.52/8/2017Rate 2.57876
Robinsons Mojo (Cask) 3.72/13/2015Rate 2.974832
Robinsons Mr Scrooge 4.412/4/2007Rate 3.128519
Robinsons Northern Glory (Bottle) 4.411/13/2002Rate 3.135918
Robinsons Northern Glory (Cask) 4.48/20/2002Rate 2.965010
Robinsons Nosey Parker 3.84/20/2009Rate 2.81289
Robinsons Old Stockport 3.58/19/2002Rate 2.812715
Robinsons Old Tom (Bottle) 8.510/1/2002Rate 3.5277924
Robinsons Old Tom (Cask) 8.510/30/2002Rate 3.528474
Robinsons Old Tom Chocolate Ale (Cask) 6.011/27/2008Rate 3.23120
Robinsons Old Tom With Chocolate / Chocolate Tom (Bottle) 6.012/9/2008Rate 3.2537408
Robinsons Old Tom With Ginger / Ginger Tom (Bottle) 6.08/12/2008Rate 2.9539275
Robinsons Olympic Gold 4.07/15/2008Rate 2.945314
Robinsons Pint of Thrones 4.04/13/2017Rate 2.78
Robinsons Pride of Obsidian 5.08/17/2018Rate 2.871
Robinsons Red Jester 3.91/4/2016Rate 33
Robinsons Robin Bitter 4.512/24/2003Rate 3.023017
Robinsons Robohop 3.86/26/2016Rate 3.06609
Robinsons Saints Gold 4.04/20/2012Rate 2.851
Robinsons Shaking the Earl 4.24/15/2017Rate 0
Robinsons Smooth (Keg) 3.82/11/2007Rate 2.546
Robinsons Snowdon 4.08/19/2002Rate 2.955
Robinsons Socks & Sandals 5.36/5/2017Rate 2.981
Robinsons South Island 4.29/11/2014Rate 2.997
Robinsons Spellbound 4.111/27/2008Rate 2.892
Robinsons Steam Lager 5.58/26/2015Rate 2.74935
Robinsons Steam Lager (3.5% Swedish) 3.51/6/2016Rate 2.48114
Robinsons Stockport Arches Bitter 4.04/12/2003Rate 3.133
Robinsons Sunny Jim 3.88/2/2004Rate 2.629
Robinsons Tempus Fugit 4.22/20/2008Rate 2.748
Robinsons Tit For Tat 3.77/9/2009Rate 2.731815
Robinsons Tom & Berry 4.612/5/2012Rate 2.973710
Robinsons Top Tipple 3.93/26/2008Rate 2.894117
Robinsons Trick or Treat 4.210/25/2015Rate 2.981
Robinsons Trooper (Bottle) 4.73/12/2013Rate 3.04431033
Robinsons Trooper (Cask) 4.87/15/2013Rate 3.084892
Robinsons Trooper 666 (Bottle) 6.610/2/2015Rate 3.0232176
Robinsons Trooper 666 (Cask) 6.63/2/2016Rate 3.013220
Robinsons Trooper Hallowed (Bottle) 6.09/8/2017Rate 3.0744116
Robinsons Trooper Hallowed (Cask) 6.01/18/2018Rate 2.932
Robinsons Trooper Light Brigade (Bottle) 4.12/2/2018Rate 2.974426
Robinsons Trooper Light Brigade (Cask) 4.13/25/2018Rate 2.9710
Robinsons Trooper Red 'n' Black (Bottle) 6.87/18/2016Rate 3.1427163
Robinsons Trooper Red 'n' Black (Cask) 5.810/2/2016Rate 3.021520
Robinsons Trouble & Strife 4.12/13/2009Rate 2.741612
Robinsons Uncle Sams 4.25/24/2013Rate 2.884
Robinsons Unicorn (Bottle) 4.33/8/2004Rate 2.974796
Robinsons Unicorn (Cask) 4.28/19/2002Rate 2.852692
Robinsons Unicorn Black (alias) 4.110/1/2015
Robinsons Voodoo Dawn 3.91/9/2015Rate 2.914110
Robinsons Wags to Witches 4.010/15/2009Rate 2.967
Robinsons White Label 5 Hop ESB 5.09/1/2015Rate 2.961
Robinsons White Label Blonde Rye 5.23/19/2016Rate 2.912
Robinsons White Label G'Day 5.07/12/2016Rate 2.851
Robinsons White Label Oak Aged Red 5.210/25/2015Rate 2.851
Robinsons White Label One Eye'd Jack 5.07/29/2018Rate 2.92
Robinsons White Label Porter 5.31/20/2016Rate 2.882
Robinsons White Label Stout 5.04/12/2015Rate 2.822
Robinsons White Label Trilby IPA 4.75/24/2018Rate 31
Robinsons White Label Yippee IPA 5.06/4/2016Rate 3.021
Robinsons Wizard 3.75/13/2015Rate 2.913729
Robinsons Yippee IPA 4.29/24/2017Rate 2.873
Robinsons Young Tom 4.39/22/2002Rate 2.981043
Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Chicken 4.04/14/2013Rate 2.681524
Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Curry 5.04/14/2013Rate 2.574223
Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Steak 4.44/14/2013Rate 2.914328
Wards Classic (Bottle) 5.05/26/2004Rate 2.782
Wards Smooth Bitter 4.04/20/2012Rate 2.912

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