Rocket Brewing Company (Denmark)

(Not In Production)
Gammel Kongevej 3B, Copenhagen, Denmark DK-1610
The brewery has physically relocated to Sweden, see separate listing for Rocket Brewing Company (Sweden)
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Rocket / Brekeriet Hyldesur 6.08/27/2017Rate 2.94210
Rocket 50/50 4.54/20/2016Rate 3.04620
Rocket Acid Sun 5.511/21/2016Rate 0
Rocket Ancient Power 7.15/6/2017Rate 3.218
Rocket Andelsgris 6.710/15/2015Rate 2.981512
Rocket Attack Of the Brett Zombies 8.67/22/2015Rate 3.444355
Rocket Azuma's Dream 5.812/28/2016Rate 3.251912
Rocket Bergamonks 9.44/20/2016Rate 3.274912
Rocket Big Bang 50 5.010/28/2015Rate 2.851
Rocket Black Power 7.310/29/2016Rate 3.585925
Rocket Black Star 6.512/12/2014Rate 3.183211
Rocket Blue Planet 4.86/10/2017Rate 3.223
Rocket Boxbeers Black Box 11.312/10/2016Rate 3.64417
Rocket Boxbeers Pine Punch Double IPA 8.56/4/2016Rate 3.191026
Rocket Brown Dwarf 9.08/28/2014Rate 3.525027
Rocket Cape Hop 6.711/12/2016Rate 3.314421
Rocket Captain's Companion 2.810/2/2017Rate 2.926
Rocket Cherish Yu Zu Much Xmas 7.012/30/2017Rate 3.048
Rocket Cherry Moon 4.21/22/2016Rate 3.221622
Rocket Citron Måne 4.04/3/2016Rate 2.93719
Rocket Closer To The Sun 5.86/11/2017Rate 3.225
Rocket Club Tropicana 5.08/28/2014Rate 3.3568108
Rocket Coffee Eclipse Cardamom 8.38/29/2014Rate 3.457523
Rocket Coffeus 6.75/9/2015Rate 3.145210
Rocket Currant Moon 4.22/11/2016Rate 2.85426
Rocket Deja Vu 7.28/31/2015Rate 3.221633
Rocket Exit Pale Ale 5.45/19/2016Rate 3.326610
Rocket Farmer's Choice 5.22/3/2017Rate 3.181218
Rocket First Contact 6.38/28/2014Rate 3.284067
Rocket First Dane In Space 5.08/31/2015Rate 2.69117
Rocket Flower Power 7.112/28/2016Rate 3.444022
Rocket Fly Me To The Moon 4.012/2/2015Rate 3.152423
Rocket Going Home 4 Christmas 8.811/18/2014Rate 3.342938
Rocket Gris Gris 2.82/11/2017Rate 3.223116
Rocket Grisette 2.84/3/2016Rate 3.03916
Rocket Hypernova 10.98/28/2014Rate 3.343417
Rocket Koichi's Cherry 6.51/3/2017Rate 3.161111
Rocket Kultur Shaker -10/12/2014Rate 2.922
Rocket Life on Mars 7.05/6/2017Rate 3.213
Rocket Monks On Mars 9.48/28/2014Rate 3.285141
Rocket Morpheus 6.72/21/2015Rate 3.185345
Rocket Morpheus Coffee Edition 6.65/29/2015Rate 32
Rocket Nebula 5.25/6/2017Rate 3.358
Rocket Neue Bruin 6.56/16/2016Rate 3.12129
Rocket Prune Balloon 7.35/6/2017Rate 3.133
Rocket Purple Nights 7.28/6/2017Rate 3.258
Rocket Quadrupel Yuzo 8.812/12/2014Rate 2.871
Rocket Raspberry Gose 4.66/4/2016Rate 3.153
Rocket Raspberry Warp Speed 4.212/3/2015Rate 3.217
Rocket Red Mass 4.610/25/2016Rate 3.054
Rocket Rings Of Kahawa 2.82/2/2017Rate 3.02415
Rocket Rise Of The Brett Zombies 5.81/14/2017Rate 3.425925
Rocket Ruby Cherry Sour 7.711/12/2015Rate 3.728945
Rocket Saison Experiment 1 with Cascade 5.012/4/2015Rate 3.074
Rocket Saison Experiment 2 with Rye 4.812/4/2015Rate 3.063
Rocket Satellite of Love 4.811/2/2015Rate 3.125
Rocket Sea of Apples 5.06/27/2015Rate 2.956
Rocket Sea-belt Brew 5.48/2/2016Rate 3.061
Rocket Sign Of Life 7.52/21/2015Rate 3.34838
Rocket Skinke Støjberg 5.65/21/2016Rate 3.273
Rocket Solbær Sour 5.56/18/2016Rate 3.274
Rocket Sour Barrel #1 5.43/31/2017Rate 3.122
Rocket Sour Barrel #2 -6/1/2016Rate 3.294
Rocket Sour Barrel #3 -6/1/2016Rate 3.33
Rocket Sour Escape 4.712/2/2015Rate 3.182643
Rocket Sour Power 7.112/28/2016Rate 3.332714
Rocket Sun Rock 4.45/25/2015Rate 3.044413
Rocket Sunlicker (-2017) 5.47/4/2015Rate 3.35736
Rocket Supercluster Surfer 5.53/2/2017Rate 3.335115
Rocket Supernova 6.68/28/2014Rate 2.81226
Rocket Teater Tugt 5.26/27/2015Rate 3.27822
Rocket The Problem Solver 7.112/31/2014Rate 3.294233
Rocket Total Eclipse 8.58/28/2014Rate 3.6144103
Rocket Vanilla Eclipse 8.56/8/2015Rate 3.456
Rocket Weightless Monk 6.310/30/2015Rate 2.68314
Rocket Who Killed Pluto 6.08/6/2017Rate 3.165
Rocket Wooden Knuckles 3.912/22/2016Rate 3.272416
Rocket Yakuzanta 5.010/28/2015Rate 2.87323
Rocket Yuzu Tropicana 5.55/29/2015Rate 3.285610
Rocket Zaccharine 8.08/28/2014Rate 3.424343
Rocket Zaccharine Blackcurrant 8.012/12/2014Rate 2.911
Rocket Zaccharine Bourbon BA Edition 8.08/28/2014Rate 3.525439
Rocket Zero Gravity 7.110/12/2014Rate 3.2435122
Rocket Zero Gravity Borefts Ed. 6.78/28/2014Rate 2.88627
Rocket Zero Gravity Pine Edition 7.15/29/2015Rate 3.35539
Rocket Zuur 6.09/20/2017Rate 3.191

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