Anacortes #666 -2/24/2008Rate 3.031
Anacortes / Big Time / Diamond Knot Broken Mirror -3/29/2015Rate 2.861
Anacortes 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA 9.98/30/2014Rate 2.752
Anacortes Amber 5.07/17/2000Rate 2.873519
Anacortes American Wheat 5.97/17/2000Rate 3.071
Anacortes Aviator Doppelbock 7.56/16/2003Rate 2.813
Anacortes Belgian Ale 107/17/2000Rate 3.122210
Anacortes Belgian Sour Blonde 4.88/30/2014Rate 2.931
Anacortes Black IPA -9/7/2010Rate 0
Anacortes Bourbon Barrel Sour Dubbel 7.82/16/2013Rate 3.224
Anacortes Broadsword Scotch Ale 8.38/6/2005Rate 3.217211
Anacortes Broadsword Scotch Ale - Bourbon Barrel -4/3/2008Rate 3.265
Anacortes Broken Link Saison 6.75/14/2015Rate 3.171
Anacortes Brown Ale 4.25/26/2011Rate 2.811
Anacortes Ca Plain Pour Moi 5.47/3/2014Rate 2.892
Anacortes Ca Plane Pour Moi 5.42/3/2014Rate 2.93
Anacortes Cabernet Barrel Sour Dubbel 7.84/20/2013Rate 2.911
Anacortes Coconut Porter -4/14/2017Rate 2.681
Anacortes Creamsicle Ale -2/8/2010Rate 2.691
Anacortes Dark Water Dubbel -1/26/2011Rate 2.952
Anacortes Darkside Imperial IPA 8.53/20/2009Rate 3.323715
Anacortes Doppelbock 7.57/17/2000Rate 3.066
Anacortes Dunkelweizen -12/11/2002Rate 2.771
Anacortes Eau Sombre 8.55/10/2009Rate 2.791
Anacortes ESB 5.57/13/2005Rate 3.287311
Anacortes Especial Red Ale 4.211/21/2005Rate 3.016
Anacortes Espresso Stout -11/2/2007Rate 2.613
Anacortes Fresh Hop IPA 6.22/15/2008Rate 3.213
Anacortes Golden Lizard Belgian Wit 4.510/22/2006Rate 2.822
Anacortes Grand Cru -8/6/2005Rate 2.691
Anacortes Halloweizen 5.010/20/2010Rate 2.985
Anacortes Hefeweizen 4.612/10/2003Rate 3.269223
Anacortes Helles Festival Lager 4.89/14/2007Rate 3.159610
Anacortes Highway to Helles -1/24/2016Rate 2.771
Anacortes Honey Cream Ale 6.211/2/2007Rate 2.854611
Anacortes Imperial Amber -7/16/2006Rate 33
Anacortes Imperial Flanders 9.09/14/2014Rate 2.931
Anacortes Imperial Fresh Hop Rye Pale Ale -11/26/2009Rate 3.023
Anacortes IPA 6.17/17/2000Rate 3.477262
Anacortes Klosterbier 5.31/30/2005Rate 3.258312
Anacortes Locomotive Breath Imperial Stout 8.512/5/2003Rate 3.41239
Anacortes Locomotive Breath Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel -12/9/2011Rate 3.032
Anacortes Mai Oh Maibock 6.57/24/2000Rate 3.038
Anacortes Marzen 6.01/30/2005Rate 3.083
Anacortes Ned Flanders 4.82/3/2014Rate 2.993
Anacortes Noel Lager 5.57/24/2000Rate 2.915
Anacortes Noel Winter Ale 7.011/21/2005Rate 3.047
Anacortes Oak Aged Sour 9.14/14/2009Rate 3.198
Anacortes Oatmeal Stout 5.81/30/2012Rate 3.158
Anacortes Oktoberfest 5.57/24/2000Rate 2.863810
Anacortes Old Sebastes Barleywine 9.912/10/2003Rate 3.617536
Anacortes Pale Ale -2/16/2009Rate 2.843
Anacortes Pale Ale - Bourbon Barrel -2/1/2009Rate 3.111
Anacortes Peppercorn Saison 3.510/22/2011Rate 2.85
Anacortes Pilsner 5.07/17/2000Rate 2.664026
Anacortes Porter 4.67/17/2000Rate 3.274835
Anacortes Porter - Bourbon Barrel -9/15/2014Rate 2.661
Anacortes Rain Shadow CDA 7.04/14/2017Rate 3.061
Anacortes Raspberry Roulette Sour 4.12/23/2015Rate 2.852
Anacortes Red Ale 4.29/20/2008Rate 2.837
Anacortes Red Ale - Bourbon Barrel -12/3/2009Rate 3.054
Anacortes Scarlet Letter 6.64/19/2016Rate 31
Anacortes Solstice Sour 3.512/31/2016Rate 2.751
Anacortes Stout 6.27/17/2000Rate 3.076
Anacortes Tin Tin and the Secret of the Unicorn 7.66/6/2014Rate 2.91
Anacortes Toby's Red Parrot Ale 4.52/19/2014Rate 3.14
Anacortes Tripel Vision 9.912/15/2008Rate 3.217
Anacortes Tulip Festival Brown Ale -5/18/2010Rate 3.073
Anacortes Vienna 5.57/24/2000Rate 2.785015
Anacortes Yippie Rye PA 5.38/30/2014Rate 3.213

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