Royal Oak 22nd Anniversary Imperial Czech Pilsner 9.312/9/2017Rate 3.021
Royal Oak 4th Street Wheat 4.84/13/2002Rate 2.995516
Royal Oak 90 Schilling 9.012/22/2011Rate 3.214
Royal Oak Abbey Normal -12/23/2012Rate 2.941
Royal Oak Anniversary Ale 9.09/13/2004Rate 3.59
Royal Oak Barrel Aged Brett Pale Ale -7/19/2016Rate 3.151
Royal Oak Belgian Holiday Ale 9.01/21/2004Rate 3.071
Royal Oak Black IPA -3/3/2011Rate 3.012
Royal Oak Brewhouse ESB 5.42/23/2003Rate 3.177424
Royal Oak Brune's Bane Belgian Brown 6.012/3/2013Rate 2.831
Royal Oak Cherry Saison 6.012/3/2013Rate 2.81
Royal Oak Chocolate Eclair Porter 7.511/30/2012Rate 2.911
Royal Oak Coconut Porter -1/26/2013Rate 2.931
Royal Oak Devils Blood -8/3/2014Rate 2.861
Royal Oak Double Cream Porter -10/2/2012Rate 2.791
Royal Oak Dubbel Trouble -5/8/2006Rate 2.495
Royal Oak Enfers Belgian Strong Ale 102/26/2007Rate 3.162
Royal Oak English Butler French Chef 5.112/11/2015Rate 2.961
Royal Oak EuphoriAle Barley Wine 10.511/3/2003Rate 3.686614
Royal Oak Frostbrite 6.54/18/2014Rate 2.861
Royal Oak Grand Trunk Steam Beer -8/3/2014Rate 2.863
Royal Oak Green Manalishi Double IPA -10/20/2013Rate 2.931
Royal Oak Hoppy Holidays 6.512/22/2011Rate 2.841
Royal Oak India Ink 6.58/29/2011Rate 2.952
Royal Oak Irish Stout -4/13/2002Rate 3.092010
Royal Oak Jack Daniel's Double Cream Stout 7.21/20/2015Rate 2.841
Royal Oak Krueger Alt 6.02/24/2003Rate 3.28
Royal Oak Mackinac Island Fudge Porter 6.012/9/2018Rate 3.151
Royal Oak Northern Light 4.24/13/2002Rate 2.51417
Royal Oak O'Rita's Imperial Irish Amber Anniversary Ale -12/16/2010Rate 3.113
Royal Oak Oktoberfest 5.411/3/2003Rate 2.812
Royal Oak Old Joe's Barroom Stout 6.412/9/2016Rate 3.041
Royal Oak Owd Roger Old Ale 8.51/7/2006Rate 2.974
Royal Oak Pappy's Porch Sippin' Porter 6.04/13/2002Rate 3.142928
Royal Oak Pleazures IPA -4/13/2002Rate 3.092332
Royal Oak Pumpkin Spice Ale 6.011/8/2016Rate 31
Royal Oak Pyrite 4.02/11/2017Rate 3.021
Royal Oak Red -4/13/2002Rate 34525
Royal Oak Regal Beagle Tripel -10/2/2012Rate 2.771
Royal Oak Royal Pride IPA 6.57/15/2008Rate 3.294714
Royal Oak Shame on the Moon -10/26/2014Rate 2.841
Royal Oak Shillelagh stout -5/20/2006Rate 2.72
Royal Oak Show Me What You Got 7.38/9/2017Rate 3.061
Royal Oak Snowdrift Winter Warmer 7.62/11/2017Rate 2.831
Royal Oak Sticke Alt -7/2/2005Rate 3.193
Royal Oak Suicide Blonde 9.07/16/2008Rate 3.025
Royal Oak Summer Wit -7/27/2003Rate 3.499816
Royal Oak The Gambler's Blues -12/11/2015Rate 3.041
Royal Oak Total Eclipse of the Lager 6.27/19/2016Rate 3.091
Royal Oak Vidal Saison 6.012/3/2013Rate 2.853
Royal Oak Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Cream Porter -12/23/2012Rate 2.951
Royal Oak Whiskey Barrel Imperial Stout 1112/21/2013Rate 2.92
Royal Oak Winter Solstice 6.512/23/2012Rate 2.92

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