Salcombe Brewery Co.

Salcombe Brewery, Estuary View, Ledstone Cross, Kingsbridge, Devon, England TQ7 4BL
Associated place: Salcombe Brewery
Salcombe Brewery Co. has stunning views towards the Salcombe Ria. The innovative new brewery is a unique concept situated above a decommissioned water reservoir, utilising the natural ambient temperature of the underground facility, making the brewery as energy efficient as possible. Together with the surrounding nature and views towards Salcombe, it’s a great place for local and visiting customers to enjoy.
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Quercus Best Bitter 4.010/9/2012Rate 2.841
Quercus Coachmans 3.68/24/2008Rate 2.881
Quercus Devon Amber (alias) 3.85/13/2014
Quercus Harry's Ale 4.65/31/2012Rate 2.671
Quercus Natural Beauty 4.411/1/2010Rate 2.791
Quercus Origin 3.98/24/2008Rate 2.813113
Quercus Prospect 4.09/30/2007Rate 2.996116
Quercus QB 4.53/29/2008Rate 2.863
Quercus QPA 5.81/3/2008Rate 2.89711
Quercus Shingle Bay (alias) 4.23/29/2008
Quercus Spring Oak (2013) 4.44/30/2013Rate 2.81
Quercus Stormbrew 5.03/29/2008Rate 3.14319
Quercus Summer Oak 4.47/24/2015Rate 0
Quercus Sunstorm 4.88/11/2010Rate 2.835
Salcombe Devon Amber 3.87/4/2016Rate 2.974012
Salcombe Gold 4.210/9/2016Rate 2.958
Salcombe Island Street Porter 5.94/6/2019Rate 32
Salcombe Lifesaver 4.810/9/2016Rate 2.962910
Salcombe Pale Ale 4.65/29/2018Rate 2.932
Salcombe Rip Tide 4.911/16/2018Rate 2.973
Salcombe Seafood Coast 4.23/26/2017Rate 0
Salcombe Seahorse 4.44/30/2017Rate 3.098
Salcombe Shingle Bay 4.26/13/2017Rate 2.873331
Salcombe Storm Watch 4.011/14/2017Rate 3.052

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