CGC Super Gent 5.52/25/2004Rate 1.632
Kawaguchi Beer Garden Meister Bock -12/1/2004Rate 0
Sapporo -0°C 5.07/8/2015Rate 2.44
Sapporo 100% Malt 5.011/30/2012Rate 2.65479
Sapporo 7i Premium Gold 100% -6/19/2017Rate 2.943
Sapporo Aki no Honjuku 6.08/31/2015Rate 2.555
Sapporo Alt 5.09/16/2007Rate 2.961
Sapporo Baisen 5.07/27/2009Rate 2.752
Sapporo Baisen (2018-) 6.08/18/2018Rate 3.094
Sapporo Beer Fine 5.012/22/2011Rate 2.422
Sapporo Beer Surprise Shifuku no Fukami 5.510/15/2018Rate 3.034
Sapporo Beer Surprise Shifuku no Kire 6.08/1/2017Rate 2.576
Sapporo Beer Surprise Shifuku no Koku 6.51/17/2017Rate 2.814
Sapporo Beer Surprise Shifuku no Nigami 5.06/18/2016Rate 2.968
Sapporo Bitter & Sharp 6.05/24/2007Rate 2.042
Sapporo Black 4.31/10/2001Rate 3.144984
Sapporo Bräu 5.52/4/2007Rate 2.171
Sapporo Breweries Furano no Kaori 5.09/17/2017Rate 3.035
Sapporo Breweries Ice Lager 7 7.06/18/2012Rate 2.613
Sapporo Breweries Nihon no Irodori Premium Aki no Sachi 5.58/28/2012Rate 2.82
Sapporo Breweries Nihon No Irodori PREMIUM Natsu No Kaori 5.06/8/2012Rate 2.683
Sapporo Breweries Premium (alias) 5.512/1/2011
Sapporo Breweries Yebisu - Seasonal Brew (red) (alias) 5.512/25/2009
Sapporo Brown Belg 6.010/13/2015Rate 2.67
Sapporo Classic 5.01/10/2001Rate 2.58798
Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage 5.08/12/2013Rate 3.092
Sapporo Classic Haru no Kaori 5.05/3/2016Rate 2.972
Sapporo Classic Natsu no Soukai 5.57/10/2016Rate 2.921
Sapporo Cool Ruby 5.07/12/2004Rate 2.012
Sapporo Craft Label Hello! Weizen 5.03/7/2016Rate 2.686
Sapporo Craft Label Kankitsu Kaoru Pale Ale 5.57/1/2015Rate 2.926
Sapporo Craft Label Kaori Odoru Juggling IPA 6.06/19/2016Rate 2.823
Sapporo Craft Label Sawayaka ni Kaoru Wheat Ale 5.09/3/2015Rate 2.926
Sapporo Craft Label That's Hop Sorachi Ace 5.511/7/2016Rate 3.021
Sapporo Creamy White 5.011/6/2010Rate 2.414
Sapporo Crystal Belg 4.06/28/2016Rate 2.887
Sapporo Draft Beer Kuro (Black) Label 5.09/3/2015Rate 2.679313
Sapporo Draft Beer Kuro Label Extra Brew 5.54/13/2016Rate 2.668
Sapporo Draft One 5.02/22/2004Rate 2.034323
Sapporo Draft One Sharp and Clear 5.04/2/2012Rate 2.357
Sapporo Edel Pils 5.010/1/2005Rate 3.077725
Sapporo European Tradition Dortmunder 6.07/1/2015Rate 2.778
Sapporo European Tradition Munchner Dunkel 5.51/15/2015Rate 3.047
Sapporo European Tradition Vienna 5.510/12/2015Rate 3.078
Sapporo Five Star 5.55/11/2010Rate 2.738
Sapporo Furano No Aki - Maroyaka Rich 5.07/16/2013Rate 2.73
Sapporo Fuumi Soukai Nishite 5.05/10/2013Rate 2.842
Sapporo Fuyu Monogatari 冬物語 2015-2016 6.01/4/2016Rate 2.795
Sapporo Gensen Umakuchi 5.03/29/2012Rate 2.691
Sapporo Ginza Brown 5.56/13/2014Rate 0
Sapporo Ginza Lion Beer Hall Special 5.512/21/2018Rate 3.042
Sapporo Ginza Lion Premium 5.511/1/2010Rate 2.776
Sapporo Ginza Lion Special 5.51/7/2018Rate 3.112
Sapporo Goku Zero 4.05/2/2013Rate 2.094712
Sapporo Goku Zero Soukai Zero 2.52/23/2018Rate 2.641
Sapporo Gold Belg 6.06/24/2015Rate 2.747
Sapporo Grand Bitter 5.09/4/2015Rate 0
Sapporo Green Aroma 4.03/13/2015Rate 2.158
Sapporo Hatake 130 5.59/1/2006Rate 2.811
Sapporo Hokkaido 5.51/10/2001Rate 2.64
Sapporo Hokkaido Namashibori 5.52/27/2016Rate 2.552
Sapporo Hokkaido Premium 5.011/13/2012Rate 2.56939
Sapporo Hop Batake no Kaori 5.06/10/2011Rate 2.592
Sapporo Hopsession 4.57/8/2017Rate 2.921
Sapporo Hyakunen Bakuga 5.011/16/2012Rate 2.46899
Sapporo Hyakunin no Kiseki Miwaku no Ougon Ale 7.05/29/2015Rate 2.745
Sapporo Hyakunin No Kiseki Shifuku No Brown Ale 7.06/9/2014Rate 2.81711
Sapporo imported (alias) 5.010/1/2011
Sapporo Innovative Brewer Beer Cello 5.54/22/2018Rate 2.975
Sapporo Innovative Brewer Gourmet Beer 5.07/19/2018Rate 3.023
Sapporo Innovative Brewer That's Hop Nelson Sauvin no Shinzui 5.010/3/2017Rate 3.187
Sapporo Innovative Brewer That's Hop Polaris & Apollo no Maho 6.04/22/2018Rate 3.185
Sapporo Innovative Brewer That's Hop Zetsumyo no Mosaic & Citra 4.510/3/2017Rate 3.113310
Sapporo Kaitakushi Beer 5.09/18/2007Rate 2.623216
Sapporo Kanpai Ale 5.58/3/2016Rate 2.65148
Sapporo Kaori Brown 5.09/4/2015Rate 0
Sapporo Kaori no Goku Zero 6.02/26/2016Rate 2.294
Sapporo Kaoru Hoppu 5.06/7/2013Rate 0
Sapporo Kin no Off 4.04/1/2012Rate 2.543
Sapporo Kiritto Special Brew 5.55/22/2002Rate 2.593
Sapporo Kuradashi Draft Beer 4.52/10/2013Rate 2.597
Sapporo Kuro Label Hokkaido & Tohoku Selection 5.07/10/2016Rate 2.851
Sapporo Kuro Label Kuro (Black Label Black) 5.010/1/2017Rate 2.834
Sapporo Kuro Label The Hokkaido 5.07/10/2016Rate 2.921
Sapporo Lager Beer 5.01/15/2015Rate 2.828
Sapporo Lager's High 7.04/27/2015Rate 2.165
Sapporo Lager's High Hanayaka Hoppu 7.012/30/2015Rate 2.482
Sapporo Lager's High Hojun no Nodogoshi 7.010/7/2016Rate 2.633
Sapporo Level 9 Zeitaku Strong 9.05/25/2018Rate 2.334
Sapporo Light 3.964/10/2005Rate 1.912992
Sapporo Marugoto Kokusan 5.53/12/2014Rate 2.692
Sapporo Migaki Kölsch (Kölsch Style) 5.08/6/2015Rate 2.95
Sapporo Migaki Mugi 5.01/9/2013Rate 2.536
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu (2012-) 5.03/23/2012Rate 2.58810
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu (Barley and Hops) 5.02/27/2009Rate 2.398412
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Aka 5.04/2/2013Rate 2.718
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Aka Fest Style 6.010/11/2016Rate 2.824
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Aka Special 5.09/21/2015Rate 2.687
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Aki no Kaori Mugi 5.09/3/2016Rate 2.336
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Fuyu Komugi 6.011/17/2018Rate 2.871
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Irodori no Malt Session 5.012/3/2017Rate 2.851
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Kuro 5.011/9/2011Rate 2.983526
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Miwaku no Hop Session 4.56/3/2017Rate 2.845
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Natsuzora Hop Session 5.06/8/2017Rate 2.871
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu Platinum Clear 5.06/3/2016Rate 2.534
Sapporo Mugi To Hoppu The gold 5.012/17/2013Rate 2.448522
Sapporo Mugi To Hoppu The gold Extra Malt 5.03/1/2016Rate 2.616
Sapporo Mugi To Hoppu The gold Extra Rich 5.04/11/2017Rate 2.849711
Sapporo Mugi To Hoppu The gold Kaoru Koku 5.05/16/2015Rate 2.77
Sapporo Mugi to Hoppu The Gold Kaoru Natsu 5.06/8/2017Rate 0
Sapporo Mugi To Hoppu The gold Kinu no Koku 6.010/11/2015Rate 2.545
Sapporo Mugi To Hoppu The gold Koku no Kiwami 6.011/24/2015Rate 2.553
Sapporo Mugi To Hoppu Zeitaku Hatsudzumi 5.010/3/2013Rate 2.714
Sapporo Mugi To Tohoku Hop 5.07/16/2013Rate 2.952
Sapporo Namashibori 5.58/12/2002Rate 1.842418
Sapporo Next Style 5.04/11/2017Rate 2.777
Sapporo Nippon Lager 5.03/22/2014Rate 2.697
Sapporo Nippon Pils 6.012/7/2015Rate 2.96
Sapporo Organic 100 Pilsner type 5.010/25/2004Rate 2.621
Sapporo Organic 100-Vienna type 5.512/6/2004Rate 2.351
Sapporo Oyster Black (alias) 5.06/5/2016
Sapporo Peach Belg 5.01/5/2018Rate 2.673
Sapporo Plus -2/11/2018 U  0
Sapporo Prague Dunkel 5.53/25/2006Rate 2.961
Sapporo Premium Alcohol Free -6/27/2013 U  2.510
Sapporo Premium Beer / Draft Beer 4.96/10/2000Rate 2.25641773
Sapporo Premium Black Beer (alias) 5.06/24/2017
Sapporo Premium Dunkel -12/19/2010Rate 2.927
Sapporo Premium Lager 4.78/21/2009Rate 2.2159320
Sapporo Premium Pilsner (Late 2010 release) -12/19/2010Rate 3.36
Sapporo Premium Weizen -12/19/2010Rate 2.637
Sapporo Reijou 6.04/20/2005Rate 2.171
Sapporo Reisei Cool 5.09/14/2009Rate 2.591
Sapporo Reserve 5.27/10/2001Rate 2.532352
Sapporo Ruby Belg 4.011/21/2017Rate 3.065
Sapporo Seven 7.02/5/2002Rate 2.51
Sapporo Shirohonoka 5.07/13/2012Rate 2.915
Sapporo Shizuoka Bakushu 5.04/1/2015Rate 2.891
Sapporo Slims 3.07/18/2005Rate 1.981
Sapporo Soramoyou Hizashi no Pilsner (alias) 5.08/14/2015
Sapporo Soramoyou Nagareru Kumo no Weizen (alias) 5.08/14/2015
Sapporo Soramoyou Tsukiyo no Dunkel (alias) 5.58/14/2015
Sapporo Sozai Ippin 5.05/26/2014Rate 2.354
Sapporo Special Brew Reisei Karakuchi 5.51/10/2001Rate 2.573
Sapporo Super Clear -3/15/2004Rate 2.23
Sapporo Tarunama 5.51/10/2001Rate 2.373
Sapporo The Hokkaido 5.04/2/2013Rate 2.851
Sapporo The Winter's Tale 2014-2015 Limited Edition 5.511/5/2014Rate 2.741
Sapporo The Winter's Tale 25 Years 5.510/10/2012Rate 2.636
Sapporo The Winters Tale 5.510/4/2001Rate 2.094621
Sapporo The Winters Tale 2010-2011 Limited Edition 5.511/8/2010Rate 2.579416
Sapporo The Winters Tale 2013-2014 Limited Edition (alias) 5.58/12/2013
Sapporo Toko Natsu Ki Bun 5.05/2/2013Rate 2.325
Sapporo Tsuki no Kireina Yoru ni 5.51/22/2018Rate 2.921
Sapporo Viva Life! 5.012/22/2011Rate 2.561
Sapporo Wa no Ippin 5.56/8/2017Rate 2.913
Sapporo W-Dry 5.06/26/2007Rate 1.973
Sapporo White Belg 5.03/18/2014Rate 2.721438
Sapporo X Royce Chocolat Brewery Bitter 5.01/13/2010Rate 2.747
Sapporo X Royce Chocolat Brewery Sweet 5.01/30/2011Rate 2.64
Sapporo Yebisu 5.07/9/2000Rate 2.4931333
Sapporo Yebisu #126 6.06/25/2016Rate 2.978210
Sapporo Yebisu #127 6.08/1/2017Rate 3.075
Sapporo Yebisu Asuka Cruise 5.59/11/2010Rate 2.755
Sapporo Yebisu Black Beer 5.012/16/2003Rate 3.054290
Sapporo Yebisu Creamy Top Stout 5.010/14/2009Rate 3.022027
Sapporo Yebisu Crystal Amber 5.510/13/2015Rate 2.96759
Sapporo Yebisu Fukami Ajiwau Yebisu 6.011/5/2015Rate 3.056411
Sapporo Yebisu Fuyu no Koku 5.51/21/2016Rate 3.092
Sapporo Yebisu Hana Miyabi 5.53/5/2017Rate 3.038211
Sapporo Yebisu Joël Robuchon (Kaori Hanayagu 2013-15) 5.02/20/2013Rate 3.027823
Sapporo Yebisu Joël Robuchon Hanayagi no Jikan (2016) 5.02/8/2016Rate 2.936112
Sapporo Yebisu Joël Robuchon Kakubetsu no Kampai (2018) 5.01/25/2018Rate 3.042
Sapporo Yebisu Joël Robuchon Yoin no Jikan (2016) 5.52/8/2016Rate 3.249210
Sapporo Yebisu Kaoru Rouge 6.011/24/2018Rate 3.053
Sapporo Yebisu Kohaku 5.512/19/2006Rate 2.845441
Sapporo Yebisu Major Ale -10/14/2009Rate 2.72
Sapporo Yebisu Major Weiss -10/14/2009Rate 2.772
Sapporo Yebisu Meister 5.55/16/2016Rate 3.018114
Sapporo Yebisu Mellow Premium 6.04/20/2005Rate 2.816126
Sapporo Yebisu Natsu no Koku 7.07/4/2014Rate 3.136
Sapporo Yebisu Premium Black 5.06/7/2013Rate 3.054134
Sapporo Yebisu Premium Jyukusei 2009 (alias) 6.09/16/2009
Sapporo Yebisu Royal Selection 5.55/20/2014Rate 3.18522
Sapporo Yebisu Silk 5.53/8/2009Rate 2.543638
Sapporo Yebisu The Hop 5.54/5/2007Rate 2.654740
Sapporo Yebisu The Hop 2016 5.55/16/2016Rate 3.044
Sapporo Yebisu The Hop 2017 5.55/23/2017Rate 2.981
Sapporo Yebisu The Hop 2018 5.55/8/2018Rate 3.094
Sapporo Yebisu Wa no Houjun 5.011/17/2016Rate 3.023
Sapporo Yebisu Wa no Tsumugi 5.512/8/2017Rate 3.021
Sapporo Zeitaku Malt 5.59/16/2007Rate 2.351
Tengu Beer Brown 5.05/26/2012Rate 2.882
Sapporo Light (US Version) -7/16/2016Rate 2.753
Sapporo Premium Beer (alias) 5.04/24/2014
Sapporo Stone Warrior 5.012/7/2014Rate 33515

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