Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

Brewer rating: 96/100 393 ratings
2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd., Central Saanich, British Columbia, Canada V8M 1T7
Daily: 11 am to 4 pm

Associated place: Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

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Sea Cider Birds and the Bees 9.96/9/2016Rate 3.265
Sea Cider Bittersweet 7.25/22/2015Rate 3.327
Sea Cider Black Applejack 171/9/2015Rate 2.893
Sea Cider Bramble Bubbly 9.96/27/2014Rate 3.59716
Sea Cider Cyser 168/17/2008Rate 3.154511
Sea Cider Flagship 8.09/28/2007Rate 3.238214
Sea Cider Ginger Perry -11/26/2011Rate 3.214
Sea Cider Kings & Spies 8.07/21/2007Rate 3.569832
Sea Cider Perry 8.07/5/2009Rate 3.187
Sea Cider Pippins 7.49/9/2007Rate 3.479738
Sea Cider Pippins ’07 9.78/16/2008Rate 3.49510
Sea Cider Pippins ’08 9.511/21/2010Rate 3.254
Sea Cider Pommeau 1912/11/2007Rate 3.177419
Sea Cider Pomona 13.310/26/2006Rate 3.533427
Sea Cider Prohibition (alias) 125/11/2012
Sea Cider Ruby Rose 9.98/26/2014Rate 3.267
Sea Cider Rumrunner (2006 - Newfoundland Screech Rum) 1110/26/2006Rate 3.7410044
Sea Cider Rumrunner (2007 - Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey) 14.29/15/2008Rate 3.378
Sea Cider Rumrunner (2008 - Bourbon Barrel cured with Rum) 129/18/2011Rate 3.227
Sea Cider Rumrunner (2009+ Newfoundland Screech Rum) 12.55/11/2012Rate 3.7110076
Sea Cider Sassamanash 9.91/3/2017Rate 2.94
Sea Cider Wassail 146/2/2013Rate 3.659911
Sea Cider Wild English 7.510/26/2006Rate 3.589929
Sea Cider Witch’s Broom 9.91/15/2015Rate 34
Sea Cider Wolf in the Woods 9.91/23/2016Rate 3.096

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