Sea Dog Brewing (Shipyard Brewing Co.)

1 Main St, Topsham, Maine, USA 04401
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Seven days a week

Places associated: Sea Dog Microbrewery and Restaurant, Sea Dog Brewpub - Orlando

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Sea Dog #Hoppy IPA 6.312/8/2017Rate 2.981
Sea Dog (Old East) India Pale Ale 5.77/14/2000Rate 2.96518
Sea Dog Acai Hefeweizen 5.15/14/2016Rate 2.891
Sea Dog Apricot Wheat Beer 4.65/17/2006Rate 2.5120297
Sea Dog Bangor Pale Ale (alias) -8/10/2005
Sea Dog Biscut Malt Amber Ale 5.26/7/2000Rate 0
Sea Dog Black Irish Winter Stout 5.7510/23/2000Rate 3.396816
Sea Dog Blue Fin Stout (alias) 5.011/13/2006
Sea Dog Bluepaw Wild Blueberry (alias) 4.69/11/2014
Sea Dog Bob's Bittah 5.197/6/2018Rate 31
Sea Dog Brewer's Choice Friday the 13th Raspberry Chocolate Stout 5.22/14/2015Rate 3.014
Sea Dog Cabin Fever Winter Stock Ale (alias) -11/21/2002
Sea Dog Celtic Red Ale -1/3/2001Rate 2.873
Sea Dog Chocolate Stout 5.83/18/2016Rate 3.021
Sea Dog Cider -7/17/2000Rate 3.371
Sea Dog Deep Stowage 6.27/6/2018Rate 3.021
Sea Dog Golden Ale -7/21/2000Rate 2.895
Sea Dog Harvest Red Rye 6.011/13/2013Rate 2.861
Sea Dog Hefeweizen -7/14/2000Rate 3.087513
Sea Dog Hopified IPA 5.54/16/2015Rate 2.981
Sea Dog Imperial Stout 10.57/14/2012Rate 2.931
Sea Dog Invader Pale Ale 5.57/6/2018Rate 31
Sea Dog Lbv IPA 5.73/18/2016Rate 3.122
Sea Dog Long Hot Summer Wheat Beer 4.710/30/2004Rate 2.491191
Sea Dog May Day IPA 5.77/6/2018Rate 3.041
Sea Dog Oktoberfest Bavarian Lager 5.510/23/2000Rate 3.033
Sea Dog Old Baggywrinkle Extra Special Bitter -1/3/2001Rate 2.832
Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale 4.06/7/2000Rate 3.348244
Sea Dog Owls Head Light 3.27/4/2003Rate 2.599116
Sea Dog Penobscot Maine Pilsner -9/10/2000Rate 2.422
Sea Dog Pumpkin Ale 5.010/12/2004Rate 2.621694
Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale 4.55/24/2001Rate 2.6930315
Sea Dog Riverdriver Hazelnut Porter 5.66/7/2000Rate 3.2441405
Sea Dog Scottish Ale 5.93/18/2016Rate 31
Sea Dog Shermans Dry Hopped Pale Ale -7/9/2001Rate 3.261
Sea Dog Slow Ur' Cinnamon Roll 6.01/5/2015Rate 2.841
Sea Dog Snickerdoodle Porter 7.710/22/2015Rate 3.021
Sea Dog Stout 4.56/24/2017Rate 3.094
Sea Dog Summer Ale -7/4/2003Rate 2.722429
Sea Dog Sunfish Wheat 4.67/14/2012Rate 3.025279
Sea Dog Super Secret Stout 7.512/8/2017Rate 3.041
Sea Dog Toasty Nut Porter -7/14/2000Rate 3.022016
Sea Dog Topsham Pale Ale 4.87/4/2003Rate 2.924320
Sea Dog Trick 'R Treater -9/12/2014Rate 3.122
Sea Dog Valentines Raspberry 5.33/18/2016Rate 2.871
Sea Dog Vanilla Porter 5.03/18/2016Rate 3.041
Sea Dog West Coast IPA 5.81/5/2015Rate 2.912
Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale 4.76/3/2000Rate 2.8843847
Sea Dog Windjammer Blonde Ale 4.86/7/2000Rate 3.076575
Sea Dog Winter Stock Ale 6.312/1/2000Rate 3.348830

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