Severn Vale (Combined Brewers)

(Not In Production)
Tortworth Business Park, Tortworth, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England GL12 8HQ
Commenced brewing in Summer 2005 at Lower Knapp Farm, Woodend Lane, Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire. In early 2014, Severn Vale Brewing Co and Cotswold Spring Brewing Co joined forces to form Combined Brewers Ltd but both breweries retained their respective beer brands. Moved to a new, joint location in Summer 2015 using shared equipment purchased mainly from Salopian Brewery. Closed in 2016.
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Severn Vale Blake's Severn 5.29/10/2010Rate 2.712
Severn Vale Dance of the Severn Vale 4.55/30/2007Rate 2.956
Severn Vale Dursley Steam Bitter 4.25/30/2007Rate 3.056822
Severn Vale Luverly Jub'lee 4.24/10/2012Rate 2.953
Severn Vale Monument Ale 4.52/26/2006Rate 3.35516
Severn Vale Nibley Ale 3.812/26/2013Rate 3.279315
Severn Vale Session 3.46/3/2008Rate 2.864
Severn Vale Severn Bells 4.48/28/2007Rate 2.921
Severn Vale Severn Nations 4.42/7/2010Rate 2.833
Severn Vale Severn Seas of Rye 3.86/29/2010Rate 3.118
Severn Vale Severn Sins 5.25/12/2007Rate 3.274617
Severn Vale Severn Springs 4.45/1/2009Rate 2.944
Severn Vale Severn Swans 4.712/16/2009Rate 2.94
Severn Vale Time Out 4.52/24/2006Rate 3.111
Severn Vale TSB 6.39/3/2014Rate 2.811
Severn Vale Vale Ale 3.89/20/2005Rate 3.069
Tivoli RC Landlord 3.87/2/2013Rate 2.811

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