Shepherd Neame

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 98/100 8620 ratings
17 Court Street, Faversham, Kent, England ME13 7AX
Shop: Mo-Fr 10am-4.30pm. Tours: By arrangement (
see website)

Places associated: Sun Inn (Shepherd Neame), Bishops Finger (Shepherd Neame), Mabel’s Tavern (Shepherd Neame), Freemason’s Arms (Shepherd Neame), Bear Inn (Shepherd Neame), Royal Standard (Shepherd Neame), Cask and Glass (Shepherd Neame), Eleanor Arms (Shepherd Neame), Lamb (Shepherd Neame), Jamaica Wine House (Shepherd Neame), Coastguard, White Horse Inn (Shepherd Neame), Tom Cribb (Shepherd Neame), Shepherd Neame Brewery, Betsey Trotwood (Shepherd Neame), Hastings Arms (Shepherd Neame), Olde Pumphouse (Shepherd Neame), Royal Sovereign (Shepherd Neame), Bath Arms (Shepherd Neame), Spanish Galleon (Shepherd Neame), Alma (Shepherd Neame), Market Inn (Shepherd Neame), Prince of Wales (Shepherd Neame), Princess of Prussia (Shepherd Neame), George Inn (Shepherd Neame), British Volunteer (Shepherd Neame), Shakespeare (Shepherd Neame), Cricketers (Shepherd Neame), Windsor Castle (Shepherd Neame), Castle Hotel (Shepherd Neame), Rose & Crown (Shepherd Neame), Bloomsbury Tavern (Shepherds Neame), Doctor Butler’s Head (Shepherd Neame), Cock & Woolpack (Shepherd Neame), Tap 12 Blues Bar, Old Ivy House (Shepherd Neame), Inn on the Lake, East India Arms (Shepherd Neame)
Founded 1698
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Fremlins Bitter
Brewed by/for AB InBev UK
3.512/15/2002Rate 2.965516
Asda Gentleman Jack
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
5.04/28/2003Rate 2.952977
Asda Gentleman James
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
5.09/26/2013Rate 3.044410
Asda Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
4.511/28/2007Rate 2.984963
Asda Mainbrace IPA
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
4.56/15/2013Rate 2.812255
Asda Rusty Rivet
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
4.79/25/2002Rate 2.747
Asda Whitechapel Porter
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
5.23/20/2003Rate 3.1327124
Chevallier Suffolk Blonde
Brewed by/for Aspall Cyder
5.21/27/2011Rate 2.725025
Outlier English Craft Lager (alias)
Brewed by/for Aspall Cyder
Samuel Adams Boston Lager (alias)
Brewed by/for Aspall Cyder
Holsten Export (UK Keg) 4.75/22/2004Rate 2.438213
Lidl Hatherwood Golden Goose (Shepherd Neame)
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
3.85/16/2017Rate 2.874
Lidl Hatherwood Ruby Rooster (Shepherd Neame)
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
3.85/21/2017Rate 2.784
Lidl Hatherwood Summer Daze (Shepherd Neame)
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
3.87/24/2017Rate 2.831
Lidl Hatherwood The Purple Panther (Shepherd Neame)
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
5.05/23/2017Rate 3.133
Lidl Hatherwood Total Legend
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
4.56/7/2017Rate 2.63129
Sainsbury’s London Porter
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
5.09/22/2010Rate 3.335296
Sainsbury’s Summer Ale
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
4.25/5/2012Rate 2.681032
Sainsbury’s Traditional Kentish Ale
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
4.59/22/2010Rate 2.8831103
Atticus Lager 4.87/1/2013Rate 2.646
Bishops Arms Premium House Ale (alias) 4.11/26/2007
Caseys Cream Ale 4.55/9/2004Rate 2.843110
Caseys Smooth Stout 4.73/6/2002Rate 2.483
Hurlimann Birell 0.87/9/2008Rate 2.391
Hurlimann Sternbrau Lager (Export Bier) 4.812/13/2000Rate 2.48343
Samuel Adams Blonde Ambition 4.57/13/2013Rate 2.924146
Shepherd Neame / Abbaye du Val-Dieu Abbaye Blonde 6.010/1/2014Rate 3.074523
Shepherd Neame / Amager Todd The Axe Man 5.511/12/2016Rate 3.45836
Shepherd Neame / Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale 5.23/21/2011Rate 3.399526
Shepherd Neame / Bend Brewing Uncle Sam’s Independence Ale 4.77/5/2009Rate 2.945810
Shepherd Neame / Central City Red Racer IPA 6.52/27/2013Rate 3.385534
Shepherd Neame / Cerveceria Fort English Style IPA 5.83/5/2015Rate 3.218230
Shepherd Neame / Fat Heads Yakima Sun 5.09/30/2011Rate 3.168225
Shepherd Neame / Firestone Walker Red Nectar Ale 5.09/13/2011Rate 3.066323
Shepherd Neame / Foglie d’Erba Hot Night at the Village 5.010/7/2016Rate 3.376327
Shepherd Neame / Fork & Brewer Low Blow 4.79/10/2015Rate 3.314621
Shepherd Neame / Goose Island Honkers Ale 4.24/7/2010Rate 3.026126
Shepherd Neame / Mateo & Bernabé Fermín Red Ale 5.82/27/2014Rate 3.095533
Shepherd Neame / No.18 Yard Hog Island 4.82/5/2017Rate 2.998
Shepherd Neame / Port Brewing Grumpys Pale Ale 5.011/3/2009Rate 3.519221
Shepherd Neame / Saint Louis Continental IPA 6.52/18/2017Rate 3.436426
Shepherd Neame / Samuel Adams Blonde Ambition (Bottle) (alias) 4.58/23/2016
Shepherd Neame / Samuel Adams Blonde Ambition (Cask) 5.510/23/2010Rate 3.28829
Shepherd Neame / Stone California Double IPA 7.03/27/2008Rate 4.1610029
Shepherd Neame / Svyturys Baltijos Red Ale 5.59/25/2012Rate 3.15234
Shepherd Neame / Terrapin Tree Hugger 5.09/9/2013Rate 3.177236
Shepherd Neame 1698 6.54/11/2004Rate 3.1849403
Shepherd Neame 1698 (Cask) 4.59/30/2003Rate 2.945
Shepherd Neame 1698 Celebration Ale 6.512/22/2000Rate 3.338345
Shepherd Neame 1698 Tercentenary Ale 10.58/10/2007Rate 3.429332
Shepherd Neame 19th Hole Ale (Bottle) 4.07/10/2011Rate 37
Shepherd Neame 4-4-2 (Cask) 4.05/14/2015Rate 2.898
Shepherd Neame 6 of the Best 6.010/7/2010Rate 3.236911
Shepherd Neame 70/- Ale 3.712/17/2009Rate 2.922
Shepherd Neame Ace Ale 3.86/21/2014Rate 2.842716
Shepherd Neame Amber Ale (Bottle) 3.81/20/2011Rate 2.771826
Shepherd Neame Amber Ale (Cask) 4.51/29/2010Rate 3.339822
Shepherd Neame Artesian Dark Ale 3.810/3/2014Rate 2.912250
Shepherd Neame Artesian Light Ale 3.810/4/2014Rate 2.54435
Shepherd Neame Autumn Blaze 4.011/1/2010Rate 2.924024
Shepherd Neame Beer Festival Special 4.47/23/2011Rate 2.71
Shepherd Neame Best Bitter 4.17/31/2000Rate 3.058323
Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger (3.5%) 3.57/21/2003Rate 2.616116
Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger (Cask) 5.012/21/2001Rate 3.1979139
Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger (Pasteurised) 5.49/20/2000Rate 3.2283877
Shepherd Neame Boadicea IPA 5.03/5/2015Rate 3.054726
Shepherd Neame Borough Brown 3.28/14/2001Rate 3.071
Shepherd Neame Brilliant Ale (Bottle) 5.67/11/2013Rate 3.0559146
Shepherd Neame Brilliant Ale (Cask) 4.08/19/2014Rate 35
Shepherd Neame Buccaneer 5.010/28/2011Rate 2.831
Shepherd Neame Burns Ale (Bottle) 3.81/21/2011Rate 2.995134
Shepherd Neame Burns Extra Special 4.52/11/2009Rate 2.661
Shepherd Neame Canterbury Jack (4.1%) 4.17/2/2003Rate 2.734
Shepherd Neame Canterbury Jack (Bottle) 4.03/25/2010Rate 2.9849102
Shepherd Neame Canterbury Jack (Cask) 3.57/6/2003Rate 2.944741
Shepherd Neame Canterbury Jack (Keg - export) 5.07/9/2008Rate 2.985724
Shepherd Neame Celebration Ale 4.06/4/2011Rate 2.843029
Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale 7.010/25/2007Rate 3.1646359
Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale (Cask) 5.012/17/2009Rate 3.238514
Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale 2000 - 2001 6.712/21/2001Rate 3.247318
Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale 2002 - 2005 6.011/17/2002Rate 3.14394
Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale 2006 5.511/14/2006Rate 2.871973
Shepherd Neame Christmas Cracker 3.912/22/2006Rate 2.921
Shepherd Neame Cinque Ale 4.110/19/2010Rate 3.18124
Shepherd Neame Classic IPA (Cask 6.1%) (alias) 6.18/17/2014
Shepherd Neame Cracker 4.512/27/2004Rate 33
Shepherd Neame Dambuster 4.410/31/2009Rate 3.098511
Shepherd Neame Diamond Roy’ale 3.86/9/2012Rate 2.783
Shepherd Neame Double Stout (3.8% - Bottle) 3.83/10/2011Rate 3.213962
Shepherd Neame Double Stout (5.2% - Bottle) 5.21/14/2013Rate 3.5692440
Shepherd Neame Double Stout (5.2% - Cask) 5.29/30/2012Rate 3.036
Shepherd Neame Double Stout (Cask) 4.03/29/2010Rate 3.237
Shepherd Neame Dragonfire 4.55/18/2008Rate 2.924360
Shepherd Neame Early Bird (Bottle) 4.512/22/2000Rate 2.9756138
Shepherd Neame Early Bird (Cask) 4.310/9/2001Rate 2.964768
Shepherd Neame East India Pale Ale 5.03/21/2011Rate 3.158119
Shepherd Neame Falkland Islands Commemorative Ale 1982 - 2012 5.47/10/2012Rate 2.842
Shepherd Neame Fuggles Kentish Ale 5.05/10/2005Rate 3.188127
Shepherd Neame Generation Ale 9.012/24/2011Rate 3.519643
Shepherd Neame Ghost 3.57/6/2009Rate 2.931
Shepherd Neame Golden Harvest 4.29/16/2009Rate 2.81
Shepherd Neame Goldings (Bottle) 4.712/22/2000Rate 3.0344170
Shepherd Neame Goldings (Cask) 4.76/30/2003Rate 2.8818
Shepherd Neame Goldings Summer Hop Ale 4.17/22/2013Rate 2.798
Shepherd Neame Gothic Ale 6.011/1/2012Rate 2.972
Shepherd Neame Great Expectations 4.06/7/2012Rate 2.831
Shepherd Neame Heart Warmer 4.26/7/2012Rate 2.791
Shepherd Neame Herald 4.512/6/2005Rate 2.72
Shepherd Neame Hog Island APA 4.82/23/2016Rate 3.073022
Shepherd Neame Holly Hop Ale 4.12/8/2013Rate 2.692
Shepherd Neame Hop Festival 4.59/30/2007Rate 3.093
Shepherd Neame India Pale Ale (Bottle) 6.18/27/2012Rate 3.1748367
Shepherd Neame India Pale Ale (Cask 4.5%) 4.52/22/2014Rate 2.93726
Shepherd Neame India Pale Ale (Cask 6.1%) 6.19/30/2012Rate 2.942438
Shepherd Neame Jacks American Pale Ale 5.010/28/2008Rate 2.91229
Shepherd Neame Kent’s Best (Cask) 4.111/3/2005Rate 2.995172
Shepherd Neame Kent’s Best (Pasteurised) 4.11/26/2007Rate 2.842942
Shepherd Neame Kentish Saison 4.510/12/2016Rate 2.883718
Shepherd Neame Kentish Strong Ale 5.27/12/2017Rate 2.961
Shepherd Neame Kentucky Bluebird 5.07/10/2010Rate 2.771
Shepherd Neame Late Red (Bottle) 4.512/22/2000Rate 3.1977195
Shepherd Neame Late Red (Cask) 4.59/17/2003Rate 3.218169
Shepherd Neame Light Ale 3.212/16/2005Rate 2.45
Shepherd Neame London Gold Rush 3.87/20/2012Rate 2.887
Shepherd Neame Magna Carta 1215 Ale 8.08/10/2015Rate 3.142
Shepherd Neame Mash Tun No.1 6.48/12/2014Rate 3.234013
Shepherd Neame Master Brew (Bottle & Can) 4.012/22/2000Rate 2.9137253
Shepherd Neame Master Brew (Cask) 3.78/9/2002Rate 2.9645119
Shepherd Neame Master Brew Mild 3.14/6/2004Rate 2.455
Shepherd Neame Master Brew XX / Smooth (Keg) 3.78/29/2011Rate 2.795
Shepherd Neame Master Brewer’s Choice IPA / Dad’s Delight 3.85/24/2013Rate 2.751432
Shepherd Neame Middleton to Windsor 4.04/29/2011Rate 2.791
Shepherd Neame Mild 3.56/3/2013Rate 2.953
Shepherd Neame Moshi’s Autumn Brew 4.512/31/2009Rate 2.811
Shepherd Neame New World Pale Ale 4.02/27/2013Rate 2.941730
Shepherd Neame No Logo Lager (alias) 4.51/15/2016
Shepherd Neame No Logo Pale Ale (alias) 4.09/21/2016
Shepherd Neame No.18 Yard Brewhouse Green Hop Ale 4.211/15/2015Rate 3.033
Shepherd Neame Old Faversham Dark Mild 3.57/24/2007Rate 2.893
Shepherd Neame Old Faversham Red 4.210/18/2013Rate 3.011
Shepherd Neame Old Smokey 4.25/19/2012Rate 2.871
Shepherd Neame Oliver Twist 15th Anniversary Golden Cascade 5.08/29/2008Rate 2.935310
Shepherd Neame Original Porter (Bottle) 4.87/31/2000Rate 3.366166
Shepherd Neame Original Porter (Cask) 4.85/12/2003Rate 3.214149
Shepherd Neame Oyster Stout 3.77/26/2008Rate 2.934
Shepherd Neame Queen Court Harvest Ale 4.59/7/2012Rate 2.835
Shepherd Neame Red Sails 3.99/25/2012Rate 2.974724
Shepherd Neame Red Sails Cherry Porter 4.06/23/2015Rate 3.153437
Shepherd Neame Roxy Lager 3.92/20/2014Rate 2.712
Shepherd Neame Royal Victorian Patriotic Bitter 4.210/29/2010Rate 2.911
Shepherd Neame Rudolph’s Reward (Bottle) 3.811/11/2010Rate 2.761650
Shepherd Neame Rudolph’s Reward (Cask) 3.712/19/2009Rate 2.934127
Shepherd Neame Spitfire (Bottle) 4.512/22/2000Rate 3.02591006
Shepherd Neame Spitfire (Cask) 4.26/10/2002Rate 3.1183202
Shepherd Neame Spitfire 3.5 % 3.511/26/2007Rate 2.65969
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Gold (Bottle) 4.311/11/2015Rate 35336
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Gold (Cask) 4.28/11/2015Rate 35136
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Lager 4.06/25/2016Rate 2.549011
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Super Strong 9.05/13/2017Rate 3.021
Shepherd Neame Spooks Ale (Bottle) 4.710/15/2011Rate 3.1772152
Shepherd Neame Spooks Ale (Cask) 4.710/20/2011Rate 3.054829
Shepherd Neame Stage Door Special 4.07/17/2004Rate 3.063
Shepherd Neame Steinbock Lager 3.310/2/2003Rate 2.073
Shepherd Neame Stout 4.51/10/2005Rate 2.642
Shepherd Neame Summer Sizzler (Bottle) 3.88/21/2011Rate 2.893421
Shepherd Neame Sun & Planet Steam Ale 6.01/24/2002Rate 3.226515
Shepherd Neame Tallymans Special Cask 4.510/3/2013Rate 2.92
Shepherd Neame Tapping The Admiral (Bottle) 3.810/21/2010Rate 2.62732
Shepherd Neame Tapping The Admiral (Cask) 4.511/23/2005Rate 2.736
Shepherd Neame The Coal’d One (alias) 3.93/29/2017
Shepherd Neame Tins’ Ale (Bottle) 4.011/24/2011Rate 2.792222
Shepherd Neame Tins’ Ale (Cask) 3.712/28/2007Rate 2.83428
Shepherd Neame Top Hat 4.812/31/2009Rate 2.862
Shepherd Neame Twinkle Toes 3.712/19/2006Rate 2.874
Shepherd Neame Underworld The World’s End Ale (alias) 3.64/29/2017
Shepherd Neame Underworld The World’s End Pilsner (alias) 4.04/29/2017
Shepherd Neame Up and Under Ale 4.03/7/2011Rate 2.67928
Shepherd Neame Warlocks Broth 4.011/6/2011Rate 2.883316
Shepherd Neame Whats Brewed Ale 6.89/30/2007Rate 3.084
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Black Oyster Stout 4.212/9/2014Rate 3.163317
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager 4.57/16/2013Rate 2.759684
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Organic Ale (Bottle) 4.52/9/2002Rate 2.8730324
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Organic Ale (Cask) 4.57/23/2006Rate 2.954953
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Pale Ale (Bottle) 4.07/22/2013Rate 2.8121100
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Pale Ale (Cask) 3.97/22/2013Rate 2.832472
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Red IPA 4.59/25/2016Rate 3.064936
Shepherd Neame Winter Hop Ale 7.011/20/2008Rate 3.195720
Shepherd Neame/ Sigtuna Brygghus Barley Wine (alias) 1010/31/2014
Shepherd Neame 4-4-2 (Bottle)
Brewed by/for Shepherd Neame
3.86/8/2010Rate 2.934233
Shepherd Neame Single Hopped Kentish Ale
Brewed by/for Tesco
4.511/13/2014Rate 2.781820
Oranjeboom Pilsener Lager (UK) 4.19/15/2000Rate 2.246825
Oranjeboom Premier Lager (3.5%) 3.59/23/2000Rate 2.084671

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