Shepherd Neame

Commercial Brewery
17 Court Street, Faversham, Kent, England ME13 7AX
Shop: Mo-Fr 10am-4.30pm. Tours: By arrangement (
see website)

Places associated: Sun Inn (Shepherd Neame), Bishops Finger (Shepherd Neame), Mabel’s Tavern (Shepherd Neame), Freemason’s Arms (Shepherd Neame), Bear Inn (Shepherd Neame), Royal Standard (Shepherd Neame), Cask and Glass (Shepherd Neame), Eleanor Arms (Shepherd Neame), Lamb (Shepherd Neame), Jamaica Wine House (Shepherd Neame), Coastguard, White Horse Inn (Shepherd Neame), Tom Cribb (Shepherd Neame), Shepherd Neame Brewery, Betsey Trotwood (Shepherd Neame), Hastings Arms (Shepherd Neame), Olde Pumphouse (Shepherd Neame), Royal Sovereign (Shepherd Neame), Bath Arms (Shepherd Neame), Spanish Galleon (Shepherd Neame), Alma (Shepherd Neame), Market Inn (Shepherd Neame), Prince of Wales (Shepherd Neame), Princess of Prussia (Shepherd Neame), George Inn (Shepherd Neame), British Volunteer (Shepherd Neame), Shakespeare (Shepherd Neame), Cricketers (Shepherd Neame), Windsor Castle (Shepherd Neame), Castle Hotel (Shepherd Neame), Rose & Crown (Shepherd Neame), Bloomsbury Tavern (Shepherds Neame), Doctor Butler’s Head (Shepherd Neame), Cock & Woolpack (Shepherd Neame), Old Ivy House (Shepherd Neame), Inn on the Lake, East India Arms (Shepherd Neame), Star Inn, Hoop & Grapes (Shepherd Neame)
Founded 1698
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