Short Fuse Brewing Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
5000 N. River Road, Schiller Park, Illinois, USA 60176
Mon: Closed
Tue-Thu: 11 am to 10 pm
Fri & Sat: 11 am to 11 pm
Sun. 11 am to 6 pm

Associated place: Short Fuse Brewing

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Short Fuse Arrogant Frenchman 5.97/31/2018Rate 3.193
Short Fuse Bear-ie White 4.44/28/2018Rate 3.046
Short Fuse Bee-23 8.07/30/2018Rate 3.253
Short Fuse Bee-33 114/28/2018Rate 3.256
Short Fuse Berliner Weisse 4.07/30/2018Rate 3.061
Short Fuse Black Cat IPA 6.77/11/2017Rate 3.243
Short Fuse Blue Juice Cannon 107/16/2019Rate 3.021
Short Fuse Bottle Rocket Belgian Style IPA 8.07/11/2017Rate 3.3499
Short Fuse Bourbon Barrel Aged Impending Doom 10.57/30/2018Rate 0
Short Fuse British Invasion IPA 7.57/10/2017Rate 3.135
Short Fuse Buckshot Wheat 6.27/11/2017Rate 3.033
Short Fuse Butternut Touch My Squash 6.18/1/2018Rate 0
Short Fuse Cherry Flanders 6.510/14/2018Rate 3.182
Short Fuse Citrus Bomb 6.97/30/2018Rate 3.061
Short Fuse Coffee Van Damme 6.54/28/2018Rate 3.264
Short Fuse Dark Realm with Banana 112/17/2019Rate 2.961
Short Fuse Dark Realm with Hazelnut and Vanilla 112/17/2019Rate 2.981
Short Fuse Flanders Red 6.57/31/2018Rate 3.021
Short Fuse For Goodness Shakes Apricot 7.53/11/2019Rate 0
Short Fuse For Goodness Shakes Mango 7.57/23/2019Rate 3.041
Short Fuse For Goodness Shakes Raspberry 7.59/23/2019Rate 2.771
Short Fuse For Goodness Shakes Strawberry 7.54/13/2019Rate 2.981
Short Fuse Fruit Punch Berliner 5.52/17/2019Rate 3.021
Short Fuse German Chocolate Cake Stout 6.55/7/2019Rate 3.091
Short Fuse Golden Shower 4.89/24/2017Rate 3.014
Short Fuse Grand Opening Ale 4.87/10/2017Rate 2.981
Short Fuse Hazardous Hefe 5.07/10/2017Rate 3.063
Short Fuse Hop Cycle (Cashmere vs Citra) 8.69/10/2019Rate 31
Short Fuse Imperial Stout of Impending Doom 10.59/24/2017Rate 3.442412
Short Fuse IPA Bomb 6.97/11/2017Rate 3.34314
Short Fuse Judgemint Day 9.09/24/2017Rate 3.164
Short Fuse Kiwi Margarita Gose 5.510/14/2018Rate 3.212
Short Fuse Lightest Beer We Have 4.82/17/2019Rate 31
Short Fuse Loosey Juicy 6.410/17/2017Rate 3.415911
Short Fuse Midnight Sour 6.87/30/2018Rate 0
Short Fuse More Loosey More Juicy 107/8/2018Rate 3.223
Short Fuse Operation Castle Bravo 6.011/8/2017Rate 2.941
Short Fuse Orange Cocoa Imperial Stout of Impending Doom 10.89/24/2017Rate 3.122
Short Fuse Pistol Whip Pils 5.29/24/2017Rate 3.13
Short Fuse Pomegranate Gose w/ Sea Salt and Lime Zest 5.57/30/2018Rate 3.225
Short Fuse Port Gruit 9.67/30/2018Rate 3.273
Short Fuse Pull The Pin Pale Ale 4.87/10/2017Rate 3.073
Short Fuse Purple Juice Cannon 9.84/21/2018Rate 3.187
Short Fuse Red Juice Cannon 9.87/30/2018Rate 3.021
Short Fuse Red Rocket Ale 5.67/11/2017Rate 0
Short Fuse Robert Paulson 7.752/17/2019Rate 2.961
Short Fuse Robert Paulson with Plums 7.752/17/2019Rate 2.981
Short Fuse Rye Bob 6.57/11/2017Rate 3.13
Short Fuse Steinbier 6.07/30/2018Rate 31
Short Fuse Sticky Bean 6.510/14/2018Rate 3.142
Short Fuse Sticky Bomb 6.87/11/2017Rate 3.315
Short Fuse Sticky Java 6.510/14/2018Rate 3.332
Short Fuse Sticky Nuts (alias) 6.52/23/2018
Short Fuse Strawberry Lemonade Berliner 5.52/16/2019Rate 3.021
Short Fuse Strong Bob 8.24/28/2018Rate 3.052
Short Fuse Wee Little Kilt 7.04/28/2018Rate 3.022
Short Fuse Wheat Of Mass Destruction 4.87/10/2017Rate 32

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