Christoffel Bock Dry Hopped Bramling Cross 7.89/28/2011Rate 3.367
Christoffel Dubbel Gehopt (alias) 6.09/4/2009
Christoffel Hautum Vast 6.88/9/2012Rate 3.138517
Christoffel Het Genadeschot 104/13/2013Rate 3.317014
Christoffel Nobel Dry Hopped with Bramling Cross 8.76/12/2010Rate 3.429684
Christoffel Robertus 6.08/20/2000Rate 3.1994385
Christoffel Taboe 6.512/26/2000Rate 2.525
Christoffel Vinter Ol (alias) 6.511/6/2005
Christoffel Werelds Winterbier 7.211/6/2005Rate 2.943526
Christoffel Wijs dry hopped with Bramling Cross 6.09/28/2011Rate 3.319343
Christoffel Wijs wet hopped with Spalt 6.09/26/2011Rate 3.096918
Christoffel Wijszer (alias) 6.04/17/2012
Christoffel Winterse Bok (alias) 7.810/8/2007
Christoffel XXV 10.259/13/2011Rate 3.454749
Christoffel Bier 5.411/3/2000Rate 3.5299662
Christoffel Bock 7.810/11/2005Rate 3.3671291
Christoffel Lentebier 6.04/4/2017Rate 2.964
Christoffel Nobel X 8.712/14/2008Rate 3.4697363
Christoffel Tripel 8.55/4/2018Rate 3.184
Christoffel Weissen IPA 6.56/22/2014Rate 3.374997
Christoffel Wijs 6.011/26/2009Rate 3.1368110
Sint Christoffel Blond (alias) 5.410/13/2015

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