Six Row Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
3690 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis, Missouri, USA 63108
Out of Business

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Six Row 105.7 The Point Twenty First Birthday Brew 5.05/19/2014Rate 2.84
Six Row Ambreé 4.01/11/2013Rate 3.016
Six Row Arch Nemesis Midnight Imperial Black IPA 8.55/11/2014Rate 3.363913
Six Row Arch Nemesis Series: Anise Midnight 8.511/28/2014Rate 3.25
Six Row Bacon Porter 5.06/3/2011Rate 2.861
Six Row Baleine 6.47/29/2012Rate 3.013
Six Row Baltic Porter 8.012/8/2014Rate 2.861
Six Row Barrel Aged Sour Double IPA -5/23/2013Rate 2.862
Six Row Bases Loaded Hefeweizen 5.010/15/2014Rate 2.81
Six Row Belgian Double IPA -12/5/2011Rate 32
Six Row Belgian Dubbel -1/15/2011Rate 3.126
Six Row Belgian Tripel 8.712/24/2012Rate 35
Six Row Bourbon Oak Export Stout 4.473/3/2011Rate 3.013
Six Row Brown Ale 5.011/23/2011Rate 2.861
Six Row Buffalo Killer 9.010/8/2012Rate 3.222516
Six Row Centennial Rye 6.53/24/2011Rate 3.158
Six Row Chinook IPA 6.06/6/2015Rate 3.041
Six Row Chocolate Vanilla Porter 5.511/2/2012Rate 3.012
Six Row Classic American Pilsner 5.76/20/2013Rate 2.811
Six Row Cocoa Porter 5.05/18/2011Rate 2.871
Six Row Cream Ale 5.15/16/2011Rate 2.644
Six Row Double IPA 8.47/27/2010Rate 3.566163
Six Row Dunkelweizen -9/21/2010Rate 3.068
Six Row ESB 4.512/24/2009Rate 2.963611
Six Row Extra Pale Ale 6.012/24/2009Rate 3.033411
Six Row First Crack 8.012/8/2014Rate 2.963
Six Row Foreign Extra Stout 5.93/21/2011Rate 3.053
Six Row Fraise Cassee 7.04/17/2015Rate 3.185
Six Row Fresh Hop Black IPA 8.010/9/2010Rate 3.257
Six Row Heritage Festival Hefeweizen 5.07/17/2010Rate 3.193
Six Row Honey Weizen 4.712/24/2009Rate 3.147721
Six Row Hop Harvest Amber 4.610/26/2012Rate 2.92
Six Row Killer Whale 9.012/5/2011Rate 3.08129
Six Row Kölsch 4.112/24/2009Rate 3.14929
Six Row Marisas IPA -11/24/2015Rate 31
Six Row Oktoberfest 5.510/21/2012Rate 2.741
Six Row Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pale 4.51/27/2015Rate 2.93
Six Row Peppercorn Double IPA -5/15/2012Rate 0
Six Row Pillager Pilsner 5.05/20/2014Rate 2.943
Six Row Plant No. 1 Pre-Prohibition Pilsner 5.09/30/2011Rate 2.824
Six Row Porter 4.912/24/2009Rate 3.24145
Six Row Prince in Exile Russian Imperial Stout 103/19/2013Rate 2.871
Six Row Punktoberfest -8/25/2013Rate 3.056
Six Row Raspberry Sour Stout 5.912/8/2014Rate 3.433
Six Row Raspberry Wheat -11/24/2015Rate 31
Six Row Red Eye (alias) 5.53/11/2013
Six Row Russian Imperial Stout 1012/24/2012Rate 2.944
Six Row Seasoned Centennial Rye 6.57/30/2012Rate 2.861
Six Row Smoke Ale 6.59/22/2011Rate 2.811
Six Row Sour Mild 4.08/2/2011Rate 2.861
Six Row Strawberry Honey Weizen -5/14/2013Rate 2.862
Six Row Sunshine Slow Down 5.05/11/2014Rate 2.946310
Six Row Sweetmeat’s KSHE-95 Real Rock Ale (alias) 5.511/23/2012
Six Row Sweetmeat’s Red Snout IPA 5.53/15/2013Rate 3.021410
Six Row Triple Red 125/19/2011Rate 2.871
Six Row Vanilla Bean Porter 6.05/1/2011Rate 3.173717
Six Row Wee Heavy 7.74/24/2010Rate 2.973
Six Row Wet Hop Galena Sour Double IPA 8.511/28/2013Rate 2.841
Six Row Whale 5.512/24/2009Rate 3.128348
Six Row Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter 6.03/26/2012Rate 3.113314

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