Skinners A Pint of Two Halves 4.36/25/2010Rate 2.872
Skinners Best Bitter 3.79/4/2005Rate 3.078416
Skinners Betty Stogs (Bottle) 4.08/28/2002Rate 3.1891139
Skinners Betty Stogs (Cask) 4.05/4/2002Rate 3.1181130
Skinners Betty's Brazilian 4.06/2/2014Rate 2.842
Skinners Betty's New Year Resolution 5.53/18/2012Rate 2.811
Skinners Bettys Big Sister 5.311/23/2009Rate 3.15913
Skinners Bishop Bills Truro Brew 4.81/7/2003Rate 3.082
Skinners Cable Station Inn Cornish Pale Ale (alias) 4.08/4/2018
Skinners Christmas Fairy 3.912/18/2005Rate 3.027718
Skinners Coastliner 3.49/5/2003Rate 34
Skinners Cornish Blonde 5.03/18/2002Rate 3.036147
Skinners Cornish Copper 3.61/25/2016Rate 3.16
Skinners Cornish Knocker Ale 4.51/18/2002Rate 3.0762179
Skinners Cornish Lager 5.58/13/2007Rate 2.722513
Skinners Cornish Pirates Ale 4.210/3/2008Rate 2.795
Skinners Cornish Scream 4.310/31/2011Rate 2.912
Skinners Cornish Spring Tide 3.66/5/2009Rate 2.872
Skinners Cornish Storm 5.02/16/2006Rate 2.845
Skinners Cornish Trawler 3.83/15/2012Rate 3.086827
Skinners Davy Jones Knocker 5.07/10/2005Rate 3.083
Skinners Figgys Brew 4.55/5/2002Rate 3.027427
Skinners Ginger Tosser 3.87/10/2008Rate 3.118432
Skinners Green Hop 4.24/5/2011Rate 2.743
Skinners GTA 3.810/29/2017Rate 2.961
Skinners Hazy Mango Pale 6.011/4/2018Rate 2.961
Skinners Heligan Honey (alias) 4.07/6/2016
Skinners Hops 'N' Honey 4.03/9/2002Rate 3.0464111
Skinners Hunny Bunny 4.54/10/2006Rate 2.996
Skinners Hunny Trap 3.84/26/2009Rate 2.843
Skinners Ice Blonde 5.08/17/2005Rate 2.491023
Skinners Jingle Knockers 5.51/26/2002Rate 3.064755
Skinners Kate Loves Willy 4.34/24/2011Rate 2.972
Skinners Keel Over 4.21/27/2003Rate 3.037642
Skinners Kernow King 4.39/9/2012Rate 2.72
Skinners King Ruan 4.21/16/2005Rate 2.391
Skinners Kiss Me Harder 4.59/15/2012Rate 0
Skinners Lighter Fuel 4.27/20/2010Rate 2.862
Skinners Lights Out 5.03/13/2002Rate 2.333
Skinners Lushingtons 4.25/23/2013Rate 3.168153
Skinners Mazey Ale 4.38/5/2000Rate 3.111
Skinners Mousehole Moonshine 4.33/21/2011Rate 2.965418
Skinners Old Millhouse (alias) 4.26/8/2014
Skinners Penny Come Quick 4.512/6/2003Rate 3.254224
Skinners Porthleven 4.85/25/2011Rate 3.096660
Skinners Riggin' Ale 4.53/18/2012Rate 2.894015
Skinners River Cottage EPA 4.01/26/2014Rate 3.127439
Skinners Royal Wave 4.45/28/2012Rate 2.771
Skinners Sennen 3.82/27/2013Rate 2.975519
Skinners Seven Hop 5.03/23/2015Rate 3.072
Skinners Skindog 4.42/25/2011Rate 2.752210
Skinners Slovenian Dragon 6.07/29/2018Rate 31
Skinners Splendid Tackle 4.23/1/2009Rate 2.893710
Skinners Spriggan Ale 3.87/16/2003Rate 3.18139
Skinners St. Piran's Ale 4.68/5/2000Rate 2.894328
Skinners Summer Blonde (alias) 5.08/29/2005
Skinners The All Blondes 5.09/16/2015Rate 3.126
Skinners Press Gang Cornish Cider 4.88/23/2010Rate 2.944

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