Slanted Rock Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
2374 East Cinema Drive #100, Meridian, Idaho, USA 83642
Tues thru Thur: 4 to 9 pm
Fri: 2 to 10 pm
Sat 12 noon to 10 pm

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Slanted Rock Meridian Fresh Hop Pale Ale 6.012/30/2014Rate 2.733
Slanted Rock After Midnight Imperial Stout 8.211/22/2013Rate 3.523510
Slanted Rock Afternoon Delight Kölsch 5.29/30/2012Rate 3.198911
Slanted Rock Blackberry Sweet Cream Ale 4.83/25/2016Rate 3.112
Slanted Rock Black-Eye Rye 8.49/12/2015Rate 3.273
Slanted Rock Blood Orange IPA 7.110/28/2017Rate 3.162
Slanted Rock Blueberry Kölsch 4.910/28/2017Rate 3.022
Slanted Rock Coconut Key Lime Cream Ale -6/24/2017Rate 3.061
Slanted Rock Cordial Tease 6.82/3/2016Rate 3.072
Slanted Rock Cucumber Kolsch 5.26/12/2016Rate 3.267
Slanted Rock Darker After Midnight Imperial Stout 10.43/3/2015Rate 3.215
Slanted Rock DNT Scotch Ale 8.011/1/2013Rate 3.041510
Slanted Rock Farmers Daughter 8.77/27/2017Rate 3.097
Slanted Rock Initial Point IPA 7.19/30/2012Rate 3.23016
Slanted Rock Iron Butt Red Ale 5.89/30/2012Rate 3.238120
Slanted Rock Just Sayin' English Brown 4.88/28/2014Rate 3.164
Slanted Rock Kahootz Slap Happy 6.98/23/2013Rate 3.134
Slanted Rock Oktoberfest 4.810/26/2013Rate 3.184
Slanted Rock Pahoehoe Pale Ale 5.19/11/2017Rate 2.912
Slanted Rock Panty Hose Porter 8.412/7/2013Rate 3.386
Slanted Rock Pantyhose Vanilla Imperial Porter 9.910/28/2015Rate 3.274
Slanted Rock Pumpkin Ale 4.810/11/2014Rate 3.164
Slanted Rock Rudolph's Running Nose 5.812/17/2015Rate 3.092
Slanted Rock Señor Jalapeacho 4.511/21/2016Rate 3.065
Slanted Rock Silhouette Dark Ale 6.29/30/2012Rate 3.248219
Slanted Rock Silhouette Dark Ale - Toasted Coconut 6.24/7/2017Rate 3.52979
Slanted Rock Slow Ryed Rye 5.111/1/2013Rate 2.932
Slanted Rock Sweet Creme Ale 5.110/28/2015Rate 3.153
Slanted Rock Sweet Potato Stout 6.32/3/2017Rate 3.047
Slanted Rock Tomahawk Dunkel 5.210/19/2017Rate 32
Slanted Rock Vanilla Imperial IPA 9.012/9/2016Rate 3.072
Slanted Rock White Lace Honey Blonde 4.85/2/2014Rate 3.023
Slanted Rock Worth the Squeeze Belgian Wit 6.711/1/2013Rate 3.073

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