Sly Fox Brewing Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 99/100 7583 ratings
Pottstown and Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA 19460
Mon-Thu:11:30am-11:00pm / Fri-Sat:11:30am-Midnight / Sun:Noon-11:00pm

Places associated: Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery, Sly Fox Brewery & Tastin’ Room

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Mikkeller Better Half
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
6.93/16/2014Rate 3.4467234
Mikkeller Keeper American Pilsner
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
5.03/22/2014Rate 3.4366224
Mikkeller Mosaic Black IPA
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
6.912/9/2015Rate 3.6892106
Mikkeller Simcoe Hopped India Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
7.34/24/2015Rate 3.426033
Mikkeller Sky-High Blue Skies APA
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
5.55/28/2015Rate 3.184330
Mikkeller Sky-High Red
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
5.011/27/2014Rate 3.169350
Mikkeller Sky-High Wit
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
5.09/30/2014Rate 3.39049
Mikkeller The Cloud Hopper
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
5.012/27/2015Rate 3.316171
Mikkeller Wit Fit
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
6.22/11/2015Rate 3.449783
Royersford Serious Ale -10/3/2008Rate 2.872
Boathouse Anniversary Wheat 4.87/16/2005Rate 3.146
Brotherly Suds 1 6.26/6/2010Rate 3.094
Brotherly Suds 7 (Ryebock Lager) 7.23/9/2016Rate 3.248824
Sly Fox / Stone Fuchstein Pils 5.44/27/2016Rate 3.385
Sly Fox 18th Anniversary IPA 4.512/17/2013Rate 3.013
Sly Fox 19th Anniversary Ale 4.712/30/2014Rate 3.185
Sly Fox 20th Anniversary Ale 6.610/15/2015Rate 3.216620
Sly Fox 21st Anniversary Black IPA 6.712/9/2016Rate 3.091
Sly Fox 2nd Street Pils 5.66/9/2014Rate 3.125
Sly Fox 360 IPA 6.24/1/2013Rate 3.426071
Sly Fox Abbey Extra 6.07/7/2002Rate 3.165738
Sly Fox Ahtanum IPA 7.24/10/2005Rate 3.365921
Sly Fox Altbier 5.411/8/2004Rate 3.076
Sly Fox Amarillo IPA 7.03/14/2004Rate 3.659624
Sly Fox Amarillo Pale Ale 5.011/12/2009Rate 3.287514
Sly Fox Argentinean Cascade Pale Ale 5.09/11/2009Rate 3.38013
Sly Fox Aurora IPA 7.010/29/2008Rate 3.36
Sly Fox Belgian Blonde 6.57/12/2010Rate 3.248012
Sly Fox Belgian Brunette 7.311/3/2010Rate 3.14
Sly Fox Belgian Dubbel 7.67/7/2002Rate 3.398733
Sly Fox Berliner Weisse 4.56/22/2008Rate 3.163214
Sly Fox Biere de Meiers -9/16/2014Rate 2.831
Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve 8.09/5/2002Rate 3.1574269
Sly Fox Blauwe Monnik (alias) 6.53/31/2011
Sly Fox Boadicea Pale Ale 5.012/19/2008Rate 3.219415
Sly Fox Brewers Select Dry Hopped Pils 5.24/13/2017Rate 3.392
Sly Fox Brewers Select IPA 6.511/23/2014Rate 3.328
Sly Fox Brewers Select Pale Ale Columbia 5.010/5/2012Rate 3.033
Sly Fox Brewers Select Pale Ale English 6.12/7/2012Rate 3.032
Sly Fox Brewers Select Pale Ale Wakatu 6.2511/4/2012Rate 3.028
Sly Fox Brewers Select Pale Ale Zythos 6.83/1/2012Rate 3.28
Sly Fox Brewers Select Saphir Pils 5.15/5/2013Rate 3.286
Sly Fox British Pale Ale 4.45/8/2006Rate 3.098113
Sly Fox Bruclear Rye Saison -7/1/2013Rate 3.314417
Sly Fox Burns Scottish Export Ale 5.05/27/2002Rate 3.145538
Sly Fox Can Jam Lager 5.79/22/2012Rate 3.123
Sly Fox Cascade IPA 7.25/14/2004Rate 3.79345
Sly Fox Causelijck Saison 7.412/10/2010Rate 3.28
Sly Fox Centennial IPA 7.04/3/2004Rate 3.659524
Sly Fox Challenger IPA 7.09/12/2005Rate 3.559021
Sly Fox Charles Bridge Pilsner 5.212/29/2003Rate 3.459913
Sly Fox Chest Bockwell 7.45/8/2017Rate 3.162
Sly Fox Chester County Bitter 4.59/18/2009Rate 3.279775
Sly Fox Chester County Brown Ale 4.22/26/2005Rate 3.054020
Sly Fox Chester County IPA 5.43/2/2015Rate 3.133
Sly Fox Chester County Lightning 6.83/18/2006Rate 2.258
Sly Fox Chinook IPA 7.010/22/2005Rate 3.428214
Sly Fox Christmas Ale 5.012/2/2002Rate 3.3386245
Sly Fox Circle of Progress Harvest IPA 5.511/3/2016Rate 3.33
Sly Fox Citra Pale Ale 5.08/2/2010Rate 3.365
Sly Fox Cluster IPA 7.08/8/2008Rate 3.469111
Sly Fox Coffee Porter 4.911/30/2010Rate 3.478318
Sly Fox Columbus Pale Ale 5.010/9/2009Rate 3.368711
Sly Fox Copper Fox -8/13/2015Rate 3.252
Sly Fox Crystal Pale Ale 5.01/27/2009Rate 3.164915
Sly Fox Dad Vail Pale Ale 5.34/7/2014Rate 3.154110
Sly Fox Dales 10K 7.511/21/2009Rate 3.388710
Sly Fox Dark Lager (alias) 5.312/29/2003
Sly Fox Deer Creek Pale Ale 4.86/11/2015Rate 3.184
Sly Fox Deer Creek Saison 6.56/11/2015Rate 3.13
Sly Fox Dude de Garde 7.53/30/2007Rate 3.569519
Sly Fox Dunkel Lager 5.312/29/2003Rate 3.0872160
Sly Fox Dunkel Weisse 5.811/23/2003Rate 3.339426
Sly Fox East Kent IPA 7.24/1/2004Rate 3.397411
Sly Fox Eismaibock 145/2/2010Rate 3.373
Sly Fox Exton Beverage 40th Anniversary IPA 6.57/10/2015Rate 3.295
Sly Fox Falconer's Flight 5.87/23/2011Rate 3.266
Sly Fox Fat Pig Ale 5.51/6/2014Rate 3.014
Sly Fox Featherweight Lager 4.22/16/2005Rate 2.685
Sly Fox First Gold IPA 7.06/14/2007Rate 3.36113
Sly Fox For Fox Sake 7.011/3/2016Rate 3.122
Sly Fox Fox Track Ale 4.82/18/2012Rate 3.074
Sly Fox Foxy Lady Kolsch 4.62/26/2010Rate 2.847
Sly Fox Fuggle IPA 7.09/30/2004Rate 3.193814
Sly Fox Galena IPA 7.28/8/2005Rate 3.417221
Sly Fox Gang Aft Agley Scotch Ale 7.51/13/2003Rate 3.375288
Sly Fox Glacier IPA 7.03/6/2005Rate 3.36113
Sly Fox Gold Rush Lager 5.08/18/2003Rate 3.014028
Sly Fox Grand Cru 8.35/18/2015Rate 2.932
Sly Fox Green Bullet Pale Ale 6.56/16/2012Rate 3.062
Sly Fox Grisette Working Class Ale 5.67/24/2006Rate 3.4976175
Sly Fox Hefeweizen Doppelbock 7.44/25/2012Rate 3.498912
Sly Fox Hefeweizen Eisdoppelbock 125/6/2012Rate 2.911
Sly Fox Helles Bock 6.64/1/2005Rate 3.289334
Sly Fox Helles Eisbock 115/1/2005Rate 3.57914
Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager 4.95/23/2002Rate 3.0587190
Sly Fox Hobo Ed's Coffee Porter (alias) 4.912/8/2011
Sly Fox Homefront IPA 6.07/2/2012Rate 3.34221
Sly Fox Hop Project 01210 6.14/7/2013Rate 3.013
Sly Fox Hop Project 03129 6.14/7/2013Rate 3.115
Sly Fox Hop Project 05256 -10/27/2014Rate 3.022
Sly Fox Hop Project 05257 6.19/7/2014Rate 3.022
Sly Fox Hop Project 06277 6.13/2/2015Rate 2.962
Sly Fox Hop Project 06297 5.53/17/2014Rate 2.931
Sly Fox Hop Project 06300 6.12/25/2013Rate 2.982710
Sly Fox Hop Project 07270 6.18/14/2014Rate 3.032
Sly Fox Hop Project 09410 6.46/14/2016Rate 3.151
Sly Fox Hop Project 344 6.13/12/2016Rate 3.211
Sly Fox Hop Project 431 6.110/14/2015Rate 3.385
Sly Fox Hop Project Ariana 6.412/27/2016Rate 3.122
Sly Fox Hop Project Callista 6.19/16/2016Rate 3.091
Sly Fox Hop Project Ella 6.57/11/2014Rate 3.023
Sly Fox Hop Project Enigma 7.012/22/2015Rate 2.954
Sly Fox Hop Project Equinox 6.610/14/2015Rate 3.324
Sly Fox Hop Project Herkules 7.78/23/2016Rate 3.091
Sly Fox Hop Project No.001 6.72/1/2017Rate 3.534
Sly Fox Hop Project No.002 6.85/1/2017Rate 3.434
Sly Fox Hop Project No.003 6.17/11/2017Rate 3.283
Sly Fox Hop Project Sorachi Ace IPA 6.58/13/2015Rate 3.188
Sly Fox Hop Project TnT 7.24/9/2016Rate 3.212
Sly Fox Horizon IPA 7.02/8/2008Rate 3.39869
Sly Fox Ichor 104/28/2003Rate 3.4543320
Sly Fox Imperial Red Ale (Blob) 8.07/5/2007Rate 3.476217
Sly Fox Incubus 10.39/22/2002Rate 3.591266
Sly Fox Instigator Doppelbock 7.34/28/2003Rate 3.3170155
Sly Fox Instigator Eisdoppelbock 155/5/2003Rate 3.597911
Sly Fox Jakes ESB 5.99/23/2003Rate 3.419747
Sly Fox JB Coffee Porter (alias) 4.812/30/2012
Sly Fox Jixxer Golden Bock 6.58/5/2014Rate 2.872
Sly Fox Keller Helles 4.66/12/2010Rate 3.063
Sly Fox Keller Pils 4.94/1/2003Rate 3.710026
Sly Fox Landmark IPA 6.22/1/2015Rate 33
Sly Fox Liberty Pale Ale 5.04/11/2009Rate 3.287525
Sly Fox London Calling Porter 4.711/30/2010Rate 3.28489
Sly Fox Lovin Cup Hoppy Pils 4.53/21/2013Rate 2.941
Sly Fox M. Bier Amber 5.73/14/2012Rate 2.831
Sly Fox Macht Schnell Kolsch 4.64/2/2012Rate 3.196
Sly Fox Magnum IPA 7.210/30/2006Rate 3.315816
Sly Fox Maibock 6.65/5/2003Rate 3.299352
Sly Fox Marynka Pale Ale 5.05/8/2009Rate 3.297725
Sly Fox Mason Porter 5.23/12/2016Rate 3.112
Sly Fox McBane's Abduction Saison 6.03/13/2012Rate 37
Sly Fox McBane's Fussed Over Porter -6/7/2015Rate 3.092
Sly Fox McBane's Summer Solstheis 6.28/2/2010Rate 3.087
Sly Fox McBanes Gregory St Wheat 5.83/21/2013Rate 2.861
Sly Fox McBanes SlyPA 6.02/26/2010Rate 3.065
Sly Fox Moon Sun Vienna Lager 5.311/3/2016Rate 3.091
Sly Fox Moores Select Euro -6/2/2001Rate 2.792
Sly Fox Mosaic Session IPA 5.18/27/2017Rate 3.343
Sly Fox Mt Ranier IPA 7.05/16/2008Rate 3.145
Sly Fox Naked Wheat 5.510/15/2009Rate 2.791
Sly Fox Nelson Sauvin IPA 7.04/13/2007Rate 3.559217
Sly Fox Newport IPA 7.04/7/2006Rate 3.338
Sly Fox Nihilist Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout 1010/15/2014Rate 3.462914
Sly Fox Nihilist Imperial Stout 1012/30/2012Rate 3.371845
Sly Fox Northdown IPA 7.26/9/2005Rate 3.183817
Sly Fox Nugget IPA 7.09/8/2006Rate 3.237
Sly Fox Nut Brown Ale -3/18/2002Rate 2.936
Sly Fox Oatmeal Stout 6.012/31/2004Rate 3.385156
Sly Fox Odyssey 8.512/9/2004Rate 3.4745435
Sly Fox Oktoberfest 5.810/24/2003Rate 3.0666189
Sly Fox OReillys Stout 3.63/31/2002Rate 3.4290194
Sly Fox Oslo Coffee Porter (alias) 4.812/30/2014
Sly Fox Oysterfest Red Ale 4.78/30/2010Rate 2.93
Sly Fox PA Swankey -2/20/2013Rate 2.814
Sly Fox Pacific Jade IPA 7.011/14/2007Rate 3.11319
Sly Fox Palisade IPA 7.08/2/2006Rate 3.47415
Sly Fox Palisade Pale Ale 5.08/14/2009Rate 3.164913
Sly Fox Panacea 9.61/16/2006Rate 3.56335
Sly Fox Panacea - Bourbon 9.612/9/2016Rate 3.252
Sly Fox Perle IPA 7.010/19/2008Rate 3.31478
Sly Fox Petes Peerless Ale 4.811/13/2003Rate 3.248120
Sly Fox Phoenix IPA 7.02/22/2007Rate 3.417112
Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale 5.13/18/2002Rate 3.3671519
Sly Fox Pikeland Pilsner 4.93/18/2002Rate 3.3797541
Sly Fox Pinched Tail IPA 6.89/13/2016Rate 3.072
Sly Fox Placebo 3.91/27/2009Rate 3.077
Sly Fox Pothouse Brown Ale -7/7/2002Rate 32
Sly Fox Progress IPA 7.27/15/2005Rate 3.319
Sly Fox Prometheus 8.39/1/2005Rate 3.629840
Sly Fox Pub Ale 4.07/7/2002Rate 3.087811
Sly Fox Pughtown Black n Tan 5.27/4/2005Rate 3.115
Sly Fox Pughtown Porter 5.611/25/2002Rate 3.213933
Sly Fox Rauchbier 5.28/2/2005Rate 3.468457
Sly Fox Renard DOr 7.95/23/2002Rate 3.284945
Sly Fox Robbie Summer Scottish Ale 7.56/30/2003Rate 2.844
Sly Fox Royal Weisse 5.45/23/2002Rate 3.4398315
Sly Fox Rte. 113 India Pale Ale 7.06/2/2001Rate 3.4671677
Sly Fox Saison Brune 7.77/11/2008Rate 3.395628
Sly Fox Saison de Cuivre 5.2511/4/2012Rate 3.14
Sly Fox Saison Vos 6.99/20/2002Rate 3.5484319
Sly Fox Santiam IPA 7.010/13/2005Rate 3.266210
Sly Fox Sawtown Standard Lager 5.47/30/2015Rate 2.973
Sly Fox Schwarzbier 4.76/22/2008Rate 3.09589
Sly Fox Seamus Irish Red Ale 5.63/10/2005Rate 3.17271
Sly Fox Shmitten Kitten Kolsch 4.83/26/2011Rate 3.114
Sly Fox Simcoe IPA 7.26/23/2004Rate 3.859741
Sly Fox Sky High Pale Ale 5.57/22/2015Rate 2.993
Sly Fox Slacker Bock 6.65/1/2005Rate 3.299224
Sly Fox Slacker Eisbock 115/7/2007Rate 3.385711
Sly Fox SlyPA 2.0 6.22/28/2011Rate 3.013
Sly Fox Sorachi Ace Pale Ale 5.07/6/2010Rate 3.26689
Sly Fox Southern Cross IPA 7.09/18/2007Rate 3.234114
Sly Fox Sovereign Pale Ale 5.03/14/2009Rate 3.036813
Sly Fox SRT Ale 4.63/2/2015Rate 3.113528
Sly Fox Standard Ale 5.63/21/2008Rate 3.15
Sly Fox Standard Lager 5.85/31/2017Rate 3.153
Sly Fox Standard Pils 4.86/5/2011Rate 3.5510020
Sly Fox Standard Porter 4.88/22/2010Rate 2.911111
Sly Fox Standard Saison 6.69/16/2016Rate 3.212
Sly Fox Steam Lager (alias) 5.08/25/2003
Sly Fox Sterling IPA 7.04/12/2008Rate 3.224712
Sly Fox Sticke Bishop 5.56/5/2014Rate 3.174
Sly Fox Styrian IPA 7.04/28/2004Rate 3.579318
Sly Fox Succuberry 8.512/9/2011Rate 2.933
Sly Fox Succubus 10.311/30/2010Rate 3.123212
Sly Fox Summer Saison 6.46/5/2016Rate 3.162
Sly Fox Target IPA 7.06/14/2004Rate 3.568833
Sly Fox TeRYEdactALE 5.32/9/2010Rate 3.034
Sly Fox Tettnang Keller Pils 4.811/11/2014Rate 3.33959
Sly Fox TJ's 7th Anniversary British IPA 5.411/30/2010Rate 3.044
Sly Fox TnT Pils 4.97/7/2016Rate 3.332
Sly Fox TW Fearless Pale Ale 5.02/25/2011Rate 2.944
Sly Fox US Saaz Keller Pilsner 4.61/25/2010Rate 3.246
Sly Fox USA Lager -3/18/2002Rate 2.911
Sly Fox Valor 6.34/8/2013Rate 2.983610
Sly Fox Vanguard IPA 7.06/9/2006Rate 3.367
Sly Fox Vanilla Porter -3/18/2002Rate 2.981
Sly Fox Vienna Lager 5.61/27/2009Rate 3.167
Sly Fox Vulpulin IPA 6.09/9/2017Rate 3.392
Sly Fox Warrior IPA 7.04/21/2006Rate 3.166
Sly Fox Wegman's Orange SLYce IPA 5.27/30/2017Rate 3.184
Sly Fox Wegmans Pub Pale Ale -11/3/2012Rate 2.912
Sly Fox Wegmans Pub Sly Ride Winter Lager 5.81/24/2013Rate 2.865
Sly Fox Wegmans Pub Tail Chaser Summer IPA 5.156/30/2013Rate 3.35499
Sly Fox Wegmans Pub Tattle Tale Helles Lager 5.27/23/2015Rate 3.094
Sly Fox Wegmans Pub Winter Fest (alias) 5.81/24/2013
Sly Fox WGV Pale Ale 5.07/17/2009Rate 2.975115
Sly Fox Whitehorse Wit 5.39/5/2002Rate 2.934223
Sly Fox Willamette IPA 7.07/15/2005Rate 3.253710
Sly Fox Willamette Pale Ale 5.06/17/2009Rate 3.14415
Sly Fox Winter Lager 4.82/1/2005Rate 3.138
Sly Fox Winter Warmer -3/18/2002Rate 3.225
Sly Fox Wolf IPA 6.47/11/2017Rate 2.873
Southampton 10th Anniversary Old Ale 8.75/12/2006Rate 3.7196275
Southampton Saison Deluxe 7.410/3/2006Rate 3.7797416
Brewer's Art Choptank'd
Brewed by/for The Brewer’s Art
3.86/17/2014Rate 3.243423

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