Old Boy Mary Jane Big Egg Mountain Baltic Porter
Brewed by/for Flagship Brands
8.710/26/2018Rate 3.046
Old Boy Mary Jane Dawdle Kettle Sour
Brewed by/for Flagship Brands
4.312/25/2018Rate 2.715
Old Boy Mary Jane Ghost Bog Hazy IPA
Brewed by/for Flagship Brands
4.610/26/2018Rate 2.5809
Old Boy Mary Jane Improper Pils
Brewed by/for Flagship Brands
5.110/26/2018Rate 2.718
Old Boy Mary Jane Sleepy Town Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Flagship Brands
4.91/6/2019Rate 2.816
Humalove Helsinki Hopshine
Brewed by/for Humalove Brewing
4.55/25/2016Rate 3.194223
Humalove Ruddy Hopshine
Brewed by/for Humalove Brewing
4.410/28/2016Rate 3.074912
Ice Beaver Beerger Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Ice Beaver
6.07/1/2017Rate 3.112
Ice Beaver Northern Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Ice Beaver
4.57/17/2015Rate 3.254822
Ice Beaver Pale Ale 2K17
Brewed by/for Ice Beaver
5.37/1/2017Rate 3.021
Ice Beaver Red Ale
Brewed by/for Ice Beaver
4.511/20/2015Rate 3.166918
Ice Beaver Single Hop Saison Lime Twist
Brewed by/for Ice Beaver
5.58/20/2016Rate 3.026
Seven Island Foggy Island
Brewed by/for Seven Island Brewery
8.012/1/2018Rate 3.524730
Seven Island Hazelnut Moctezuma
Brewed by/for Seven Island Brewery
13.512/1/2018Rate 3.825815
Seven Island Moctezuma
Brewed by/for Seven Island Brewery
13.512/1/2018Rate 3.825633
Brewcats Eka Kerta 4.55/22/2017Rate 2.88511
Sori / Brewcats Man Go Freak 5.86/4/2016Rate 3.051513
Sori / AF Brew Midsummer Melancholy 115/29/2016Rate 3.9198175
Sori / AF Brew Midsummer Melancholy - Brandy BA 12.14/19/2017Rate 3.789431
Sori / Amager Danish Hustler 10.24/26/2019Rate 3.3316
Sori / Bagby Lost Baggage 7.56/6/2018Rate 3.294231
Sori / Borg / Tanker Window Weather 1012/2/2017Rate 3.7810057
Sori / Brew Division / Õllenaut Lost Antiques 10.81/23/2019Rate 3.217
Sori / Dois Corvos Lost Crow 5.56/15/2018Rate 3.211723
Sori / Helsinki Brewing Company 00100 Pale Ale 6.03/4/2017Rate 3.128
Sori / Helsinki Brewing Company Helsinki Syndrome 5.64/20/2017Rate 2.824
Sori / Helsinki Brewing Company Hipsterin Aamiainen 5.25/2/2019Rate 2.986
Sori / Helsinki Brewing Company Kolmon3n Lag3r (alias) 4.57/27/2017
Sori / Helsinki Brewing Company One Beer 5.28/22/2019Rate 2.961
Sori / Horus Osprey's Baltic Adventure 7.06/7/2019Rate 3.437113
Sori / Kees We'll Always Have Paris 9.51/6/2018Rate 3.7948121
Sori / Letra Lost Letter 5.26/15/2018Rate 3.15022
Sori / Pinta Lost Juice 6.56/15/2018Rate 3.314453
Sori / Pracownia / Hiisi Lost Bison 7.06/13/2018Rate 3.186724
Sori / Seven Island Ajax 8.73/11/2019Rate 3.542922
Sori / Seven Island Polyphemus 123/26/2019Rate 3.521322
Sori / Stockholm Sweet Mistress 9.42/22/2017Rate 3.64448
Sori / Stockholm Sweet Mistress - Brandy BA 10.44/19/2017Rate 3.624543
Sori / Uiltje Öökull 5.85/29/2016Rate 3.324587
Sori / Voodoo Lost Room 11.51/23/2019Rate 3.444514
Sori / Voodoo Lost Room (Heaven Hill Bourbon BA) 124/26/2019Rate 3.617810
Sori / White Frontier Mont Blanc Express 6.04/26/2019Rate 3.126512
Sori After Ski IPA 5.510/9/2017Rate 3.142144
Sori Akateeminen Vartti 4.64/27/2016Rate 3.274412
Sori Anniversary Barley Wine 11.63/29/2017Rate 3.8797120
Sori Anniversary Barley Wine 2018 (alias) 11.24/26/2018
Sori Back In Office IPA 5.54/10/2019Rate 3.033
Sori Billie's Barrel-Aged Megablend 2018 1111/24/2018Rate 3.282810
Sori Blind Harlequin (XO Cognac BA) 11.211/24/2018Rate 3.412019
Sori Blueberry Punch 4.24/23/2018Rate 3.034
Sori Brewing Vermont Hustler 6.09/4/2019Rate 3.175
Sori Christmas Gorilla (alias) 7.012/4/2016
Sori Coffee Gorilla 7.05/21/2015Rate 3.6481220
Sori Conca d'Oro 11.53/23/2016Rate 3.8689139
Sori Dark Humor Club 8.09/18/2015Rate 3.6633166
Sori Dark Humor Club Bourbon Vanilla (alias) 8.010/13/2017
Sori Dark Humor Club Coconut 8.010/23/2015Rate 3.584194
Sori Dark Humor Club Heaven Hill Bourbon BA 10.59/23/2018Rate 3.887063
Sori Dark Humor Club Hot Chocolate 10.211/17/2016Rate 3.7544131
Sori Dark Humor Club PX Sherry 1012/2/2017Rate 3.714087
Sori Delirious 8.13/23/2016Rate 3.5453117
Sori Dog Sled Fuel 8.810/21/2016Rate 3.414437
Sori Dog Sled Fuel (Cherry Wood Aged) 8.82/7/2017Rate 3.076
Sori Dog Sled Fuel (Date & Chilli) 8.89/21/2017Rate 3.187
Sori Ensemble Five: DDH Galaxy & Citra & Mosaic DIPA 8.39/11/2018Rate 3.66648
Sori Ensemble Four: DDH Amarillo & Citra DIPA 8.29/11/2018Rate 3.563148
Sori Ensemble One: DDH Citra & Vic Secret 7.06/15/2018Rate 3.28
Sori Ensemble Three: DDH Mosaic & Citra 8.17/11/2018Rate 3.678327
Sori Ensemble Two: DDH Mosaic & Enigma DIPA 8.07/2/2018Rate 3.749132
Sori From Tallinn To Bodegraven 10.59/21/2018Rate 3.654938
Sori Frost Cake Fever 10.111/24/2018Rate 3.495018
Sori Garden Wit 4.55/29/2015Rate 2.862734
Sori Gracious 7.74/4/2018Rate 3.314526
Sori Great Scott 5.11/19/2016Rate 3.277848
Sori Hardly Working 4.74/3/2017Rate 3.324862
Sori Havana Gose Blueberry 4.68/13/2015Rate 3.023
Sori Havana Gose Ginger & Pineapple 4.63/29/2017Rate 2.832
Sori Havana Gose Raspberry 4.610/23/2015Rate 2.98
Sori Havana Gose with Lime & Mint 4.69/18/2015Rate 2.93676
Sori Helsinki Brewing Company Kaunis Elämä 5.79/11/2019Rate 2.882
Sori Imperial Madonna of Sori 7.56/7/2019Rate 3.227
Sori Investor IPA 6.95/21/2015Rate 3.4468143
Sori KYllä Oluelle Kylteri Ota Porter 7.012/8/2015Rate 3.213
Sori Lacuna 8.24/27/2017Rate 3.423613
Sori Lag3r 4.510/8/2016Rate 2.834210
Sori Laudatur XIX 10.44/25/2019Rate 3.55915
Sori Laudatur XVI 111/20/2017Rate 3.896104
Sori Laudatur XVIII 10.14/23/2018Rate 3.658731
Sori League of Absurd: Amarena Cherry 7.04/26/2019Rate 3.065
Sori League of Absurd: Triple Bilberry 7.24/26/2019Rate 3.252
Sori Leaping Lena 6.33/23/2016Rate 3.436943
Sori Madonna of Sori 5.37/24/2015Rate 3.3869117
Sori Maximón 10.512/2/2017Rate 3.89585
Sori Ménage á Trois 10.13/23/2016Rate 3.586472
Sori Névé 9.211/24/2018Rate 3.43517
Sori Out of Office 4.55/21/2015Rate 3.3354139
Sori Out of Office - Grapefruit 4.510/25/2015Rate 3.278
Sori Overture One: DDH Amarillo 6.84/23/2018Rate 3.412319
Sori Overture Three: DDH Mosaic 8.06/15/2018Rate 3.312112
Sori Overture Two: DDH Galaxy 6.94/23/2018Rate 3.342123
Sori Palkka American Lager 5.24/10/2019Rate 3.096
Sori Pareto 2017 (Port Wine Barrel-Aged) 11.510/9/2017Rate 3.759869
Sori Pareto 2017 (Whisky Barrel-Aged) 12.510/9/2017Rate 3.739740
Sori Passion Punch 4.24/19/2017Rate 3.292739
Sori Raspberry Punch 4.09/23/2016Rate 3.353495
Sori Red Alert 4.49/26/2016Rate 3.111932
Sori Resinous 8.04/27/2017Rate 3.464152
Sori Shadow Game 1 - Hazelnut & Maple Syrup (Bourbon BA) 13.14/26/2019Rate 3.527
Sori Shadow Game 2 - Dark Chocolate & Valencia Orange (Bourbon BA) 13.24/26/2019Rate 3.73912
Sori Shadow Game 3 - Madagascar Vanilla & Ethiopian Coffee (Bourbon BA) 13.38/2/2019Rate 3.59229
Sori Shadow Game 4 - Mexican Chocolate Cake (Bourbon BA) 13.28/2/2019Rate 3.68379
Sori ShakeOut A: Vanilla 7.011/24/2018Rate 3.242123
Sori ShakeOut B: Peach & Vanilla 8.511/24/2018Rate 3.413523
Sori ShakeOut C: Tangerine 8.42/15/2019Rate 3.291914
Sori ShakeOut D: Watermelon 8.32/15/2019Rate 3.342518
Sori Shark Jumper 8.210/13/2017Rate 3.59644
Sori Sisu 8.05/21/2015Rate 3.171018
Sori Sitko Goosepecker Sour 4.02/17/2019Rate 32
Sori Soulmate 5.58/7/2016Rate 3.221836
Sori Trokari Pils 5.54/4/2016Rate 3.037712
Sori Tropical Punch 4.47/12/2017Rate 3.253517
Sori Vanilla Cake Fever 9.910/21/2016Rate 3.7794142
Sori Vinum Secale (Kyrö Distillery Gin BA) 10.19/22/2018Rate 3.67049
Sori White Lies 6.23/29/2016Rate 3.344740
Sori Winter Gorilla 7.011/13/2015Rate 3.5258105
Sori YES IPA 5.55/31/2017Rate 3.213148
Sori Investor IPA (Kuninkaankartano version) 7.212/3/2013Rate 3.37649
Sori What Is My Name? Black Rye IPA 6.310/24/2014Rate 3.222311
Sori Investor Porter 6.312/3/2013Rate 3.35579
Sori Investor Double IPA 8.03/24/2014Rate 3.271818
Sori OoO Session IPA (1st Edition) 4.87/25/2014Rate 3.122414
Sori Investor IPA (2014) 6.98/15/2014Rate 3.385915
Sori OoO Session IPA (2nd Edition) 4.78/7/2014Rate 3.396723

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