Southern Brewing & Winemaking

Brewer rating: 84/100 414 ratings
4500 N. Nebraska Ave, Tampa, Florida, USA 33603
Sun thru Wed: 10 am to 7 pm
Thurs thru Sat: 10 am to 10 pm

Associated place: Southern Brewing & Winemaking
Our tasting room is located right in our Homebrew and Winemaking Shop, offering small batch craft beers with many specialty and one-off brews. We have ten year round brews, along with great guest taps that rotate constantly.
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Southern / Cigar City Shake Weights 8.88/8/2013Rate 2.871
Southern / Tampa Bay Brewing OE Crisp 6.85/26/2013Rate 2.861
Southern 300 IBU IIPA 1011/10/2012Rate 3.286
Southern Abbot’s Belgian Quad 103/8/2014Rate 3.294
Southern Allousy Amber -2/18/2013Rate 2.831
Southern American Porter -11/10/2012Rate 2.791
Southern Apple Pie Brown 6.010/17/2014Rate 2.841
Southern Atonement Rye 6.211/3/2013Rate 3.33489
Southern Barrel Aged Oliver’s Gruel 5.89/27/2013Rate 3.252
Southern Barrel-Aged American Barleywine -1/20/2016Rate 3.091
Southern Batch #296 Barleywine 106/21/2014Rate 2.871
Southern Batch #297 IPA 7.05/13/2014Rate 2.841
Southern Batch #298 Double IPA 105/26/2014Rate 2.871
Southern Belge du Hops 6.810/26/2012Rate 2.881
Southern Black IPA -11/10/2012Rate 2.871
Southern Black Veil IPA 7.011/27/2012Rate 2.984
Southern Bohemian Breakfast Pilsner 4.92/3/2014Rate 2.861
Southern Brazillian Hive Pale Ale 5.010/26/2012Rate 0
Southern Brett IPA 6.31/23/2015Rate 2.842
Southern Brett Pale Ale 6.44/19/2016Rate 3.061
Southern Bungalow - Prickly Pear -3/12/2015Rate 2.931
Southern Bungalow Weisse 3.55/20/2013Rate 3.167
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Blueberry 4.16/21/2013Rate 2.932
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Hibiscus Orange 3.32/17/2014Rate 2.952
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Jalapeño Lime Cilantro 3.25/11/2014Rate 3.113
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Mango Papaya 3.31/4/2014Rate 2.892
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Mixed Berry 3.31/4/2014Rate 3.234
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Oak Aged Cherry 4.16/14/2013Rate 2.861
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Passion Fruit 3.53/11/2014Rate 2.982
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Pineapple Coconut 3.31/4/2014Rate 2.91
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Prickly Pear Starfruit 3.31/4/2014Rate 3.083
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Strawberry 4.17/23/2013Rate 3.225
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Strawberry Rhubarb 3.59/14/2013Rate 3.182
Southern Bungalow Weisse - Watermelon 3.35/9/2014Rate 2.922
Southern Camber 6.09/2/2015Rate 3.061
Southern Canadian Belgian Stout 6.04/12/2015Rate 2.871
Southern Cayuga Pale 6.14/12/2015Rate 0
Southern Cheeky Bastard English IPA 5.411/3/2013Rate 3.197
Southern Cherry Blackberry Mead 9.56/22/2013Rate 3.054
Southern Colossal Citreae American Pale Ale 5.612/6/2012Rate 3.16
Southern Crotchety Old Ale 6.012/19/2014Rate 2.831
Southern Cyser 118/8/2013Rate 2.881
Southern Dirty Dunkel -11/10/2012Rate 2.861
Southern Edel Hell Munich Helles 4.511/3/2013Rate 2.92
Southern El Dorado Single Hop IPA 6.83/21/2013Rate 2.972
Southern El Jefe Pecan Wood -11/10/2012Rate 2.861
Southern Elbe River Polotmavy -9/27/2013Rate 2.962
Southern ESB -11/10/2012Rate 2.811
Southern Fall Cyser -4/21/2014Rate 2.871
Southern Faux French Cider 7.12/2/2014Rate 2.941
Southern Flanders Red Ale 6.04/24/2013Rate 3.313
Southern Florida Common 5.01/23/2015Rate 3.162
Southern Florida Pils 4.26/11/2017Rate 0
Southern Four Hour Session IPA 4.51/9/2016Rate 3.151
Southern Fragmented Porter 6.812/11/2012Rate 3.448111
Southern Fresh to Death 9.211/27/2012Rate 32
Southern Glacier IPA -11/10/2012Rate 2.841
Southern Gose 4.18/2/2014Rate 3.157
Southern Gose - Guava 4.13/9/2017Rate 3.041
Southern Gose - Mango -3/12/2015Rate 3.262
Southern Gose - Peach -3/12/2015Rate 3.182
Southern Gourds Gone Wild 6.010/26/2012Rate 2.881
Southern Heights Brown Ale 7.110/26/2012Rate 3.098
Southern Heir Hefeweizen 5.06/21/2013Rate 2.791
Southern Hopburst Calypso 5.74/12/2015Rate 2.791
Southern Hopburst Nelson 5.74/12/2015Rate 0
Southern Hopburst Pale Ale 5.24/24/2013Rate 3.134
Southern Hybrid Lager 5.04/12/2015Rate 0
Southern Inglorious Hefe 5.37/1/2015Rate 2.871
Southern Jam Session IPA 4.26/11/2017Rate 0
Southern Jean Claude Van Chai 5.03/9/2017Rate 3.091
Southern Jean Claude Van Graham 5.03/13/2015Rate 3.253
Southern Kelly’s Belgian Wit 4.92/2/2013Rate 3.16
Southern Koenig Hans 5.62/21/2015Rate 2.92
Southern Kolsch 5.06/26/2014Rate 3.044
Southern Lil Fresh 4.811/27/2012Rate 2.841
Southern Lip Service IPA 6.52/3/2014Rate 3.18319
Southern Loquat Saison -4/25/2015Rate 3.091
Southern Lost in Limbo Pale Ale 5.74/12/2015Rate 3.092
Southern May The Schwarz Be With You 5.12/14/2015Rate 3.15
Southern Mildly English 4.02/21/2015Rate 2.945
Southern Monastically Challenged 6.812/11/2012Rate 3.325
Southern Moonraker - Xantico (prickly pear, ancho chile, vanilla, cacao) 9.52/17/2015Rate 3.185
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout 9.012/7/2012Rate 3.448
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged 9.511/3/2013Rate 3.285
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged Blend 105/20/2013Rate 3.072
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged with Blackberry, Cacao, Vanilla 9.511/3/2013Rate 3.122
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged with Cacao & Vanilla 9.511/3/2013Rate 3.255
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged with Coffee & Vanilla 9.511/3/2013Rate 3.144
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout - Vanilla & Cacao 9.02/21/2015Rate 3.535
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout – Cherry Cordial 9.53/7/2014Rate 2.911
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout – Cinnamon Chipotle 9.53/7/2014Rate 2.871
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout – Raspberry Chocolate 9.53/7/2014Rate 2.91
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout – Tiramisu Tea 9.53/7/2014Rate 2.911
Southern Moonraker Imperial Stout – Whiskey Maple 9.53/7/2014Rate 2.91
Southern Naked Pumpkin 5.911/3/2013Rate 2.922
Southern New New Zealandar IPA 6.81/14/2016Rate 3.091
Southern Night Winds Wail Black Ale -12/19/2014Rate 3.063
Southern Not FDA Approved IPA 6.310/19/2013Rate 2.841
Southern Not-Your-Heidi-Klum Blonde Ale 5.011/8/2012Rate 3.15
Southern Oaked New England Cider 8.712/4/2013Rate 2.982
Southern Obdurate IPA 7.310/26/2012Rate 0
Southern Oktoberfest 5.610/17/2014Rate 2.881
Southern Oliver’s Gruel Stout 5.911/10/2012Rate 3.47710
Southern Orange Blossom Cider 5.72/2/2014Rate 3.145
Southern Pacific Ring IPA 6.05/7/2015Rate 3.223
Southern Pacifica Wheat -11/10/2012Rate 2.893
Southern Peach Cider 7.010/17/2014Rate 2.881
Southern Petite Berliner 2.22/2/2013Rate 3.142816
Southern Petite Blackberry 2.811/30/2012Rate 2.831
Southern Petite Impressions 2.811/2/2012Rate 2.861
Southern Poblano Belgian Wit 5.05/13/2014Rate 2.811
Southern Post-Prohibition Pilsner 5.52/2/2014Rate 2.96
Southern Prescription Pils German Pils 4.911/3/2013Rate 2.892
Southern Raised Bungalow 6.05/13/2014Rate 3.375
Southern Raised Bungalow - Ancho Chile -3/12/2015Rate 3.162
Southern Raised Bungalow - Blackberry 5.09/4/2014Rate 2.892
Southern Raised Bungalow - Blueberry 5.010/8/2015Rate 31
Southern Raised Bungalow - Blueberry Mint 5.010/17/2014Rate 2.911
Southern Raised Bungalow - Coconut 5.010/8/2015Rate 31
Southern Raised Bungalow - Cranberry 5.010/17/2014Rate 3.081811
Southern Raised Bungalow - Green Prickly Pear 5.010/8/2015Rate 31
Southern Raised Bungalow - Mango Kiwi 5.010/17/2014Rate 2.841
Southern Raised Bungalow - Mixed Berry -3/12/2015Rate 3.232
Southern Raised Bungalow - Pineapple 6.06/21/2014Rate 2.871
Southern Raised Bungalow - Prickly Pear -3/12/2015Rate 3.332
Southern Raised Bungalow - Raspberry Dragonfruit 6.05/13/2014Rate 3.062
Southern Raised Bungalow - Rhubarb 5.06/30/2015Rate 3.252
Southern Raised Bungalow - Roselle -3/12/2015Rate 3.142
Southern Raised Bungalow - Strawberry 5.09/4/2014Rate 2.982
Southern Raised Bungalow - Strawberry Hibiscus Lime 5.09/4/2014Rate 2.892
Southern Raised Bungalow - Strawberry Pineapple 5.010/17/2014Rate 2.911
Southern Raised Bungalow - Strawberry Rhubarb 6.05/13/2014Rate 3.022
Southern Redemption Rye Pale Ale 6.52/27/2013Rate 3.013
Southern Requiem for a Cream 4.012/11/2012Rate 2.81
Southern Right Foot Milk Stout 5.010/17/2014Rate 3.363
Southern Rysing Sun 6.37/23/2013Rate 2.81
Southern Saison de Mechants 7.210/26/2012Rate 2.934
Southern Saison de Meschants (2014-) 5.12/14/2015Rate 2.993
Southern Saison Le Chiffre - Brett B. 7.24/7/2014Rate 2.993
Southern Saison Le Chiffre - Rose Hips 7.211/10/2012Rate 3.056
Southern Scotch Ale w/Red Pepper 8.25/7/2015Rate 3.091
Southern Scotchy Scotch Scotch Ale 8.02/17/2014Rate 2.932
Southern Session Cider 5.52/3/2014Rate 2.811
Southern Session Saison 5.16/14/2013Rate 2.831
Southern Shortbread Brown 6.53/9/2017Rate 3.041
Southern Sour IPA 5.74/16/2015Rate 2.841
Southern Supa Fine Barleywine 9.012/19/2014Rate 2.71
Southern Tangerine Mango Mead 9.59/8/2013Rate 3.072
Southern Toothless Brasser Irish Red Ale 5.57/19/2014Rate 3.185
Southern Traditional Mead 8.03/21/2013Rate 3.012
Southern Trogdor’s Wrath 9.86/14/2013Rate 2.841
Southern Trogdor’s Wrath - Spec. Hops Collab (alias) 9.86/22/2013
Southern Tucker’s Pale Ale 5.52/2/2014Rate 3.254
Southern Tucker’s Pale Ale - Mango & Centennial 5.52/28/2014Rate 0
Southern Unruly Red IPA 6.53/2/2013Rate 2.871
Southern Watermelon Mint Mead 7.09/8/2013Rate 2.952
Southern West Side IPA -5/10/2013Rate 3.49819
Southern Wet and Unruly Red Ale 6.72/2/2013Rate 2.932
Southern Wet Hop Dream 9.111/27/2012Rate 2.811
Southern White Out IPA 7.17/23/2013Rate 3.014

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