Southern Prohibition Brewery

Brewer rating: 94/100 363 ratings
301 Mobile Street, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA 39401
Friday: 4 to 6 pm

Places associated: The Keg and Barrel, Southern Prohibition Brewery

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Southern Prohibition Dark Saison 4.34/16/2017Rate 3.041
Southern Prohibition Karaoke Face-Plant -8/29/2016Rate 3.212
Southern Prohibition Milk Stout 5.253/3/2017Rate 3.182
SPB Barley Legal 11.47/7/2014Rate 3.437
SPB Barley Legal: Bourbon Barrel Aged 11.411/7/2015Rate 0
SPB Barrel Aged Ragana - Rye & Bourbon 115/23/2016Rate 3.332
SPB Barrel Aged The Unnamed 8.46/7/2016Rate 3.212
SPB Cicada Series 2014 IPA 7.512/31/2013Rate 3.325314
SPB Cicada Series 2015 IPA 7.76/1/2015Rate 3.446911
SPB Cicada Series 2016 IPA 5.53/5/2016Rate 3.438
SPB Cicada Series Hipster Breakfast 5.812/31/2013Rate 3.31499
SPB Cicada Series Pow! Rye in the Kisser 6.44/2/2015Rate 3.253
SPB Cicada Series Răgana Baltic Porter 7.37/7/2014Rate 3.557112
SPB Cicada Series Suzy Smash 5.08/22/2015Rate 3.39512
SPB Crowd Control 8.02/6/2015Rate 3.849920
SPB Devilís Harvest American Pale Ale (Redux) (2016 - ) 5.86/11/2016Rate 3.336717
SPB Devilís Harvest Breakfast IPA 4.94/15/2017Rate 3.243
SPB Devilís Harvest Extra Pale Ale (-2016) 5.87/13/2013Rate 3.347046
SPB Group Of Death 5.011/7/2015Rate 0
SPB Hipster Breakfast: Bourbon Barrel Aged 6.011/21/2014Rate 0
SPB Jack the Sipper 5.34/20/2014Rate 3.319259
SPB Lazarus 9.08/21/2015Rate 3.2159
SPB Lazarus: Bourbon Barrel Aged Abbey Quad 9.011/7/2015Rate 3.232
SPB Marionette Oat IPA 7.611/7/2015Rate 0
SPB Mississippi Fire Ant 8.07/13/2013Rate 3.394443
SPB Mississippi Fire Ant: Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.011/21/2014Rate 3.557111
SPB Răgana Baltic Porter: Bourbon Barrel Aged 7.311/7/2015Rate 3.333
SPB Sinister Minister 7.78/23/2014Rate 3.485312
SPB Sleeper Agent 9.16/10/2016Rate 3.091
SPB Soul Glo 8.45/26/2015Rate 3.287
SPB Suzy B 5.07/13/2013Rate 3.035542
SPB Suzy Smash 5.06/11/2016Rate 3.273

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