Speyside / BrewDog Castlegate Pina Collaba 5.010/14/2017Rate 2.91213
Speyside / BrewDog Union Square Top Banana 4.410/16/2019Rate 2.813
Speyside / Glenfiddich Brew Two IPA 9.04/4/2017Rate 3.214
Speyside Against the Grain 4.18/14/2017Rate 31
Speyside Another IPA 6.04/25/2016Rate 3.052
Speyside Beet The Wheat 4.74/9/2015Rate 2.81
Speyside Bottlenose Bitter 4.12/13/2013Rate 3.118226
Speyside Bow Fiddle Blonde 3.87/6/2013Rate 2.994728
Speyside Cash Only 4.88/22/2017Rate 2.954
Speyside Chai Sourus Rex 6.06/6/2016Rate 3.197
Speyside Citrus Paradisi 3.910/3/2017Rate 3.022
Speyside Dark Sky Stout 4.01/17/2015Rate 3.294712
Speyside Dark Sky Stout Coffee 4.010/28/2016Rate 3.295
Speyside Darth Lager 5.08/11/2019Rate 0
Speyside Dava Way EPA 4.510/28/2015Rate 3.216
Speyside Findhorn Bay Pale 4.07/31/2019Rate 2.941
Speyside Findhorn Killer IPA 5.69/30/2014Rate 3.314328
Speyside Lady Macbeth 5.49/20/2014Rate 0
Speyside Minstr-alt 5.22/19/2016Rate 2.943
Speyside Moray IPA 5.511/22/2012Rate 3.228133
Speyside Nae Barley Pale Ale 4.03/17/2016Rate 3.123
Speyside Randolph's Leap Lager 4.911/22/2012Rate 2.974519
Speyside Rye to Roam 4.76/8/2015Rate 3.094
Speyside ScotcHop IPA 8.58/27/2017Rate 3.098
Speyside Somewhere over the 'Rillo 4.56/18/2017Rate 3.022
Speyside Spey-Zon 4.37/29/2016Rate 32
Speyside Tropical Forres 4.96/9/2016Rate 3.275216
Speyside Typical Yank 6.52/2/2017Rate 3.061
Speyside Whisky Cask 9.04/19/2016Rate 3.021
Speyside Yule Be Soury 6.012/17/2016Rate 3.153

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