SPYBREW / Bad Luck Hanging With the Spy 7.05/18/2017Rate 3.384011
SPYBREW / Beer Here Funky Fællesbryg 5.38/30/2015Rate 33
SPYBREW / Brewers Inc Bilatteral Birthday Party 9.02/3/2018Rate 2.952
SPYBREW / Brewski We shouldn't have done that bIPA -11/18/2014Rate 3.013
SPYBREW / Cutthroat Sour Secrets 5.55/29/2015Rate 3.0269
SPYBREW / / Bad Luck Barley Wine 9.510/8/2017Rate 3.026
SPYBREW Agent Putte 4.55/18/2017Rate 3.173110
SPYBREW Amager Ølhus Chili 6.02/1/2015Rate 2.421017
SPYBREW Black Sensation 7.05/29/2015Rate 3.134
SPYBREW Black Water 6.62/4/2016Rate 3.48715
SPYBREW Brazilian Black Beast 6.85/29/2015Rate 2.931111
SPYBREW Cherry Bomb Porter 7.011/5/2015Rate 2.744
SPYBREW Codename MOL 6.65/24/2018Rate 3.041
SPYBREW Conspiracy IPA 6.011/16/2014Rate 3.23416
SPYBREW Crash Test 5.03/13/2018Rate 3.093
SPYBREW Darkest of Secrets 1111/15/2015Rate 3.366
SPYBREW Dingleberry Black Brett 6.811/5/2015Rate 3.123
SPYBREW Dusk Humulus -12/29/2014Rate 3.367
SPYBREW Flames From Hell 6.011/16/2014Rate 1.88213
SPYBREW Flames From Hell V.2 6.05/28/2017Rate 2.093
SPYBREW Goldfinger 5.83/14/2018Rate 3.15
SPYBREW Habanero Pale Ale 5.011/5/2015Rate 2.625
SPYBREW Holmén DIPA 7.56/28/2017Rate 3.123
SPYBREW Holmén IPA 6.711/5/2015Rate 3.416
SPYBREW It Should Have Been Orange 5.01/31/2015Rate 2.843
SPYBREW Kvass 3.05/18/2017Rate 2.547
SPYBREW Mango Banko 5.09/27/2017Rate 2.975
SPYBREW McConnery 8.73/25/2018Rate 3.183
SPYBREW Meet The Mead 7.09/15/2017Rate 3.145
SPYBREW Miss Moneypenny 3.39/8/2017Rate 3.175
SPYBREW Moonraker Porter 6.811/5/2015Rate 0
SPYBREW Mother of Hops 7.02/2/2015Rate 2.972
SPYBREW Portuguese Pale ale 5.011/5/2015Rate 2.935
SPYBREW Red Alert 6.02/22/2015Rate 2.711
SPYBREW Safehouse Pale Ale 5.03/12/2017Rate 3.153
SPYBREW Santas Frosty Nuts 6.011/25/2016Rate 2.976
SPYBREW SKAAL Jens 5.29/20/2017Rate 3.248
SPYBREW SKAAL's Black Hat IPA 6.511/2/2017Rate 3.363710
SPYBREW Steam Punk Stout 7.01/29/2018Rate 3.112
SPYBREW The Elicitator 9.01/29/2018Rate 2.832
SPYBREW Undercover Pale Ale 5.011/16/2014Rate 3.062917
SPYBREW Whistleblower Wit 5.05/29/2015Rate 2.883411

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