St Andrews Brewing (Scotland)

Brewer rating: 86/100 627 ratings
Unit 7 Bassaguard Business Park, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland KY16 8AL
Commenced Brewing in 2012.
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Hanging Bat / St Andrews Spiced Wit 5.011/2/2014Rate 2.95399
St Andrews / Natural Selection Hot Coffee 7.77/31/2014Rate 3.063
St Andrews 500th Brew 10.44/15/2017Rate 31
St Andrews 54.46 Amarillo 11.57/21/2014Rate 2.716
St Andrews 54.46 Bramling Cross 5.46/30/2013Rate 2.766
St Andrews 54.46 Chinook 5.43/1/2014Rate 3.015
St Andrews 54.46 Citra 5.47/3/2013Rate 3.026811
St Andrews 54.46 Columbus 5.04/13/2013Rate 3.148514
St Andrews 54.46 Nelson Sauvin 5.44/5/2014Rate 3.156
St Andrews 54.46 Pacific Gem 5.49/1/2013Rate 2.884813
St Andrews 54.46 Simcoe 5.49/1/2013Rate 2.917
St Andrews 90 Colin 6.93/26/2017Rate 3.091
St Andrews Amarillo 5.48/9/2014Rate 2.923
St Andrews Amber 5.012/29/2014Rate 2.842
St Andrews Belgian Blonde 4.25/15/2015Rate 3.057
St Andrews Big Al’s Pale Ale 4.53/31/2016Rate 3.123
St Andrews Big Red Rooster 4.55/4/2015Rate 3.024513
St Andrews Black IPA 5.512/15/2013Rate 3.16
St Andrews Black Orchid 4.91/30/2016Rate 3.12719
St Andrews Blackberry (Bramble) Pale (alias) 4.94/15/2017
St Andrews Blackberry Stout 5.012/7/2015Rate 3.247
St Andrews Bramble IPA 7.511/29/2016Rate 3.185
St Andrews Bramble Saison (6%) 6.06/26/2017Rate 0
St Andrews Bramble Saison (6.9%) 6.912/7/2015Rate 3.273817
St Andrews Chai Porter 6.912/7/2014Rate 3.326
St Andrews Christmas Tree 5.512/5/2014Rate 3.428215
St Andrews Citra 3.811/2/2014Rate 2.865
St Andrews Crail Ale 4.57/2/2012Rate 2.913854
St Andrews Crail Special 7.03/14/2013Rate 3.184816
St Andrews Deporter 4.54/15/2017Rate 3.153
St Andrews Eighty Bob 4.88/12/2012Rate 3.215919
St Andrews Fife Gold 4.23/20/2012Rate 3.137825
St Andrews Girls Just Want To Have Plum 5.612/7/2015Rate 3.294811
St Andrews Gooseberry Hefe 4.912/2/2016Rate 3.055
St Andrews Harvest Beer 4.511/25/2016Rate 3.06639
St Andrews Imperial Pale Ale 7.47/22/2014Rate 3.127
St Andrews Imperial Stout 7.512/17/2016Rate 3.162
St Andrews India Pale Ale 5.03/20/2012Rate 3.192839
St Andrews IP1 7.23/4/2014Rate 3.23419
St Andrews IP2 6.54/2/2014Rate 2.964
St Andrews IP3 7.49/2/2014Rate 3.086
St Andrews IP4 5.811/1/2014Rate 3.252812
St Andrews Kingdom Dark Ale 5.23/28/2015Rate 3.052
St Andrews Kingdom Pale Ale 5.23/28/2015Rate 3.072
St Andrews Local Hero 4.22/10/2017Rate 2.813
St Andrews Mocha Porter 6.011/5/2013Rate 3.386426
St Andrews Neuk Ale 4.63/20/2012Rate 3.264129
St Andrews Neuk Special 7.811/13/2013Rate 3.078
St Andrews Notorious B.I.P.A. 6.07/9/2016Rate 3.495717
St Andrews Oatmeal Pale 5.51/5/2014Rate 3.071817
St Andrews Oatmeal Stout 4.53/20/2012Rate 3.284735
St Andrews Raspberry Blonde 3.79/14/2015Rate 3.225
St Andrews Red Rye 6.23/14/2013Rate 3.084814
St Andrews Rhubarb Saison 5.07/10/2015Rate 3.31449
St Andrews Rye PA 5.85/4/2013Rate 3.187
St Andrews Rye PA (6.8%) 6.85/3/2014Rate 3.034
St Andrews Seventy Bob 3.83/21/2012Rate 2.821910
St Andrews The Wee Blonde 3.79/4/2013Rate 3.117315
St Andrews Warm Yer Cockles 6.04/1/2013Rate 2.962
St Andrews Yippie IPA 6.312/7/2015Rate 3.426211
St Andrews Yippie IPA 3 With a Vengeance 6.39/27/2016Rate 3.386
St Andrews Yippie IPA 4 6.03/26/2017Rate 3.214

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