Station Works (Alltech)

Commercial Brewery
Station Works, County Down, Newry, Northern Ireland BT35 6JP
Commenced Brewing in 2013. Sister Brewery to Cumberland UK Brewery. Cumberland bought by Alltech in 2016
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Bartleys Strawbeeri
Brewed by/for Bartleys Beers
4.29/28/2016Rate 2.981
Brown Bear Brown Ale 4.511/25/2016Rate 2.924
Brown Bear Double IPA 6.36/15/2018Rate 3.074
Brown Bear Gluten Free Lager 4.19/12/2019Rate 2.751
Brown Bear IPA 5.211/27/2016Rate 3.344824
Brown Bear IPL 5.26/15/2018Rate 2.933
Cumberland Finn Irish Craft Pilsner Lager (alias) 4.58/28/2015
Cumberland Finn McCool 4.53/11/2014Rate 2.654427
Station Works Foxes Road 5.05/26/2015Rate 2.941
Station Works Irish Blonde Ale (alias) 4.23/15/2015
Station Works Irish Brown Ale (alias) 4.73/15/2015
Station Works Irish Stout (alias) 4.53/15/2015
Station Works Red Ale Sherry Cask Aged 5.49/11/2018Rate 3.171
Station Works The Foxes Rock Stout (alias) 4.55/7/2016
The Foxes Rock Gluten Free Lager 4.55/28/2019Rate 2.874
The Foxes Rock IPA 5.211/21/2015Rate 3.122084
The Foxes Rock IPL 5.29/14/2016Rate 3.082125
The Foxes Rock Irish Pale Ale 4.55/10/2016Rate 3.035749
The Foxes Rock Red Ale 4.55/8/2016Rate 3.055052
The Foxes Rock Session IPA 4.17/6/2019Rate 3.165
The Foxes Rock Stout 4.512/31/2017Rate 3.234020
The Journeyman 5.22/4/2017Rate 3.034
The Journeyman Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Ale (limited edition) 5.07/27/2019Rate 3.041

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