Steelhead Brewing Co.

Brew Pub
199 East 5th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon, USA 97401
Mon.-Thurs. 11:30 AM - 10 PM
Fri. 11:30 AM - 11 PM
Sat. 10 AM - 11 PM
Sun. 10 AM - 10 PM

Places associated: Steelhead Brewery, Steelhead Brewing Company - Burlingame
Two locations in Eugene, OR and Burlingame, CA. Original location in Eugene.
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Steelhead 90 Miles to Freedom Espresso Stout 6.811/12/2011Rate 2.962
Steelhead Amber -8/31/2001Rate 2.755
Steelhead Anniversary Ale 8.51/15/2003Rate 3.087
Steelhead Anniversary Rye ESB 7.56/29/2015Rate 2.71
Steelhead Anniversary Trippel 8.810/14/2004Rate 2.782
Steelhead Back Bay ESB -8/8/2009Rate 2.652
Steelhead Barracuda Blonde -5/8/2004Rate 2.322533
Steelhead Bayfront Blonde -8/31/2001Rate 2.581
Steelhead Behemoth Strong Ale -2/15/2008Rate 3.14
Steelhead Belgian Pale Ale 8.38/19/2004Rate 3.181
Steelhead Big Daddy IPA -9/4/2010Rate 2.881
Steelhead Bombay Bomber IPA 6.58/31/2001Rate 3.24477
Steelhead Break-Action Porter 6.26/29/2015Rate 3.191
Steelhead Broadway Blonde 5.612/3/2002Rate 2.884021
Steelhead Bulldog Pale Ale -7/28/2008Rate 3.193
Steelhead Bulldog Premium Stout 5.98/12/2015Rate 3.282
Steelhead By-Tors Bing IPA -12/23/2005Rate 2.642
Steelhead Campus Porter -7/4/2008Rate 3.111
Steelhead Cheery Monk 6.51/5/2010Rate 2.582
Steelhead Cherry Monk 2.0 8.86/16/2013Rate 2.841
Steelhead Chocolate Kiss 6.08/20/2004Rate 3.213
Steelhead Coconut Porter -11/12/2011Rate 33
Steelhead Crystal Springs Pilsner 5.210/15/2011Rate 2.793
Steelhead Cuvee Du Peppar -2/13/2005Rate 2.771
Steelhead Dock Red -6/29/2007Rate 2.921
Steelhead Doppelbock -7/29/2002Rate 3.338
Steelhead Double Latte Stout 7.810/4/2004Rate 2.831
Steelhead Double Play IPA 9.910/20/2007Rate 3.342728
Steelhead Downtown Kiva Brown 6.09/6/2012Rate 2.933
Steelhead Dubbel Trubbel 8.05/20/2013Rate 2.861
Steelhead Dublin Dry Stout 5.28/4/2007Rate 3.194913
Steelhead Eater Nation Porter 4.912/27/2012Rate 2.811
Steelhead Emerald ESB -9/6/2012Rate 2.982
Steelhead Emerald Irish -3/7/2005Rate 2.965
Steelhead Finnegans Wake 4.012/28/2004Rate 3.098
Steelhead First Date Imperial Stout -10/4/2004Rate 3.035
Steelhead Frostys Best Bitter -1/15/2007Rate 3.253
Steelhead Fugglerama #1 4.711/8/2005Rate 3.023
Steelhead Fugglerama #2 5.310/2/2005Rate 3.13
Steelhead Galapagos Stout -3/28/2002Rate 2.793
Steelhead Grateful Red 5.74/24/2008Rate 2.925
Steelhead Grinch's Winter Ale 8.212/27/2012Rate 2.881
Steelhead Guava-licius IPA 6.55/30/2011Rate 3.152310
Steelhead Hairy Weasel Hefe -12/3/2002Rate 2.621150
Steelhead Half Moon Porter -12/3/2002Rate 2.965
Steelhead Harvest Rye -1/12/2007Rate 2.822
Steelhead Hazy Hef 5.46/29/2015Rate 2.514
Steelhead Hearthside Wheat Wine 11.510/5/2002Rate 3.46
Steelhead Heat Miser -1/28/2003Rate 3.323811
Steelhead Hefeweizen -8/31/2001Rate 2.31210
Steelhead Helles Bells -11/30/2004Rate 2.782
Steelhead Holly Daze 9.51/3/2011Rate 3.131
Steelhead Hopasaurus Rex 9.92/18/2003Rate 3.66840
Steelhead Iron Brewer -2/18/2005Rate 3.32
Steelhead James Blonde 4.86/29/2015Rate 2.771
Steelhead Keller Kolsch 5.11/4/2014Rate 3.084
Steelhead Liberty Pale Ale -3/8/2009Rate 2.841
Steelhead Little Pookies Old Ale 7.68/1/2003Rate 3.254
Steelhead Lord Stanleys Dry Stout -3/3/2005Rate 2.986
Steelhead McFaddins Oatmeal Stout -12/3/2002Rate 3.416613
Steelhead Mega Dunkelweizen 8.31/7/2003Rate 3.071
Steelhead Midnight IPA 7.212/27/2012Rate 2.831
Steelhead Nigels Extra ESB -12/3/2002Rate 3.263
Steelhead Oaxaca Chocolate Stout -3/7/2005Rate 3.323
Steelhead Off the Vine Lager -1/30/2005Rate 2.841
Steelhead Oktoberfest -12/3/2002Rate 2.733
Steelhead Old Weasel Barleywine -1/15/2007Rate 2.562
Steelhead Orange Wheat 4.46/29/2015Rate 2.772
Steelhead OSullivan Stout -10/14/2004Rate 2.94
Steelhead Pacific Crest Porter -6/3/2004Rate 3.449
Steelhead Pacific Pilsner -8/31/2001Rate 2.824
Steelhead Pampanito Porter -8/31/2001Rate 2.422
Steelhead Paranormal Pilsener -6/3/2004Rate 2.973
Steelhead Peregrine Tooks IPA 6.71/15/2003Rate 3.177
Steelhead Pirates Plunder Porter -5/22/2006Rate 3.031
Steelhead Poor Richards Ale 8.91/16/2006Rate 3.124
Steelhead Punkin Ale -11/4/2007Rate 2.954
Steelhead Raging Rhino Red 5.412/3/2002Rate 3.095364
Steelhead Rally Monkey Red 7.65/20/2013Rate 2.831
Steelhead Reivers' E.S.B. -9/10/2014Rate 2.731
Steelhead San Andreas Alt -4/24/2008Rate 0
Steelhead St. Bernard Brown Ale 6.38/13/2012Rate 3.074
Steelhead Stairway To Hazen IPA 7.82/2/2019Rate 0
Steelhead Starchild Unfiltered Pale Ale -6/3/2004Rate 3.118
Steelhead Station Square Stout 7.61/7/2003Rate 2.99209
Steelhead Steel-Leader Lager 5.68/12/2015Rate 3.021
Steelhead Strong Scotch Ale 1012/7/2002Rate 3.245
Steelhead Terrapin Ale -5/8/2004Rate 3.37499
Steelhead Titanium Wheat -4/19/2006Rate 2.834
Steelhead Tongva Brown -7/4/2008Rate 2.822
Steelhead Twisted Meniscus IPA 6.98/22/2012Rate 3.385612
Steelhead U.C.I.P.A. -6/18/2007Rate 2.91810
Steelhead Undertow Porter -9/25/2002Rate 2.913
Steelhead Unforgivable Darkness 7.511/5/2015Rate 3.182
Steelhead Way of the Woods Stout 6.42/2/2019Rate 0
Steelhead Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 112/7/2005Rate 3.364
Steelhead White Dog Pale Ale -12/3/2002Rate 3.023120
Steelhead Wiley Rye.P.A. -2/15/2008Rate 3.015

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