Stockholm (Sthlm) Brewing Co.

Brewer rating: 94/100 1026 ratings
Södermannagatan 49, Stockholm, Sweden 11640
Associated place: Stockholm (Sthlm) Brewing Co.

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Månens Amber Ale (2016-) 5.51/9/2017Rate 0
Stockholm / Beerbliotek Just The Pips 4.212/16/2016Rate 3.142416
Stockholm / Brew by Numbers Oyster and Seaweed Saison 5.55/12/2017Rate 3.023
Stockholm / Költur You’re An IPA 6.09/27/2015Rate 3.192
Stockholm / Spritmuseum Kantarell & Kombu Gose 4.49/24/2015Rate 3.375314
Stockholm / Tempel Brygghus Polaren Putte 3.94/23/2016Rate 3.375625
Stockholm €uro P.A 4.51/13/2016Rate 3.193316
Stockholm Amber Ale 7.010/28/2012Rate 3.117611
Stockholm Bar Central Typ Kölsch 4.73/17/2013Rate 2.732
Stockholm Barrel Aged Hallonsour 5.35/12/2017Rate 3.425510
Stockholm Besserweisser 5.05/17/2014Rate 3.066048
Stockholm BFF Fall In Love 4.89/4/2015Rate 3.184
Stockholm BFF Love At Frost Sight 5.812/3/2015Rate 3.283
Stockholm BFF Spring Fling 4.52/27/2016Rate 3.297
Stockholm BFF Summer Love-In Brewing For Folkis 5.07/16/2015Rate 3.31649
Stockholm Birra Di Pizza 4.211/16/2016Rate 31
Stockholm Birra Nizza 4.212/17/2016Rate 3.275316
Stockholm Cask of Darkness 3.712/2/2016Rate 3.28869
Stockholm Cerveza Local #1 5.65/6/2016Rate 3.182
Stockholm Cheeky Little Stout 4.01/7/2015Rate 2.96149
Stockholm Cherry Sour 4.23/23/2016Rate 2.5129
Stockholm Cool Kids Juice 9.08/25/2016Rate 3.162
Stockholm Cuvee Alexandria 14 8.05/27/2015Rate 3.193117
Stockholm Cuvee Alexandria 15 8.05/29/2016Rate 3.352
Stockholm Deadwood 4.312/3/2014Rate 3.071833
Stockholm Djurgårdswitt 5.15/13/2015Rate 2.855
Stockholm Drop Coffee Sour 3.54/27/2017Rate 2.923713
Stockholm Droporter 5.32/1/2015Rate 3.1279
Stockholm Fäviken Saison 5.011/12/2016Rate 3.223
Stockholm Fläder Saison 5.08/10/2016Rate 3.057
Stockholm Fou Fou Houblonée Imperial IPA 1110/26/2013Rate 3.09613
Stockholm Fresh Hop Saison 5.212/27/2016Rate 3.112
Stockholm Grisfest 6.09/22/2013Rate 0
Stockholm HasBean Drop of Coffee 6.11/13/2016Rate 3.549128
Stockholm Hop Hound 4.72/7/2014Rate 3.234769
Stockholm Imperial Porter 8.512/4/2015Rate 3.594932
Stockholm India Pale Ale 6.02/20/2012Rate 3.263865
Stockholm Jästlabbet - IPA Chinook Mosaic 6.21/22/2016Rate 3.091
Stockholm Lager 5.01/18/2015Rate 2.985716
Stockholm Licorice T-bag Stout 5.65/27/2015Rate 2.943
Stockholm Mild 3.755/27/2015Rate 3.112
Stockholm Mötet 5.010/23/2012Rate 2.99499
Stockholm Nedward 7.02/24/2017Rate 3.657619
Stockholm Noir 7.73/3/2017Rate 3.334017
Stockholm Oud Bruin 6.06/25/2015Rate 3.282814
Stockholm Råg Saison 6.09/29/2016Rate 3.236210
Stockholm Ramen Juice 4.23/6/2016Rate 3.168
Stockholm Rosendals TrädgårdsSour 4.27/16/2016Rate 3.294013
Stockholm Saison d’etre 5.06/27/2014Rate 3.172484
Stockholm Saison de Brett 6.010/26/2015Rate 3.45922
Stockholm Saison de Brett Sour Cherry 7.08/17/2016Rate 3.426
Stockholm Saison de Brett the Elder 6.03/10/2017Rate 3.354711
Stockholm Sneaky Session PA 4.14/26/2015Rate 3.074
Stockholm Södermalm Bitter 3.81/28/2015Rate 2.91
Stockholm Södermalm Dry-hopped Sour 3.012/4/2015Rate 3.324330
Stockholm Södermalm HallonSour 3.38/25/2015Rate 3.487191
Stockholm Södermalm IPA Simcoe 6.93/11/2017Rate 3.091
Stockholm Södermalm Sour 1.59/27/2014Rate 3.23039
Stockholm Sow Your Oats Stout 3.85/27/2015Rate 3.033
Stockholm Spontamber 7.52/10/2016Rate 3.273
Stockholm Sthlm Ale 6.06/14/2013Rate 2.993
Stockholm Strong 8.67/13/2014Rate 2.888
Stockholm Super Saison 8.01/14/2016Rate 3.649224
Stockholm Table Pale Ale 2.88/25/2016Rate 3.183
Stockholm Table Saison 3.48/14/2016Rate 3.142012
Stockholm The Grape Escape 5.67/11/2015Rate 3.436619
Stockholm vs Brussels IPA 6.612/17/2015Rate 3.061
Stockholm While Dad’s Away 7.09/29/2016Rate 3.324610
Stockholm Wild Style Cherry Sour 7.05/17/2016Rate 3.278
Stockholm Wit 4.711/13/2012Rate 2.923
Stockholm/BrewDog Södermalm B.S. IPA 4.810/17/2015Rate 3.181412

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