Independent Lakeland / Stringers Wolf Warrior 3.54/17/2016Rate 3.023
Stringers Bauhaus 4.72/6/2014Rate 2.824
Stringers Best Bitter 4.24/25/2009Rate 2.98599
Stringers Black Flag 8.83/11/2010Rate 2.841
Stringers Damson 6.01/19/2013Rate 3.318816
Stringers Dark Country 3.55/4/2009Rate 2.987
Stringers Delta Strong Pale 6.510/29/2011Rate 3.013
Stringers Delta V 6.51/8/2013Rate 2.996
Stringers Dry Stout 4.510/17/2008Rate 3.579822
Stringers Elevation 3.511/5/2014Rate 0
Stringers Furness Abbey 7.01/15/2012Rate 3.234312
Stringers Furness Gold 3.51/18/2017Rate 3.13
Stringers Genuine Stunning Strong Ale 6.52/1/2010Rate 2.812
Stringers Go! Mild 5.55/9/2010Rate 2.771
Stringers Golden Ale (Cask) 3.712/31/2008Rate 2.85
Stringers Hop Priest 6.510/8/2010Rate 3.15
Stringers IPA 5.59/28/2016Rate 3.34
Stringers Mutiny Double Stout 9.32/19/2011Rate 3.462739
Stringers No.2 Stout 4.010/17/2008Rate 3.378428
Stringers No.3 Bitter 4.18/17/2009Rate 2.731
Stringers Old School Porter 4.74/5/2009Rate 2.71
Stringers Outlook Amber Ale Gluten Free 4.96/6/2015Rate 2.93
Stringers Outlook Dark Gluten Free 5.112/17/2016Rate 2.954
Stringers Outlook Golden Ale Gluten Free 3.75/15/2016Rate 2.54811
Stringers Outlook Pale Ale Gluten Free 5.512/16/2016Rate 34
Stringers Paint it Black 5.55/8/2010Rate 3.074
Stringers Plan B 3.71/29/2012Rate 2.994715
Stringers Priory 5.511/5/2014Rate 0
Stringers Release The Bats 4.711/23/2009Rate 3.054
Stringers Spice Weasel 5.512/24/2012Rate 2.881
Stringers Sunbird 4.08/6/2010Rate 2.94910
Stringers Sweet Gale Pale Ale 4.28/19/2015Rate 0
Stringers The North 4.99/24/2019Rate 2.981
Stringers The North will Rise Again 4.93/13/2012Rate 3379
Stringers Turbine Porter 5.110/17/2015Rate 3.078
Stringers Victoria IPA 5.55/8/2010Rate 3.284521
Stringers West Coast Blond Pale Ale 4.49/4/2009Rate 2.963
Stringers Wheat 4.210/14/2012Rate 2.591
Stringers Yellow Lorry 4.02/19/2011Rate 3.39516

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