Angelus Bier N°1 Triple
Brewed by/for Angelus
8.73/11/2015Rate 2.857
Angelus Bier N°2 Sunny
Brewed by/for Angelus
5.55/17/2015Rate 2.993712
Bier Butlers Ardoois Blond
Brewed by/for Bier Butlers
7.52/19/2016Rate 2.91815
Bier Butlers Ardoois Blond Barrel Aged Rum
Brewed by/for Bier Butlers
7.512/4/2018Rate 2.862
Bier Butlers Flanders Poppies
Brewed by/for Bier Butlers
7.012/3/2018Rate 3.053
Bier Butlers Witte Pater
Brewed by/for Bier Butlers
9.010/10/2016Rate 3.062316
Bier Butlers Witte Pater Barrel Aged Bourbon Whisky
Brewed by/for Bier Butlers
9.08/16/2019Rate 2.961
Vissenberg Cuvée Médard (Whisky BA)
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Vissenberg
7.011/11/2016Rate 3.163213
Vissenberg Cuvée Médard 2017 Vat Banyuls - batch 201713B
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Vissenberg
8.56/5/2018Rate 2.862
Vissenberg Cuvée Médard 2017 Vat: Cognac - batch 201713C
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Vissenberg
8.56/5/2018Rate 3.072
Vissenberg Schouwveger 9%
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Vissenberg
9.010/29/2014Rate 3.12323
Vissenberg Schouwveger Extra 10%
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Vissenberg
105/6/2015Rate 2.98
Steynemolen 7.05/6/2014Rate 2.88531
De Circus Brouwerij Pirate Picollo
Brewed by/for De Circus Brouwerij
105/17/2019Rate 2.772
De Circus Brouwerij Spring Circus #2019
Brewed by/for De Circus Brouwerij
6.84/19/2019Rate 2.884
De Circus Brouwerij Summer Circus # 2019
Brewed by/for De Circus Brouwerij
6.88/2/2019Rate 3.092
d'Oude Maalderij Chtulhu
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
148/22/2016Rate 3.414117
d'Oude Maalderij Deo
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
5.010/25/2014Rate 3.041635
d'Oude Maalderij Farang
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
8.01/10/2016Rate 3.275033
d'Oude Maalderij IDeke (alias)
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
d'Oude Maalderij Leviathan
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
1411/9/2015Rate 3.131221
d'Oude Maalderij Maximo
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
11.510/25/2014Rate 3.27946
d'Oude Maalderij Optimo
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
8.010/25/2014Rate 3.254232
d'Oude Maalderij Qantelaar (2014-…) (alias)
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
d'Oude Maalderij Qantelaar Oak Aged Makers Mark
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
9.011/29/2014Rate 3.191546
d'Oude Maalderij Qantelaar Oak Aged Wild Turkey
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
9.011/29/2014Rate 3.241919
d'Oude Maalderij The Kraken
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
1411/9/2015Rate 3.333022
Gaverhopke/d'Oude Maalderij Route du Soleil
Brewed by/for d'Oude Maalderij
7.06/6/2014Rate 33719
't Bond-Eke
Brewed by/for OostEke Brouwers
8.49/3/2015Rate 2.982
't Merchtems Neuzeke 7.38/20/2014Rate 3.046
Bartiste 6.87/19/2014Rate 2.792
Belgian Mum N°1 6.510/10/2016Rate 3.074911
BrandingHopke 6.55/21/2013Rate 3.013825
Gaverhopke 't Koerseklakske 5.58/24/2009Rate 3.0749107
Gaverhopke / White Pony Spring Tipple 8.04/15/2014Rate 3.032145
Gaverhopke Blauwe Bessen Bier 5.78/30/2013Rate 2.562216
Gaverhopke Blonde 8.012/6/2004Rate 3.24358
Gaverhopke Blondje 6.711/8/2010Rate 2.69832
Gaverhopke Bruin 8.01/25/2004Rate 32345
Gaverhopke Bruin (Wine Barrel Aged) 6.83/3/2014Rate 3.074424
Gaverhopke Bruintje 6.711/8/2010Rate 2.882238
Gaverhopke Burned Brown 9.58/30/2013Rate 3.062530
Gaverhopke C-Blond 6.01/7/2013Rate 2.58415
Gaverhopke Congébier 2009 7.07/12/2009Rate 2.947
Gaverhopke Congébier 2011 8.87/9/2011Rate 2.496
Gaverhopke Congébier 2012 8.57/6/2012Rate 2.53114
Gaverhopke Den Twaalf 128/11/2003Rate 3.3328250
Gaverhopke Den Twaalf Bourbon BA 122/22/2017Rate 3.548
Gaverhopke Den Twaalf Scotch Whisky Barrel Aged 125/9/2018Rate 3.182
Gaverhopke Dhulsterke 7.86/29/2015Rate 2.871
Gaverhopke Eva (2014) 6.11/11/2014Rate 2.985416
Gaverhopke Eva (2015) 6.25/6/2015Rate 2.963110
Gaverhopke Extra (alias) 121/6/2009
Gaverhopke Extra Special Aged on Whiskey Barrel Edition 2014 137/28/2015Rate 3.058
Gaverhopke Extra Special Aged On Whisky Barrel Edition 2012 114/14/2013Rate 3.031734
Gaverhopke Extra Special Vintage 2011 1010/22/2012Rate 2.93915
Gaverhopke Gapersdorre 7.04/15/2016Rate 3.054
Gaverhopke Glühkriek 7.012/14/2008Rate 2.887
Gaverhopke Kerstbier 8.012/15/2002Rate 2.951078
Gaverhopke Kriek 7.01/12/2004Rate 2.774054
Gaverhopke Leegaarke 6.82/8/2017Rate 3.025
Gaverhopke Lekker Biertje Appelpleziertje 7.08/9/2018Rate 2.941
Gaverhopke Leutigen 12 127/14/2008Rate 3.08927
Gaverhopke Mirakelbier 6.42/8/2016Rate 2.66612
Gaverhopke Ne Stasegemse Loper 7.010/22/2012Rate 2.932839
Gaverhopke Paasbier (2011 - ) 6.8% 6.84/24/2011Rate 3.034314
Gaverhopke Paasbier 8% 8.01/22/2005Rate 3.024039
Gaverhopke Rafiki 7.511/30/2016Rate 2.56410
Gaverhopke Special Aged 1 Year on South Spanish Wine Barrel 8.311/29/2014Rate 2.57110
Gaverhopke Style Barley Wine 10.75/18/2018Rate 3.053
Gaverhopke Vulcano Black 6.711/29/2015Rate 3.234019
Gaverhopke Winterbier 6.812/19/2016Rate 2.791410
Gaverhopke Zingende Blondine (Singing Blonde) 9.89/27/2008Rate 3.1938149
Gaverhopke Zingende Blondine Bourgogne B.A. 10.17/31/2018Rate 3.186
Gaverhopke Zingende Blondine Calvados B.A. 10.16/7/2015Rate 3.254329
Gaverhopke Zingende Blondine Slyrs B.A. 10.57/31/2018Rate 2.844
Gaverhopke/Tired Hands Bittersweet Symphony 7.86/27/2011Rate 3.432186
Tournéé de Kommerse! 6.87/13/2015Rate 2.771
White Pony AkissToRemember (Calvados BA) 12.510/2/2015Rate 3.749011
White Pony Ambra 9.32/25/2013Rate 3.335327
White Pony Bleeding To Death 9.14/15/2015Rate 3.184
White Pony Blondche 6.77/31/2013Rate 2.791
White Pony Blondche Dry Hop 6.77/31/2013Rate 2.841
White Pony Gense 8.07/31/2013Rate 2.83317
White Pony Hulahop Tumble (Tequila B.A.) 102/9/2016Rate 3.41459
White Pony Jack Sheep (Jack Daniels Reserva) 115/13/2015Rate 3.564011
White Pony Melissa 5.94/15/2015Rate 3.041
White Pony MyDarkestSideOfMind (Calvados BA) 1110/2/2015Rate 3.726611
White Pony Nasty White Snow 9.110/18/2013Rate 3.238339
White Pony RedShift Brandy BA 134/13/2014Rate 3.284130
White Pony Strongest Than Ever BA Bourbon 161/20/2014Rate 3.749215
White Pony Strongest Than Ever BA Cognac 2013 161/17/2014Rate 3.587118
White Pony Teppistenbier Bourgogne Rouge Special Edition 122/8/2016Rate 3.46449
White Pony The Prophet 12.62/25/2013Rate 3.068
White Pony Venice Traditional Saison 6.82/25/2013Rate 3.263740
White Pony What the Fuck (batch one: Palisade / Sorachi Ace) 7.05/6/2014Rate 3.23053
White Pony WinterDawn 1212/19/2013Rate 3.14947
White Pony Zumbi BA Brandy 10.35/13/2015Rate 3.394

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