TableRock BrewPub & Grill

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
705 Fulton Street, Boise, Idaho, USA 83702-7126
out of business

Operated 1991 to 2014
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TableRock All American Steam Beer -5/31/2004Rate 3.086
TableRock Ascension Imperial Pilsner 8.011/9/2006Rate 3.063
TableRock Autobahn Alt -7/22/2003Rate 2.774
TableRock Barrel Aged Rye Saison 7.410/26/2013Rate 2.911
TableRock Bavarian Dunkel 5.012/28/2013Rate 2.842
TableRock Beamed Up Cheer -2/27/2005Rate 3.165
TableRock Belgian Double IPA 9.09/20/2013Rate 2.92
TableRock Belgian IPA -3/4/2010Rate 2.841
TableRock Belgian Tripel 101/11/2004Rate 3.183
TableRock Bitterroot Pale Ale 5.88/28/2003Rate 3.094111
TableRock Black Ale 6.510/25/2013Rate 2.962
TableRock Black Hops 7.05/12/2011Rate 2.914
TableRock Blackout Stout -1/22/2003Rate 3.215
TableRock Blaggard's Irish Red 4.83/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Bottle Blonde 4.98/30/2013Rate 2.92
TableRock Brew Turf 4.911/21/2010Rate 2.912
TableRock Bronco Brew 5.53/17/2004Rate 2.834
TableRock Cascadian Dark Ale 5.58/23/2013Rate 2.861
TableRock Chili Chocolate Porter -3/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Chocolate Porter -12/29/2003Rate 2.716
TableRock Cocoa Stout 6.912/21/2013Rate 2.871
TableRock Copperhead Red 5.06/1/2006Rate 3.168916
TableRock Dawson Taylor Stimulator Stout 6.011/27/2008Rate 3.095
TableRock Dog Paddle Pils -2/25/2005Rate 2.917
TableRock Doppelbock 8.07/15/2012Rate 2.881
TableRock Double Chocolate Porter -3/24/2013Rate 2.962
TableRock Double IPA 8.58/23/2013Rate 3.013
TableRock Downtown Brown Porter 5.73/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Dry Mead 11.51/19/2014Rate 2.81
TableRock Dublin' Up Irish Stout 5.03/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Foggy Goggle Wheat -3/27/2006Rate 2.52
TableRock Frostbite Pale Ale -3/27/2006Rate 3.151
TableRock Goats Head ESB -9/18/2003Rate 2.933
TableRock Holiday Braggot -3/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock HopHead IPA 7.01/22/2003Rate 3.325121
TableRock Hophead IPA (Version 2.0) 7.011/21/2010Rate 3.33529
TableRock Hopocalypse 9.27/7/2012Rate 2.91
TableRock Hoptosaurus Rex 8.23/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Hopzilla 8.251/22/2003Rate 3.467030
TableRock Idaho Gold Lager 5.63/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Imperial Black Saison -3/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Imperial Red Ale 8.93/24/2013Rate 3.063
TableRock Imperial Russian Stout 8.59/20/2013Rate 2.911
TableRock Jack Black 7.112/21/2013Rate 2.841
TableRock Kien Name Marzen -7/24/2009Rate 2.853
TableRock Kitchen Sink Altbier 4.88/19/2013Rate 2.972
TableRock Kristallweizen 5.01/3/2014Rate 2.92
TableRock Laughing Dog Pale Ale -5/26/2005Rate 3.063712
TableRock Lemon Ginger IPA -3/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock MacLobies Scottish Ale -1/22/2003Rate 3.16
TableRock Mai Bock -4/23/2007Rate 3.074
TableRock Morning Buzzard 6.912/21/2013Rate 2.861
TableRock Nitro American Stout 6.51/19/2014Rate 2.911
TableRock O'Tay Gluten Free Ale 6.253/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Oaked Hophead IPA (v2.0) -8/23/2013Rate 2.861
TableRock Oatmeal Stout -9/18/2003Rate 3.34
TableRock Oktoberfest 5.01/28/2004Rate 2.964
TableRock Old Fitzgeralds Barley Wine -4/25/2007Rate 3.336
TableRock OLearys XXX Stout 5.56/13/2004Rate 3.328
TableRock Orange Blossom Special 5.87/30/2003Rate 3.076815
TableRock Peregrine Porter -7/22/2003Rate 2.828
TableRock Pink Boots Porter -3/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Rattlesnake Red 4.93/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Red -1/22/2003Rate 3.216
TableRock Re-Model Marzen -7/29/2005Rate 3.063
TableRock Ruffian Irish Red 5.53/17/2004Rate 31
TableRock Rye Extra Pale Ale 4.98/10/2013Rate 2.842
TableRock Rye Saison 6.78/27/2012Rate 3.025
TableRock Signature Stout 5.03/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Skinny Tire 2.97/27/2004Rate 2.832
TableRock Sophie's Atta Girl Ale -5/9/2009Rate 2.842
TableRock Sparkling Dry Mead 11.610/26/2013Rate 2.691
TableRock Spring Celebration 6.53/17/2004Rate 3.377
TableRock Spud Light -8/30/2006Rate 2.811
TableRock St. Andrews Amber 5.51/22/2003Rate 2.995820
TableRock Stimulator Stout 6.03/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Summerfest 5.09/26/2004Rate 2.961
TableRock Sumo Stout -2/10/2005Rate 3.296
TableRock T.D.s Nut Brown Ale 5.51/22/2003Rate 3.237919
TableRock Vandal Gold 4.611/1/2010Rate 2.842
TableRock Vanilla Creme Stout -3/24/2013Rate 0
TableRock Weizen Cream Stout -10/18/2004Rate 3.15
TableRock Weizenbock 7.92/14/2014Rate 2.81
TableRock White Bird Wheat 4.11/22/2003Rate 2.897017
TableRock Winter Cheer -1/22/2003Rate 3.218611
TableRock Woodpecker Light -1/22/2003Rate 2.257217
TableRock Yard Sale Dark Ale -3/27/2006Rate 3.192
TableRock Young Hopenstein -3/24/2013Rate 0

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