Temple Brewery & Brasserie

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 84/100 359 ratings
122 Weston Street, Brunswick East, VIC, Australia 3057
Wed through Sat: 11 am to 11 pm
Sun: 11 am to 9 pm

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Temple Anytime IPA 4.712/10/2013Rate 3.284437
Temple Bicycle Beer 4.212/26/2011Rate 3.035539
Temple Brunswick Draught 4.812/26/2011Rate 2.91
Temple Cardamom Pale Ale 4.73/5/2017Rate 3.091
Temple Extra Special Bitter 5.47/13/2012Rate 3.238710
Temple Garden Ale 4.83/5/2017Rate 2.681
Temple Hefeweizen -10/1/2014Rate 2.861
Temple Lemon Verbena Wit 4.67/31/2016Rate 3.091
Temple Midnight IPA 7.01/18/2012Rate 3.628731
Temple Monsoon Ginger Beer 3.52/27/2013Rate 2.862
Temple New World Order 6.59/18/2014Rate 3.549023
Temple Oatmeal Stout 5.98/25/2012Rate 3.224711
Temple Okinawa Sour 4.03/5/2017Rate 3.021
Temple Onetime Double IPA 7.812/10/2015Rate 3.324
Temple Pale Ale 5.012/8/2006Rate 3.225033
Temple People’s Pint - Double Hoptendre 5.88/17/2012Rate 3.073
Temple Powerstance Pilsner 5.13/16/2016Rate 2.95669
Temple Rapture 9.15/29/2016Rate 3.134
Temple Resurrection Pilsner 5.612/6/2013Rate 2.931
Temple Rye Hard IPA 6.39/18/2014Rate 3.344727
Temple Saison 5.410/7/2007Rate 3.213532
Temple Saison de Miel 8.06/15/2012Rate 3.388
Temple Scarlet Sour 4.010/31/2012Rate 2.972219
Temple Scarlet Super 4.05/30/2014Rate 3.054
Temple Smoked Weizen 5.25/12/2012Rate 3.053
Temple Soba Ale 5.03/13/2010Rate 3.135311
Temple Special Bitter 4.72/18/2007Rate 2.914520
Temple XII 12.123/27/2013Rate 0
Temple/Royal Mail Hotel Season’s Harvest 4.55/12/2015Rate 0
Temple/Weihenstephan Der Handschlag 6.19/18/2014Rate 0
Temple/Weihenstephaner Unifikator Weizenbock 7.05/21/2012Rate 3.387622

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