Thai Beverages

Commercial Brewery
Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Province, Thailand
Associated place: Royal Thai Restaurant
ThaiBev is Thailand’s largest beverage company with distilleries in Thailand, Scotland, Ireland, China, and France. It started production of beer, "Chang", in 1994, which was sold in Thailand with rice as an ingredient, but as all malt for export. It developed a "Chang Light" and an "Archa" brand. All brands were stopped in 2015, with a new band, "Chang Classic", launched. ThaiBev has three breweries.
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Archa 5.011/24/2004Rate 1.7313118
Chang Beer 5.04/12/2004Rate 2.0341918
Chang Beer 3.5% 3.59/17/2012Rate 1.741446
Chang Beer 6.4% 6.41/3/2001Rate 2.1519212
Chang Classic 5.07/24/2016Rate 2.1652160
Chang Classic 5.5% (alias) 5.52/12/2016
Chang Draught 5.03/29/2008Rate 1.761756
Chang Export 5.02/18/2012Rate 2.135144
Chang Light 4.25/10/2006Rate 1.711247
Federbräu 5.02/26/2009Rate 2.11037
Tapper 6.54/9/2018Rate 2.622
Trucker Premium Strong Beer 8.09/11/2016Rate 2.851

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