The Answer Brewpub

Brew Pub
6008 W Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, USA 23230
Mon thru Fri: 4 pm to 12 midnite
Sat: 12 noon to 12 midnite
Sun: 12 noon to 10 pm

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IMPORTANT: Anything from the "Andall" or "Joose" series is not eligible for inclusion on Ratebeer (which includes most "popsicle" and "scoops" beers). Ratings of an "Andall" beer will be deleted.
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The Answer #AlternativeHops 8.03/4/2017Rate 3.151
The Answer / 3 Sons Grain Sack Napz 11.29/2/2017Rate 3.483
The Answer / Abnormal Black Forest Seduction 10.56/20/2017Rate 3.252
The Answer / American Solera Double Dragon(fruit) 7.010/25/2018Rate 3.091
The Answer / Bottle Logic I Like Turtles 9.011/3/2017Rate 3.745
The Answer / Brew Bus Space Dockers 8.01/2/2017Rate 3.192
The Answer / Equilibrium Brunch Rules Everything Around Me 11.54/19/2018Rate 3.191
The Answer / Final Gravity: Final Answer Triple Dry Hopped IPA 8.02/28/2017Rate 3.32
The Answer / Foam Hard to Earn 8.012/7/2017Rate 3.191
The Answer / Hardywood Armed With A Mind 4.710/5/2015Rate 2.981
The Answer / Horus Aged Ales Tubby Svelte 10.57/2/2017Rate 0
The Answer / Jackie Os Enta Da Stage 1012/28/2016Rate 3.385
The Answer / Mad Fusion Paddle Breaker 10.810/6/2018Rate 3.041
The Answer / Other Half Nothing But Net 8.07/12/2017Rate 3.041
The Answer / Parish Trombone Adam 1112/15/2018Rate 3.212
The Answer / Parish Trombone Adam: Bill and Tez's Sensual Blend 9.51/1/2019Rate 3.191
The Answer / Parish Trombone Adam: Karl's Massage Kitchen 1112/31/2018Rate 3.151
The Answer / Precarious Southeastern Hospitality 10.26/29/2018Rate 3.232
The Answer / The Veil Thumbs Up Emoji 8.02/11/2018Rate 0
The Answer / Triple Crossing Take It Down 8.012/19/2015Rate 3.377
The Answer 2 Scoops: Pink Guava, Passionfruit (Andall) 3.58/27/2017 U  0
The Answer 2 Scoops: Raspberry, Passionfruit (Andall) 3.56/29/2017 U  0
The Answer 3 Scoops: Passionfruit, Lemonade, Mango (Andall) 3.56/29/2017 U  0
The Answer 3 Scoops: Pineapple, Coconut, Passionfruit (Andall) 3.57/13/2017 U  0
The Answer 3 Scoops: Pineapple, Coconut, Strawberry (Andall) 3.51/16/2019 U  0
The Answer 3 Scoops: Raspberry, Strawberry, Rhubarb (Andall) 3.57/13/2017 U  0
The Answer 360 Shove It Reverse 1011/4/2018Rate 3.231
The Answer Acquitted 6.79/2/2018Rate 3.091
The Answer All the Action 8.04/27/2017Rate 3.688311
The Answer All Tree of Y'all 6.711/5/2018Rate 3.151
The Answer Augmentation IPA 7.35/31/2016Rate 3.162
The Answer Aunt Sara (Kona And Hazelnut) (Andall) 127/28/2017 U  0
The Answer Bay Day Blonde 4.87/27/2015Rate 31
The Answer Benji's Breakfast (Andall) 9.05/6/2017 U  0
The Answer Big Bag of Wheat 8.97/9/2018Rate 3.131
The Answer Blue Straws 3.911/21/2016Rate 3.343
The Answer Blueberry Popsicle (Andall) 3.57/10/2017 U  0
The Answer Boomerang Potential 5.112/15/2017Rate 3.212
The Answer Broken Bird 9.710/14/2016Rate 3.46
The Answer Bru-Bert 101/21/2019Rate 3.262
The Answer Calculated Risk 10.12/14/2016Rate 3.213
The Answer Canteen 8.012/8/2016Rate 3.021
The Answer Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah (Andall) 9.57/1/2017 U  0
The Answer Caught a Humble 4.29/21/2018Rate 3.586114
The Answer Chameleon (Andall) 8.39/13/2017 U  0
The Answer Charges Dropped 9.110/6/2018Rate 3.061
The Answer Chasing Rings 8.011/5/2018Rate 0
The Answer Cherry Pie (Andall) -5/6/2017 U  0
The Answer Cinnamon Roll (Andall) 9.08/27/2017 U  0
The Answer Constant Pressure 7.13/7/2017Rate 3.171
The Answer Consumption 3.48/16/2015Rate 3.29409
The Answer Corporate Conference Room 6.66/17/2018Rate 3.061
The Answer Corporate Severance Package 6.510/6/2018Rate 3.253
The Answer Corporate Slacker 5.910/15/2018Rate 3.021
The Answer Cosmic Crusher 6.74/22/2017Rate 3.344
The Answer Court Appointed Attorney 6.561/3/2019Rate 3.041
The Answer Current Status 6.06/17/2018Rate 31
The Answer Czech Engine Light 4.93/25/2018Rate 2.972
The Answer Danksy 7.711/5/2018Rate 3.041
The Answer Dead Thumb 10.98/19/2016Rate 3.44
The Answer Dead Thumb (Kona Hazelnut) (Andall) 10.98/21/2016 U  0
The Answer Delegate 5.411/30/2015Rate 2.961
The Answer Diablo's Brunch 125/27/2017Rate 3.615
The Answer Don't Forget To Bring A Towel 7.411/4/2018Rate 3.332
The Answer Door-To-Door Glycol Salesman 8.01/1/2019Rate 3.252
The Answer Dora The Joose Explorer (Andall) 7.07/1/2017 U  0
The Answer Double Apricot Popsicle (Andall) 3.57/19/2017 U  0
The Answer Double Scoop - Passionfruit (Andall) 3.55/28/2017 U  0
The Answer Double Strawberry Popsicle (Andall) 3.510/5/2017 U  3.151
The Answer Drank 8.09/3/2015Rate 3.171
The Answer Everything Is A Nail 8.85/9/2018Rate 3.193
The Answer Extra Credit 8.02/12/2017Rate 3.434
The Answer Extra Credit (Double Dry Hopped) 8.05/27/2017Rate 3.393
The Answer Extra Credit (Triple Dry Hopped) 8.01/13/2017Rate 3.415
The Answer False Paradigm 6.77/27/2017Rate 1
The Answer Flesh Wound 10.13/7/2017Rate 3.65
The Answer Fugitive Moments 5.99/21/2018Rate 3.493810
The Answer Get Me Out of the Garden 5.86/13/2018Rate 3.182
The Answer Good Nightmare Mekong w/ Maple (Andall) 118/21/2016 U  0
The Answer Grand Larceny 8.05/15/2015Rate 3.749120
The Answer Grand Larceny (Triple Dry Hopped) 8.07/7/2017Rate 3.528
The Answer Grapefruit Hug 8.59/19/2016Rate 3.061
The Answer Greg Dennis (Andall) 117/19/2017 U  0
The Answer Hard Hug 8.011/26/2016Rate 3.33
The Answer Hard in the Paint 8.010/3/2015Rate 3.66717
The Answer Hard In the Paint (Triple Dry Hopped) 8.07/28/2017Rate 3.282
The Answer Haun Solo (Andall) 5.07/12/2017 U  0
The Answer Haven't Theen the Paper Boy In A While 8.01/3/2019Rate 0
The Answer Headina Weisse 4.38/17/2015Rate 3.254
The Answer I Am CM Bryant (Andall) 137/19/2017 U  0
The Answer I Have Nipples Greg 9.512/15/2018Rate 3.231
The Answer I Know Dats Ripe 9.011/4/2018Rate 3.191
The Answer Ich bin An Berliner (Andall) 3.510/14/2017 U  3.111
The Answer Ick Bait 6.07/27/2015Rate 3.211
The Answer Imperial 3 Scoops: Pineapple, Coconut, Strawberry 6.52/3/2019Rate 2.891
The Answer Impulsive Behavior 7.53/21/2018Rate 3.111
The Answer Ivana Humpalot 3.59/5/2018Rate 3.151
The Answer Jamaican Phil B ! (Andall) 118/7/2017 U  0
The Answer Jose Lopez 5.09/13/2018 U  3.091
The Answer Jose Mostrel (Andall) 107/19/2017 U  0
The Answer Junk Defense 8.43/25/2018Rate 3.042
The Answer King Kahuna (Andall) 1210/12/2015 U  0
The Answer King Molokai (Barrel Aged) (Andall) 137/10/2017 U  0
The Answer Knockout Vert 7.04/17/2016Rate 3.091
The Answer Kromer Juice - Blueberry (Andall) 4.05/6/2017 U  0
The Answer Kromer Juice - Lychee (Andall) 3.57/10/2017 U  0
The Answer Kromer Juice - Mango (Andall) 3.57/19/2017 U  0
The Answer Kromer Juice - Pink Guava (Andall) 4.06/29/2017 U  0
The Answer Kromer Juice - Prickly Pear (Andall) 3.56/24/2017 U  0
The Answer Kromer Juice - Strawberry Rhubarb (Andall) 4.07/3/2017 U  0
The Answer KuTo (Andall) 138/27/2017 U  0
The Answer La Di Da Di (alias) 8.04/13/2018
The Answer Larceny 6.56/14/2015Rate 3.739824
The Answer Larceny (Triple Dry Hopped) 6.510/28/2017Rate 3.363
The Answer Loops of Fruit 4.61/4/2017Rate 0
The Answer Lost Identity 6.03/8/2016Rate 3.131
The Answer Lychee Creamsicle (Andall) 3.57/19/2017 U  0
The Answer Mami Cereza 4.27/25/2016Rate 3.192
The Answer Marshmallow Mathers (Andall) 11.48/5/2018 U  3.171
The Answer Maybe Just A Little High 5.212/15/2018Rate 3.171
The Answer Megablast 10.13/8/2016Rate 3.578
The Answer Megablast (Triple Dry Hopped) 10.17/7/2017Rate 0
The Answer Mexican Phil B ! (Andall) 11.57/10/2017 U  0
The Answer Mike McIlyar's Hangover Cure (Andall) 117/10/2017 U  0
The Answer Mind Games 8.010/5/2016Rate 3.46429
The Answer Mind Games (Triple Dry Hopped) 8.07/7/2017Rate 3.282
The Answer Morning Juice 9 (Andall) 3.43/8/2016 U  0
The Answer Morning Juice 11 (Andall) -6/5/2017 U  0
The Answer Morning Juice 23 (Andall) 3.57/10/2017 U  0
The Answer Mounds Tiramasu (Andall) 107/10/2017 U  0
The Answer Mouth Hug 8.010/5/2015Rate 3.738915
The Answer Mouth Hug (Dry Hopped with Azacca) 8.03/25/2018Rate 3.142
The Answer Mouth Hug (Triple Dry Hopped) 8.07/28/2017Rate 3.343
The Answer Mrs Kromer Lemonada (Andall) 4.05/6/2017 U  0
The Answer My Maaan (Andall) 148/7/2017 U  0
The Answer Nae Juice (Andall) 3.58/27/2017 U  0
The Answer Naked Isuck (Andall) 117/19/2017 U  0
The Answer Neighborhood Watch 6.810/5/2015Rate 3.021
The Answer Nelson Sauron 6.56/14/2015Rate 3.262
The Answer New Boot Goofin’ 5.37/9/2018Rate 3.171
The Answer Nocturnal Emission 10.111/24/2016Rate 3.494
The Answer Nowhere To Hide 5.99/27/2017Rate 0
The Answer Obey Berliner 5.05/31/2016Rate 3.041
The Answer Out On Bail 6.711/4/2018Rate 3.282
The Answer Parole Violation 7.47/9/2018Rate 3.091
The Answer Petty Larceny 5.06/13/2015Rate 3.599615
The Answer Petty Larceny (Triple Dry Hopped) 5.07/19/2017Rate 3.061
The Answer Phantom Limb Pain 10.19/2/2017Rate 3.555
The Answer Pho King Corey (Andall) 3.57/28/2017 U  0
The Answer Pholicia (Andall) 3.59/21/2017 U  0
The Answer Piece of the Action 7.06/24/2016Rate 3.719714
The Answer Piece of the Action (Double Dry Hopped) 7.05/27/2017Rate 3.151
The Answer Piece of the Action (Triple Dry Hopped) 7.08/27/2017Rate 3.243
The Answer Piloerection 101/17/2018Rate 3.493
The Answer Piloerection (Coconut) 101/1/2019Rate 3.151
The Answer Pitted Pleasure 3.44/17/2016Rate 3.111
The Answer Plausible Liability 8.06/20/2016Rate 3.463
The Answer Plead the Fif 8.310/6/2018Rate 3.252
The Answer Pliable Posture 8.58/6/2016Rate 3.232
The Answer Pocket Dial 6.76/29/2018Rate 3.061
The Answer Porter in the Rye 5.66/18/2016Rate 3.061
The Answer Possibly Maybe 8.46/20/2016Rate 3.445
The Answer Probable Cause 101/2/2017Rate 3.061
The Answer Property Theft 6.09/3/2018Rate 3.619811
The Answer Quy Cab '97 6.08/4/2018Rate 3.121810
The Answer Racketeering 7.98/17/2018Rate 3.66513
The Answer Raspberry Popsicle (Andall) 3.58/27/2017 U  0
The Answer Red and Blue Popsicle 3.510/6/2018 U  0
The Answer Reliable Witness 8.28/23/2017Rate 3.182
The Answer Remote Control 5.06/29/2018Rate 3.142
The Answer Repeat Offender 6.73/4/2017Rate 3.262
The Answer Sailboat Worthy 4.010/21/2016Rate 3.162
The Answer Shannon Spiker (Andall) 3.57/10/2017 U  0
The Answer She Gone 8.01/28/2016Rate 3.497
The Answer She Good 6.911/30/2015Rate 3.344
The Answer Shot a Kite 5.511/5/2018Rate 31
The Answer Slice of Beer 6.51/3/2019Rate 0
The Answer Stonefruit Popsicle (Andall) 3.56/16/2017 U  0
The Answer Strawberry and Rhubarb Popsicle (Andall) 3.56/24/2017 U  0
The Answer Strawberry Margarita Popsicle (Andall) 3.58/7/2017 U  0
The Answer Succumb 6.56/14/2015Rate 3.274
The Answer Summer of Touch 8.08/7/2017Rate 0
The Answer That's Not My Bag 6.012/15/2018Rate 0
The Answer The Glycol Technician 8.012/15/2018Rate 3.281
The Answer The Joose is Loose (Andall) 3.58/18/2017 U  0
The Answer The Longest Knockout 7.512/15/2018Rate 0
The Answer Trench Foot 11.41/2/2017Rate 3.193
The Answer Triple 3 Scoops - Passionfruit Lemonade Mango 9.01/5/2019 U  3.232
The Answer Triple Peach Popsicle 3.512/27/2017 U  3.131
The Answer Unicorn Joose 3.55/13/2018 U  3.322
The Answer Vanilla Vixen 10.35/18/2017Rate 3.77
The Answer Vermont GBS 9.512/23/2017 U  3.131
The Answer Virginia Cobbler (Cherry, Apricot) (Andall) 4.09/1/2018 U  0
The Answer Warrant Served 7.210/25/2018Rate 3.091
The Answer Wheat In The Knees 6.26/25/2016Rate 3.32
The Answer Work Release 8.110/25/2018Rate 3.091
The Answer You're a Towel! 7.61/1/2019Rate 3.072
The Answer Z-ma 6.012/6/2018Rate 0

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