The Brewhouse Brisbane

(Not In Production)
Level 1, 142 Albert Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4002
Draught sales through the venue 601 Stanley Street Brisbane

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Auroras Barley Wine 8.111/2/2003Rate 3.31
Auroras Bulldog Pale Ale 5.011/2/2003Rate 2.613
Auroras Devils Dark 6.011/2/2003Rate 2.962
Auroras Fallen Angel Ale 3.011/2/2003Rate 2.612
Auroras Hefe Weisen 5.011/2/2003Rate 2.777
The Brewhouse Autumn Leaves Dunkelweizen 5.86/25/2014Rate 2.861
The Brewhouse Bollocks Extra Special Bitter 5.08/14/2011Rate 2.861
The Brewhouse Brisbane Pale Ale 4.53/11/2011Rate 3.075
The Brewhouse Bulldog Cloudy Ale 4.13/17/2006Rate 2.513
The Brewhouse Dry Your Eyes Rye Brown Ale 4.56/7/2014Rate 2.871
The Brewhouse Engine IPA 5.28/21/2007Rate 2.843
The Brewhouse Fallen Star 3.53/17/2006Rate 2.092
The Brewhouse Golden Ale 3.04/6/2012Rate 2.912
The Brewhouse Hefe (Australia) 5.06/16/2008Rate 2.861
The Brewhouse Kiwi Fruit Salad 5.011/27/2013Rate 2.861
The Brewhouse Lord Lamington Dark Ale 5.011/27/2013Rate 2.831
The Brewhouse Midnight Extra Stout 6.83/17/2006Rate 2.865
The Brewhouse Moonlight Porter 4.53/17/2006Rate 2.525
The Brewhouse Paddington's Chocolate Porter 4.95/12/2012Rate 2.861
The Brewhouse Railroad IPA 6.011/1/2013Rate 2.881
The Brewhouse Schwarzbier - The 4th Reich 5.03/28/2008Rate 2.841
The Brewhouse Shot in the Dark Coffee Porter -8/14/2011Rate 2.932
The Brewhouse Six and Out Stout 6.34/26/2013Rate 2.911
The Brewhouse Star Lager 5.03/17/2006Rate 2.275
The Brewhouse Storm Real Ale 5.13/17/2006Rate 2.82
The Brewhouse Sunset Amber 4.33/17/2006Rate 2.643
The Brewhouse Sunshine Honey Wheat 5.05/14/2011Rate 2.861
The Brewhouse Sunshine Wheat 5.02/6/2006Rate 2.523
The Brewhouse Taffinator Doppelbock 7.28/15/2008Rate 32
The Brewhouse Taffys Bock 6.29/12/2008Rate 2.913
The Brewhouse The Dogs Bollocks 3.08/21/2007Rate 2.722
The Brewhouse Toasty Oat 6.57/20/2014Rate 2.861
The Brewhouse Up Yer Kilt 5.33/28/2008Rate 2.783
The Brewhouse Walker Texas Ranger APA 5.210/24/2013Rate 3.192
The Brewhouse Witty Wit 5.010/24/2013Rate 2.831

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