Brewer rating: 75/100 434 ratings
2 boulevard St Martin, Paris, France 75010
09.30 - 18.00

Places associated: The Frog & Rosbif, The Frog and Rosbif Toulouse, The Frog & Princess, The Frog & British Library, The Frog XVI, The Frog at Bercy Village, The Frog and Rosbif
Brewing in Paris depuis 1993
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Frog Beer Aeropostale (alias) 4.29/5/2000
Frog Beer Brew d’Ausone (alias) 5.24/5/2004
Frog Beer Ba Ba Boom! (2013) 5.51/2/2014Rate 2.671
Frog Beer Ba Ba Boom! (2014-) 4.33/19/2015Rate 2.875
Frog Beer Bewitched 5.011/1/2016Rate 2.871
Frog Beer Bordale (alias) 4.29/5/2000
Frog Beer Brew de L’Industrie (alias) 5.24/5/2004
Frog Beer Dark De Triomphe 5.09/5/2000Rate 3.032373
Frog Beer Darkitaine (alias) 5.09/5/2000
Frog Beer Darktagnan (alias) 5.09/5/2000
Frog Beer Dunkelblond 4.28/8/2015Rate 3.142
Frog Beer Froegaarden (alias) 4.28/30/2002
Frog Beer Ginger Twist 4.26/14/2002Rate 2.641758
Frog Beer Inseine 4.49/5/2000Rate 2.812268
Frog Beer Kapow! 5.57/15/2014Rate 0
Frog Beer Ker... Splat! (alias) 4.09/4/2015
Frog Beer Kersplat! 4.07/30/2014Rate 3.118
Frog Beer London Ale 4.112/2/2015Rate 2.641
Frog Beer London Porter 4.86/17/2015Rate 3.112
Frog Beer Maison Blanche 4.29/5/2000Rate 2.71453
Frog Beer Natural Blonde 4.39/5/2000Rate 2.56952
Frog Beer Parislytic 5.28/30/2002Rate 2.973462
Frog Beer Pearl Pale Ale 4.17/30/2014Rate 2.83920
Frog Beer Rosbif’s Revenge 6.72/4/2004Rate 2.431
Frog Beer Scotch Ale 5.28/17/2015Rate 0
Frog Beer Spelt Saison - Cereal Series #2 4.58/6/2016Rate 0
Frog Beer Tha... Wack 5.511/6/2014Rate 3.56212
Frog Beer The Frog & Rosbif (alias) 5.21/10/2013
Frog Beer Trente Wheat (alias) 5.09/5/2000
Frog Beer Trick or Treat 5.011/5/2015Rate 0
Frog Beer Wham! 4.57/15/2014Rate 3.07309
Frog Beer Yorkshire Bitter 4.18/7/2015Rate 2.961
Frog Beer Zonk! 4.29/29/2015Rate 2.672
FrogBeer Hopster 3.88/13/2016Rate 3.073

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