The Livery

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 100/100 2449 ratings
190 Fifth Street, Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA 49022
M-Th 4p-midnight F 11:30a-midnight Sa Noon-1am Su 2p-9p

Associated place: The Livery

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The Livery 1/10th Mt. Tele 4.7512/13/2012Rate 2.81
The Livery 11th Anniversary Ale 11.59/14/2016Rate 3.022
The Livery 2009 Barrel Aged Carvana 9.59/12/2009Rate 3.053
The Livery 2009 Carvana Birthday IIPA 9.52/14/2009Rate 3.21924
The Livery 2010 Barrel Aged Carvana (Sour Rye Cask) 9.52/12/2011Rate 3.154
The Livery 2011 Carvana Birthday Ale 8.252/13/2011Rate 2.993
The Livery 2012 Carvana 8.02/18/2012Rate 2.871
The Livery 3 Weissman 10.55/29/2012Rate 3.256
The Livery 53 Miles 5.55/20/2015Rate 3.021
The Livery 555 IPA 6.258/5/2008Rate 3.091810
The Livery 5th Dimension 6.88/10/2014Rate 0
The Livery Action Jackson 7.06/2/2012Rate 2.931
The Livery Agent 99 118/29/2007Rate 3.448718
The Livery Amber Nectar -8/30/2012Rate 3.135
The Livery Anniversary Ale (10th - Belgian Golden Strong) 11.758/20/2015Rate 3.357
The Livery Anniversary Ale (4th - Imperial Brown Rye) 9.08/6/2009Rate 3.419215
The Livery Anniversary Ale (5th - Imperial Black IPA) 117/31/2010Rate 3.298
The Livery Anniversary Ale (6th - Bourbon Barrel Imperial Brown Rye) 8.010/10/2011Rate 3.083
The Livery Anniversary Ale (Belgian IPA) 9.08/5/2008Rate 3.517017
The Livery Anvil IPA 8.01/15/2012Rate 3.322914
The Livery Apple Bottom 4.756/27/2010Rate 35
The Livery Astro Projection IPA 7.210/15/2013Rate 2.861
The Livery Bangtail 8.69/14/2016Rate 3.041
The Livery Barrel Aged 33 1/3 108/2/2012Rate 3.125
The Livery Barrel Aged 4th Anniversary Ale 9.08/13/2010Rate 3.345
The Livery Barrel Aged 5th Dimension 7.53/2/2015Rate 3.34
The Livery Barrel Aged Agent 99 (2007-2011) 11.992/10/2008Rate 3.525842
The Livery Barrel Aged Agent 99 (2012-) 129/10/2014Rate 3.227
The Livery Barrel Aged Bastard Cousin 1010/27/2013Rate 2.831
The Livery Barrel Aged Belgian Amber 9.752/10/2008Rate 3.447315
The Livery Barrel Aged Belgian Amber (Raspberry) 128/20/2010Rate 3.47779
The Livery Barrel Aged Carvaceous 10.51/15/2012Rate 2.911
The Livery Barrel Aged Carvana Birthday Ale 8.07/1/2008Rate 3.326
The Livery Barrel Aged Dixie OFlynns Stout 5.91/24/2009Rate 33
The Livery Barrel Aged Fifth Dimension (alias) 8.05/16/2014
The Livery Barrel Aged Fram Bam 8.010/27/2013Rate 3.115
The Livery Barrel Aged Funkalicious 9.57/27/2013Rate 3.67779
The Livery Barrel Aged Honey Crisp Cider 6.56/27/2010Rate 2.852
The Livery Barrel Aged Kilt Tilter 8.07/23/2006Rate 3.547716
The Livery Barrel Aged Maibock 10.511/29/2008Rate 3.477614
The Livery Barrel Aged Maillot Jaune 5.56/27/2008Rate 3.738755
The Livery Barrel Aged Maillot Rouge 7.257/27/2013Rate 3.859630
The Livery Barrel Aged Perry 7.510/17/2009Rate 2.91
The Livery Barrel Aged Perzik 8.010/27/2013Rate 2.812
The Livery Barrel Aged Turn of Events 107/27/2013Rate 2.982
The Livery Barrel Aged Umami Wheat Wine 125/9/2009Rate 3.719027
The Livery Basket Case 9.56/2/2012Rate 3.29179
The Livery Batch 50 IPA -7/23/2006Rate 3.648511
The Livery Batch 600 108/16/2014Rate 3.437
The Livery Belgian Amber 9.312/6/2014Rate 0
The Livery Belgian Cherry Jubilee 6.512/30/2006Rate 3.485
The Livery Belgian Cherry Wheat 8.512/7/2005Rate 3.297
The Livery Berry Wheat (alias) 4.88/15/2012
The Livery Bier Munro 8.06/20/2010Rate 3.217111
The Livery Big Bottom 9.212/28/2016Rate 3.041
The Livery Bigford Brothers Kilt Tilter 9.012/7/2005Rate 3.146
The Livery Black Adder 11.55/28/2011Rate 2.971
The Livery Blazing Saddles 104/16/2017Rate 0
The Livery Blue Steel 6.210/24/2014Rate 2.952
The Livery Bluejackets Best IPA 6.55/26/2008Rate 3.283912
The Livery Boots With The Fur 7.07/7/2017Rate 3.091
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch 600 1212/6/2014Rate 3.584316
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Bop Gun 9.55/16/2014Rate 2.923
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Cousin Jax DIPA 10.512/30/2006Rate 3.44016
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Half Truth 7.07/12/2015Rate 3.398
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Liverator Doppelbock 9.07/4/2007Rate 3.79845
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Love Pump 149/14/2016Rate 3.061
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Polar Vortex 1212/30/2016Rate 3.061
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Sojourner 11.812/6/2014Rate 3.668817
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Steel Wheels 8.07/27/2014Rate 3.298
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Steel Wheels With Coffee 8.58/21/2015Rate 3.193
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Wheat Trippelbock 11.58/14/2005Rate 4.09100180
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Tax Man 148/2/2012Rate 3.294
The Livery Bourbon Cask Aged Belgian Trippel 14.58/13/2006Rate 3.89024
The Livery Brandy Cask Aged Cherry Jubilee 7.54/8/2007Rate 3.327
The Livery Bungtown Export Lager 5.59/27/2005Rate 3.069313
The Livery Butterfly Effect 6.012/27/2013Rate 3.336
The Livery Carvaceous 8.56/22/2008Rate 3.434717
The Livery Carvana Birthday Ale 6.52/10/2008Rate 3.434219
The Livery Cask Aged Belgian Cherry Wheat 8.54/30/2006Rate 3.646618
The Livery Cask Aged Hoppelbock 107/4/2007Rate 3.629745
The Livery Cask Aged Special C Dark Lager 6.06/7/2008Rate 3.031
The Livery Cherry Bomb Reserve 118/2/2012Rate 3.222013
The Livery Cherry Friek 6.410/24/2014Rate 3.798025
The Livery Cherry Taxman 14.58/7/2012Rate 3.35239
The Livery Chock-Full O'Hops 8.510/24/2014Rate 2.871
The Livery Chocolate Cherry Love Pump 116/15/2016Rate 3.213
The Livery Comfortably Plum 9.01/1/2017Rate 2.982
The Livery Cousin Jax Double IPA (alias) 9.09/27/2005
The Livery Czech Pilsener Lager 5.012/7/2005Rate 2.862
The Livery Danimal 6.259/13/2012Rate 3.013
The Livery Dank Damnation 8.85/10/2015Rate 3.454
The Livery Dark Trippel 118/6/2009Rate 3.69119
The Livery Dessert Mead 15.25/21/2013Rate 2.861
The Livery Divine Pagogna 9.912/28/2016Rate 3.131
The Livery Divine Paradox 10.510/24/2014Rate 3.074
The Livery Dixie OFlynns Irish Stout 5.258/14/2005Rate 3.389232
The Livery Dolomyte Baltic Porter 7.256/2/2012Rate 3.074
The Livery Double Paw (2015-) 8.08/22/2015Rate 3.223
The Livery Double Paw Imperial IPA (2006-13) 9.012/30/2006Rate 3.658067
The Livery Doubt Stout 4.510/11/2006Rate 3.424
The Livery Dunkel Weizen 5.752/20/2008Rate 3.238719
The Livery Dynomyte Oat IPA 6.251/15/2012Rate 2.982
The Livery Easy Keeper 5.212/28/2016Rate 3.182
The Livery English IPA 6.012/7/2005Rate 3.192
The Livery English Pale Ale 5.012/7/2005Rate 3.192
The Livery English Ruby Red Ale 5.09/27/2005Rate 3.133
The Livery Erebos Harvest Ale 6.251/15/2012Rate 32
The Livery Evergreen Warrior 9.57/27/2014Rate 3.428
The Livery Farrier Ale 5.310/30/2014Rate 2.81
The Livery Fifth Dimension 9.02/14/2009Rate 3.619248
The Livery Freak Show 5.251/15/2012Rate 3.156
The Livery Fuggelicious Wet Hopped Harvest Ale 6.510/17/2009Rate 33
The Livery Funkfest 5.37/27/2014Rate 2.822
The Livery German Dunkel 5.05/14/2011Rate 2.582
The Livery Ginger Peach 5.38/15/2012Rate 2.954
The Livery Golden Delicious Apple Cider 5.510/17/2009Rate 2.732
The Livery Golden Nectar 9.08/5/2011Rate 3.266
The Livery Grand Reserve Verchuosity (alias) 117/30/2014
The Livery Greenstone Ridge 5.58/21/2011Rate 0
The Livery Guide 5.2510/31/2010Rate 3.075
The Livery Half Truth 6.07/14/2013Rate 3.516310
The Livery Harbor Shores Amber 4.756/12/2012Rate 3.137
The Livery Hard Cider 6.251/15/2008Rate 2.912
The Livery Hefe-Weizen 5.08/14/2005Rate 2.974614
The Livery Helios 5.56/2/2012Rate 2.911
The Livery Herb Superb Black IPA 6.59/19/2008Rate 3.041314
The Livery High Five 6.59/24/2012Rate 2.831
The Livery Honey Crisp Apple Cider 4.752/10/2009Rate 2.965
The Livery Hop München 5.55/26/2014Rate 2.92
The Livery Hop Trial 5/13 Double IPA 9.07/14/2013Rate 2.881
The Livery Hop Trial 7/19 Double IPA 9.07/14/2013Rate 3.232
The Livery Hoppelbock 104/17/2007Rate 3.28928
The Livery Hopping Dragon Wet Hopped Harvest Ale 2010 6.510/30/2010Rate 2.952
The Livery Hoppy Chick 5.753/4/2008Rate 3.12617
The Livery Hurricane Deck 8.011/23/2016Rate 3.021
The Livery I Ain't Afraid Of No Gose 6.05/10/2015Rate 3.214
The Livery I Ain't Afraid Of No Grape 4.94/16/2017Rate 0
The Livery I Ain't Afraid of No Plum 5.212/30/2016Rate 3.191
The Livery Impeche 148/5/2008Rate 3.667674
The Livery Jak 10.59/27/2005Rate 3.495334
The Livery Karhu IPA 6.512/26/2009Rate 3.025
The Livery Kentucky Kaffinator 105/31/2010Rate 3.016
The Livery King Cole Porter 7.09/1/2007Rate 3.223113
The Livery Lager Schleide 6.755/31/2010Rate 3.024810
The Livery Lanterne Rouge 7.02/13/2011Rate 3.054
The Livery Laughing Dragon American Red Ale 6.253/20/2007Rate 3.319326
The Livery Lawnmower Lager 4.758/14/2005Rate 3.0310016
The Livery Lazer Brain 5.53/2/2017Rate 3.061
The Livery Liberty Ale 8.57/22/2009Rate 3.125
The Livery Lil' Filly 6.010/12/2013Rate 3.052
The Livery Lil' Wize Ass 5.310/30/2014Rate 2.811
The Livery Liverator Doppelbock 7.511/22/2005Rate 3.498929
The Livery Lost Jacket 8.55/7/2014Rate 3.024
The Livery Lotus 5.47/7/2017Rate 3.041
The Livery Love Pump 9.32/19/2015Rate 3.375
The Livery Ludicrous Speed 6.05/10/2015Rate 3.253
The Livery Maibock 10.56/18/2008Rate 3.285211
The Livery Maillot Bleu 7.08/22/2015Rate 3.151
The Livery Maillot Jaune (Biere de Garde) 7.07/23/2006Rate 3.379135
The Livery Maillot Minuit 8.59/30/2017Rate 3.211
The Livery Maillot Noir 9.04/16/2017Rate 3.151
The Livery Malcolm's Best 5.759/19/2008Rate 34112
The Livery Mandeau Man Ruby Red 5.253/29/2008Rate 3.115712
The Livery Maple Schleide 7.07/24/2010Rate 3.266
The Livery Marshmellow Hugs 7.55/26/2014Rate 3.036
The Livery Martini Red -9/11/2009Rate 2.756
The Livery MBG 15th Anniversary Ale 7.58/12/2012Rate 32
The Livery McGilligans IPA 6.58/14/2005Rate 3.548546
The Livery McGilligans with Grapefruit 6.78/21/2015Rate 3.151
The Livery McGillihop Wet Hopped Harvest Ale 2010 6.2510/30/2010Rate 2.963
The Livery Membaberry Blacksmith 7.23/2/2017Rate 3.041
The Livery MI Winter 6.93/2/2017Rate 2.961
The Livery Mimosa Jaune 7.08/22/2015Rate 3.424
The Livery Mt. Baldy 6.257/24/2010Rate 3.015
The Livery Mueuze 8.04/16/2017Rate 3.061
The Livery Naked April 104/16/2017Rate 0
The Livery Nigel Tufnel 5.52/28/2015Rate 3.163
The Livery No Fracking Way Summit 5.712/3/2014Rate 2.711
The Livery Nugz 9.257/30/2014Rate 2.92
The Livery Nummerz! 4.759/2/2013Rate 3.062
The Livery Oak Aged Apple Cider 6.09/19/2008Rate 2.864
The Livery Oak Aged King Cole Porter 6.06/22/2008Rate 3.226
The Livery Oak Aged Love Pump 10.512/20/2015Rate 3.523711
The Livery Oak Aged Old Cedar 7.56/22/2008Rate 3.094
The Livery Oak Aged Wee Heavy 10.512/20/2015Rate 2.828
The Livery Oktoberfest 5.510/9/2005Rate 3.198911
The Livery Old Cedar English Strong Ale 7.04/17/2007Rate 3.216623
The Livery Old Man Mason 9.012/6/2014Rate 3.57
The Livery Old Man Mason - Bourbon Barrel 11.512/20/2015Rate 3.2179
The Livery Olde 77 IPA 7.79/27/2007Rate 3.383
The Livery Orange Blossom Mead -5/14/2013Rate 2.911
The Livery Paris-Roubaix Pale Ale 6.08/14/2005Rate 3.154528
The Livery Pavlov's Porter -11/17/2011Rate 2.932
The Livery Perry 4.751/7/2010Rate 2.962
The Livery Pipenbock Maibock 10.57/14/2010Rate 3.535217
The Livery Pivot IPA 6.2510/26/2010Rate 2.92
The Livery Polar Vortex 8.55/16/2014Rate 3.123
The Livery Poor Freddy's American Pilsner (alias) 4.256/12/2012
The Livery Poor Freds German Pils 5.255/29/2007Rate 3.29522
The Livery Powder Pig Porter 7.02/13/2011Rate 2.974
The Livery Pretty Fly 5.57/7/2017Rate 3.091
The Livery Problem Child -4/5/2011Rate 3.154
The Livery Pushing Davies 8.010/26/2012Rate 2.91
The Livery Raspberry Wheat 4.88/30/2010Rate 2.96779
The Livery Red Canoe 5.254/7/2007Rate 3.169618
The Livery Red Molly 108/2/2012Rate 3.37399
The Livery River Monster 6.08/21/2011Rate 2.871
The Livery Rocket Man 5.010/15/2013Rate 2.861
The Livery Runemeister (Sour) 102/18/2012Rate 3.096
The Livery Runemeister Imperial Pilsener 9.08/21/2011Rate 2.822
The Livery Rusty Ale 6.85/20/2015Rate 2.981
The Livery Rye Whiskey Aged Cousin Jax IIPA 9.06/29/2008Rate 3.54915
The Livery Rye Whyless 7.73/18/2014Rate 2.962
The Livery Saltzman Pilsner 6.511/23/2016Rate 0
The Livery Scotch Autumn 9.011/23/2016Rate 3.131
The Livery See-Saw 5.95/10/2015Rate 3.162
The Livery Silver Queen Helles 5.58/12/2008Rate 3.269814
The Livery Sisyphus Twist 5.77/14/2013Rate 2.92
The Livery Slow Peach 7.34/19/2015Rate 3.596215
The Livery Smash Cascade 7.52/22/2013Rate 2.871
The Livery Smash Chinook 6.07/14/2013Rate 0
The Livery Smash Citra 7.08/22/2015Rate 3.162
The Livery Smash Tomahawk 7.21/15/2017Rate 3.122
The Livery Sojourner -7/27/2014Rate 2.981
The Livery Special C Dark Czech Lager 5.757/24/2006Rate 3.169124
The Livery Spectacle 6.03/7/2014Rate 2.993
The Livery St. Valentine's Day Massacre 6.02/19/2015Rate 3.174
The Livery Steel Wheels Oat Stout 6.58/10/2010Rate 3.356221
The Livery Steel Wheels with Coffee, Cinnamon & Chili Peppers 6.412/6/2014Rate 2.822
The Livery Steel Wheels with Dark Sweet Cherries, Vanilla & Cocoa Nibs 6.412/6/2014Rate 0
The Livery Steep Canyon Lager 5.52/8/2008Rate 3.249624
The Livery Stella Blue 5.757/26/2006Rate 2.881
The Livery String of Ponies 6.06/20/2010Rate 3.023413
The Livery Summer Moonlight 5.48/16/2015Rate 3.163
The Livery Summit Pale 5.710/30/2014Rate 3.093
The Livery Synapse ESB 6.08/14/2005Rate 3.075019
The Livery Tax Man Imperial Stout 12.55/8/2011Rate 3.023
The Livery Telewhacker Winter Ale 6.7512/7/2005Rate 3.359231
The Livery Tester 002 7.55/20/2015Rate 3.041
The Livery Tester 003 6.710/20/2015Rate 0
The Livery Tester 004 9.04/14/2016Rate 3.092
The Livery The Blacksmith 6.58/15/2014Rate 3.396
The Livery The Broheim 6.410/3/2014Rate 2.811
The Livery Thom's Special 6.2511/22/2005Rate 3.173514
The Livery Trance IPA 8.07/14/2010Rate 3.284711
The Livery Trappist Trippel 10.511/22/2005Rate 3.517110
The Livery Trippelweizenbock Grand Reserve (alias) 12.58/12/2012
The Livery Triumphant Ale 5.38/15/2012Rate 3.014
The Livery Umae Umani 138/10/2010Rate 3.546222
The Livery Umami Wheat Wine (alias) 115/14/2011
The Livery Unknown Soldier 9.08/21/2011Rate 3.05920
The Livery Venusian 6.756/12/2012Rate 3.174
The Livery Verchuosity 128/5/2008Rate 3.819464
The Livery Very Berry Raspberry Wheat 5.56/16/2007Rate 2.927
The Livery Wee Heavy 8.78/15/2014Rate 3.044
The Livery Wheat Trippelbock 11.512/7/2005Rate 3.8910055
The Livery Wunnathose 5.77/14/2013Rate 2.861
The Livery Yorkshire Brown Ale 5.759/27/2005Rate 2.894
The Livery/Brewery Vivant/Corner Brewing Eruption 5.258/5/2012Rate 3.22209
The Livery/Brewery Vivant/Corner Brewing Raspberry Eruption 5.258/11/2012Rate 3.29289

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