The Old Brewery (Australia)

Brewer rating: 56/100 80 ratings
171 Mounts Bay Road, Perth, Australia 6000
Associated place: The Old Brewery (formerly Old Swan Brewery)

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Old Brewery Angus Pale Ale 5.210/28/2008Rate 3.046
Old Brewery Eliza’s Saison 6.53/16/2010Rate 2.831
Old Brewery Heritage Wheat Beer 4.64/27/2009Rate 2.842
Old Brewery Memorial Ale 5.24/27/2009Rate 2.762
Old Brewery Mounts Bay Brown Ale 5.010/28/2008Rate 2.83
Old Brewery Narrows Lager 3.511/12/2012Rate 0
Old Brewery Riverside Reserve 4.610/28/2008Rate 2.794
Old Brewery Skyline IPA 5.611/12/2012Rate 2.871
Old Brewery The Old Monk 7.911/16/2014Rate 0
Old Brewery Tomahawk Barley Wine 8.011/11/2012Rate 33
Old Brewery Tomahawk IPA 8.011/14/2010Rate 3.46
Old Brewery Treetop Stout 4.68/12/2009Rate 2.842
Old Swan Brewery Bitter 3.810/4/2003Rate 2.645
Old Swan Brewery Brewers Choice 4.88/12/2004Rate 2.321
Old Swan Brewery Brewers Choice Dark Amber Ale 4.89/11/2005Rate 2.921
Old Swan Brewery Brewers Choice Ginger Beer 4.43/6/2006Rate 2.691
Old Swan Brewery Brewers Choice Golden Ale 5.010/2/2005Rate 31
Old Swan Brewery Brewers Choice Smoked Beer 5.012/5/2004Rate 2.811
Old Swan Brewery Brewers Choice Vintage Amber Ale -12/27/2006Rate 2.961
Old Swan Brewery Brewers Reserve Ale 6.54/18/2005Rate 2.811
Old Swan Brewery Brown Porter -10/4/2003Rate 3.089
Old Swan Brewery Pale Ale 4.89/25/2003Rate 2.963710
Old Swan Brewery Pilsner 5.09/25/2003Rate 2.746
Old Swan Brewery Stout 7.410/4/2003Rate 3.256
Old Swan Brewery Wheat Beer 4.81/9/2004Rate 2.527

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