The Ship Inn Restaurant & Brewery

Brew Pub
61 Bridge St., Milford, New Jersey, USA 08848
Mon thru Thur: 12 noon to 9 pm
Fri & Sat: 12 noon to 9:30 pm
Sun: 12 noon to 8 pm

Associated place: The Ship Inn

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Ship Inn 30 Something Pale Ale -8/18/2005Rate 2.541
Ship Inn Cromwells Demise -1/22/2003Rate 2.690
Ship Inn Dark Charger Ale -1/12/2007Rate 2.912
Ship Inn English Best Bitter -7/21/2000Rate 3.087720
Ship Inn English Summer Ale -7/12/2006Rate 3.151
Ship Inn ESB -6/28/2004Rate 3.268923
Ship Inn Golden Jubilee Ale -8/18/2005Rate 1.941
Ship Inn Golden Wheat Light -7/21/2000Rate 2.813414
Ship Inn Harvest Ale -11/12/2002Rate 3.063
Ship Inn Hop Monster -7/21/2000Rate 3.364
Ship Inn IPA -4/9/2007Rate 2.893
Ship Inn Irish Stout -7/21/2000Rate 3.185
Ship Inn Killer Bee 7.06/6/2011Rate 3.133
Ship Inn Mild Spring -7/21/2004Rate 3.015
Ship Inn Muddy Waters Brown Ale 4.96/6/2011Rate 2.943
Ship Inn Northwest IPA 5.210/13/2009Rate 2.842
Ship Inn Oatmeal Stout -4/9/2007Rate 2.942
Ship Inn Paddlewheel Pale Ale -7/21/2000Rate 3.23
Ship Inn Panhead Porter 6.06/23/2011Rate 3.022
Ship Inn Pheasant Plucker -1/7/2003Rate 2.927
Ship Inn Robin's Dirty Blonde 6.08/25/2010Rate 2.831
Ship Inn Tims Porter -6/28/2006Rate 3.33
Ship Inn Welsh -7/18/2004Rate 3.447
Ship Inn Welsh Red 4.511/27/2004Rate 3.284
Ship Inn White Winter Porter -12/10/2006Rate 2.731
Ship Inn XPA Extra Pale Ale 4.56/5/2005Rate 3.32
The Ship Inn Chocolate Stout 4.54/2/2017Rate 2.921
The Ship Inn River Rye IPA 5.44/2/2017Rate 2.891
The Ship Inn Spartan Porter 5.64/2/2017Rate 2.961

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