Commercial Brewery
T & R Theakston Ltd, The Brewery, Masham, North Yorkshire, England HG4 4YD
Places associated: White Bear (Theakston), Black Bull in Paradise (Theakston), Lion Inn (Theakston), Elephants Head, All Saints Tap (Theakston)
Company founded in 1827. In 1987 taken over by Scottish & Newcastle, core beers being brewed at Tyne Brewery. In 2003 the Family bought the company back and moved all production back to Masham.
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Theakston Atlantic Red 4.31/18/2017Rate 2.993
Theakston Bar Hound 4.16/7/2016Rate 2.811
Theakston Barista Stout 4.27/11/2015Rate 3.366120
Theakston Best Bitter 3.86/17/2000Rate 2.7817154
Theakston Best Bitter (Pasteurised Keg) 3.810/7/2013Rate 2.771510
Theakston Black Bull Bitter 3.911/22/2000Rate 3.015374
Theakston Celebration Ale 6.02/26/2006Rate 2.923
Theakston Christmas Ale 4.712/22/2012Rate 3.319110
Theakston Cool Cask 4.23/23/2002Rate 2.54819
Theakston Coopers Butt 4.311/22/2000Rate 2.983813
Theakston Cresset Ale 4.010/7/2013Rate 2.845
Theakston Crime of Passion 4.112/15/2012Rate 2.813
Theakston Dark (alias) 3.51/2/2009
Theakston Distiller's Cask Range Finest Masham Ale 6.54/20/2014Rate 3.24985
Theakston Double Cross IPA 4.211/20/2011Rate 2.883421
Theakston Ghost Ale 3.87/4/2019Rate 2.981
Theakston Green Hop 4.110/20/2015Rate 2.981
Theakston Grouse Beater (Bottle) 4.29/28/2007Rate 2.771612
Theakston Grouse Beater (Cask) 4.51/18/2004Rate 2.781644
Theakston Hogshead Bitter (Bottle) 4.17/3/2012Rate 2.964538
Theakston Hogshead Bitter (Cask) 4.111/22/2000Rate 2.964617
Theakston Infallible 4.29/8/2013Rate 3.169023
Theakston Lightfoot Bitter (Bottle) 4.18/2/2008Rate 2.933993
Theakston Lightfoot Bitter (Cask) 4.11/21/2002Rate 2.872963
Theakston Masham Ale 6.51/23/2004Rate 3.185513
Theakston Masham Four & Twenty 4.25/13/2013Rate 2.93719
Theakston Masham Glory 4.75/30/2012Rate 2.993556
Theakston Masham Oaked Ale 4.311/19/2016Rate 3.072
Theakston Mild (Cask) (alias) 3.57/18/2004
Theakston Mild (Keg) 3.59/28/2008Rate 3.033539
Theakston Old Peculier (Bottle) 5.65/6/2000Rate 3.56821501
Theakston Old Peculier (Cask) 5.66/30/2003Rate 3.5581200
Theakston Pale Ale 4.58/20/2016Rate 2.913631
Theakston Paradise Ale (Bottle) 4.212/22/2004Rate 2.884113
Theakston Paradise Ale (Cask) 4.212/22/2004Rate 2.822323
Theakston Peculier IPA 5.16/26/2015Rate 2.831121
Theakston Peculier Pale Ale (alias) 4.57/19/2017
Theakston Pink Grapefruit Ale 3.99/12/2017Rate 2.59914
Theakston Prince of Ales 7.58/19/2004Rate 2.691
Theakston River's Answer 3.76/15/2013Rate 2.583
Theakston Rocketeer 4.55/4/2003Rate 2.881
Theakston Royal Salute 5.06/6/2012Rate 2.92
Theakston Shot In The Dark 4.27/16/2013Rate 2.964
Theakston Single Malt Ale 4.27/4/2016Rate 3.13
Theakston Tour de Wot? 4.06/24/2014Rate 3489
Theakston Traditional Mild (Cask) 3.53/29/2002Rate 3.054140
Theakston Vanilla Stout 4.53/20/2016Rate 3.376321
Theakston XB (Bottle) 4.510/30/2001Rate 3.0977201
Theakston XB (Cask) 4.54/4/2002Rate 35168

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