Third Space Brewing

1505 W. St. Paul Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53233
Wed: 4 to 9 pm
Thu: 4 to 9 pm
Fri: 2 to 10 pm
Sat: 12 to 10 pm
Sun: 12 to 5 pm

Associated place: Third Space Brewing
Third Space Brewing is a production brewery and tap room located in Milwaukee’s historic Menomonee Valley. Third Space Brewing offers a selection of hand-crafted brews that can be enjoyed in its on-site tap room and spacious beer garden or in bars and restaurants around the Milwaukee area. Third Space Brewing strives to create excellent quality beers and a fun and welcoming "third space" in which to drink them. You have your home, you have your work, but everyone needs a third space.
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Third Space / Good City / Raised Grain East Meets West 7.19/3/2017Rate 31
Third Space Acres Edge Oatmeal Stout 5.78/25/2016Rate 3.47010
Third Space Bosco 7.25/9/2019Rate 3.022
Third Space Cold Brew Brew 4.51/27/2019Rate 3.041
Third Space Cranberry Kettle Sour 4.51/10/2019Rate 3.061
Third Space Double Unite The Clans 9.88/19/2019Rate 3.021
Third Space Frog Weiss 4.512/16/2018Rate 3.061
Third Space Gimme The Brut 5.25/9/2019Rate 3.223
Third Space Happy Happy 8.511/25/2016Rate 3.466
Third Space Happy Juice 5.39/3/2017Rate 31
Third Space Happy Place Pale Ale 5.39/13/2016Rate 3.448319
Third Space Happy Space (Citra) 5.57/5/2018Rate 3.162
Third Space Haunted Hazelnut -5/9/2019Rate 3.261
Third Space Hop Quencher 6.29/29/2018Rate 3.162
Third Space Ice Bear 9.52/6/2018Rate 3.546
Third Space Ice Bear (Glen Grant Barrel) 9.510/19/2018Rate 3.232
Third Space Ice Bear (Laphroaig Barrel) 9.510/19/2018Rate 3.191
Third Space Ice Bear (Maker's Mark Barrel) 9.41/26/2019Rate 3.32
Third Space In the Spirit: Haunted Barrel 10.110/28/2017Rate 3.372
Third Space In the Spirit: Haunted Joy 10.712/19/2018Rate 3.111
Third Space In the Spirit: Mystic Knot Barrel-Aged Irish-Style Coffee Stout 10.53/26/2018Rate 3.253
Third Space In the Spirit: Nexus (Chocolate Cherry Brandy) 1212/9/2017Rate 0
Third Space In the Spirit: Nexus of the Universe 11.512/9/2017Rate 3.524
Third Space In the Spirit: Nexus of the Universe (Vanilla) 1212/9/2017Rate 0
Third Space In the Spirit: Red, White, & Blue - Blue 6.410/19/2018Rate 3.231
Third Space In the Spirit: Red, White, & Blue - Red 5.510/19/2018Rate 0
Third Space In the Spirit: Red, White, & Blue - White 5.710/19/2018Rate 0
Third Space International Intrigue 8.78/3/2019Rate 3.123
Third Space It Was All A Dream 7.05/20/2017Rate 3.324
Third Space Java Blanca 7.33/17/2017Rate 3.253
Third Space La Cocina 5.47/5/2018Rate 3.33
Third Space Liquid Layers 9.411/26/2016Rate 3.37
Third Space Liquid Layers (Bourbon Barrel) -11/24/2017Rate 3.091
Third Space Liquid Layers (Maple Bourbon Barrel) 9.41/13/2019Rate 3.021
Third Space Liquid Layers (Port Wine Barrel) -11/24/2017Rate 3.243
Third Space Liquid Layers (Rum Barrel) -11/24/2017Rate 2.681
Third Space Liquid Layers (Rye Whiskey Barrel) -11/24/2017Rate 3.131
Third Space Madame Grisette 4.84/8/2017Rate 3.122
Third Space Mañana I’m Doing Nada 5.25/9/2019Rate 3.142
Third Space Milwaukee Mule 4.66/24/2017Rate 2.981
Third Space Mocha Java Porter 7.010/14/2016Rate 3.569310
Third Space Nexpresso -5/9/2019Rate 3.31
Third Space Oh, Behave 5.312/16/2018Rate 3.041
Third Space Oktober Fest 6.09/3/2017Rate 3.116
Third Space Olaf 6.35/13/2019Rate 3.041
Third Space Resilience Butte County Proud IPA 7.21/10/2019Rate 3.122
Third Space Star Camp Lane 5.51/10/2019Rate 3.041
Third Space Summer Home 4.89/3/2017Rate 3.324
Third Space Sven 8.16/3/2019Rate 3.041
Third Space That's Gold! 4.89/13/2016Rate 3.168
Third Space Thor Norwegian Pale Ale 4.75/9/2019Rate 3.232
Third Space Unbridled Enthusiasm 8.03/17/2017Rate 3.456
Third Space Unite the Clans 5.811/26/2016Rate 3.339115
Third Space Upward Spiral IPA 6.59/13/2016Rate 3.589114
Third Space Wet n' Happy 5.310/22/2017Rate 3.212
Third Space You've Said It All 7.210/7/2017Rate 3.33

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